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Anthony Templet Mother: Who Is Teresa Thompson?

Teresa Thompson, Anthony Templet’s biological mother, didn’t know if he was alive for 11 years until his father died in 2019. But, where is she now? Is she married? Let’s get to know her better with this relationship.

This article attempts to cover all the details in this piece about Anthony’s biological mother.

Meet Teresa Thompson, Anthony Templet Mother

Anthony Templet, the subject of Netflix’s I Just Killed My Dad, was born to his mother Teresa Thompson. Teresa met her ex-husband, Burt Templet when she worked at a crab shack in Ingleside, Texas. She was going through a divorce and parenting two children, ages 9 and 12. After a few months of dating, Burt asked her to go to Houston, Texas, with him. However, the relationship quickly deteriorated. Teresa stated on the episode that Burt would always demand attention and had been taking cocaine.

Teresa also stated that she felt constantly controlled and that Burt’s rage was a major concern. She revealed in the episode that Burt hit her on a regular basis, but she stayed with him out of fear. She ultimately became pregnant with Anthony, but the beatings continued. Burt beat her up and then ran away with Anthony, who was only seven months old at the time.

Despite the fact that the police apprehended him, he was never imprisoned.

Eventually, in 2008, Burt stole her son away from her when Anthony was only 5 years old. However, a genealogy expert learned about Anthony’s case in 2019 and tracked Teresa. She expressed that she was longing for their reunion in the documentary. “I’ve been looking for you since day one,” she explained.

After learning that her son was alive and OK, she was filled with overjoy. She told in the documentary, “I was just so happy, I was jumping up and down and screaming, ‘They found him”.

She said that her ex had persuaded a judge in his own Louisiana to grant him sole custody. In the three-part documentary series, court records show he’d concealed his history as a domestic abuser, including time in prison for assaulting Thompson when she was pregnant.

Elena, Anthony’s aunt, revealed that Burt tricked Anthony into believing that his mother was “just a junkie, had no use for him, didn’t care for him and there was no reason to go looking for her.” Teresa shared with the filmmakers about the relief she felt at being able to hug her “baby” again.

Natasha, Anthony’s sister, also spoke to WAFB in 2019. She shared, “After 11 years of waiting to hear if my brother was still alive, he is found. He has been secluded and abused all these years by his own father. My brave brother had to defend himself for the last time against that evil man.”

Natasha spoke about Teresa and Burt’s relationship. She added, “Burt and my mom were together for about ten years and it was extremely violent”.

Natasha added more, “I can only imagine what Anthony’s been through. When he was a baby, Burt would hold him in his arms while abusing my mother.” Natasha stated that she and her mother discovered Anthony’s parents lived in Baton Rouge. They distributed missing leaflets throughout the city eleven years ago. The “missing boy” posters featured images of both Anthony and Burt, as well as a phone number for the Houston Sheriff’s Office.

Where Is Teresa Thompson Now?

Teresa Thompson currently resides in Ingleside with her mother and sister. She is a grandmother who enjoys taking vacations with her grandchildren. She appears to be content and to be seeing someone. Her passions outside of spending time with loved ones include creating, traveling, mountain climbing, and playing the guitar, among others.

It wasn’t until June 2019 that Teresa Thompson was reunited with her long-lost son, Anthony, thanks to a phone call from Louisiana. She stated on the show that she wished to be at least a friend to Anthony because she believed they could never have a mother-son relationship. They’ve now bonded, and Teresa’s only want is for her son to live a normal life.

Does Teresa Thompson Have A Husband Today?

Teresa Thompson is on any social media but there is no evidence of her having a husband. Hence, currently, there is no information on her current marital status.

Teresa Thompson Age

Teresa Thompson is 63 years old as of 2022. She celebrates her birthday on 27 March.

Teresa Thompson Job

Teresa Thompson’s current job is unclear. She had once worked at Crab Sack.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Teresa Thompson From?

Teresa Thompson is currently residing in Ingleside, Texas. She hailed from Clinton, Arkansas.

  • Is Teresa Thompson On Facebook?

Yes, Teresa Thompson is on Facebook.

  • Does Teresa Thompson Appear On Netflix’s I Just Killed My Dad?

Yes, Teresa Thompson appeared on Netflix’s I Just Killed My Dad.

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