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Antonella Barrenechea Bio, Age, IG, Pedro, Family Chantel

Season 4 of The Family Chantel did not look good for Chantel Jimeno and her husband Pedro Jimeno. Fans actually saw 90 Day Fiance star confront her husband about his relationship with his coworker Antonella Barrenechea. Although Pedro insisted that he and Antonella are just friends, Chantel adamantly believed that Pedro was cheating on her with his colleague.

This brings us to what all of you have been wondering: who is Antonella Barrenechea? Let’s find out in this writing called ‘Antonella Barrenechea Bio’.

Antonella Barrenechea On The Family Chantel

Throughout the recent season of The Family Chantel viewers saw the tension between Chantel and Pedro ramp up with arguments erupting almost every episode. So, this argument about Antonella Barrenechea was just one more conflict.

Antonella comes into the picture as Pedro’s co-worker at Laura Delgado Realty, where he landed in Season 4.

The penultimate episode of Season 4, sees Chantel surprise Pedro at a work, claiming she just wants to meet his new friends. Once there, she finds out Antonella’s name taped to Pedro’s work key fob. At this point, Chantel also had already deduced Antonella, frequently carpooling with Pedro and her being comfortable around him.

Both the coworkers gushed about each other during the confessional. While what Antonella said was mostly about their professional bonding, Pedro revealed that he had formed a close bond with Antonella because they started their careers at the same time together.

Like this one misunderstanding or maybe a reality led to another. And Pedro and Antonella’s relationship appeared clearly strange and “questionable”, to even people watching them on screen. Soon, the flurried married couple is shown talking about getting a divorce. On the other hand, Antonella is being harassed by fans of the show.

A fan tweeted that Antonella is just as disrespectful as Pedro accepting rides and mall visits knowing Pedro is married. Also, one person called Antonella a homewrecker while another landed on “nasty” as well as “hoe.”

So, in this way, despite Pedro denying cheating on Chantel with Antonella, she still did not believe him. She instead accused him that he was also not faithful before, during their marriage.

But even Chantel’s closest friend, with whom Chantel discussed the whole thing, said she did not believe that her friend’s Dominican Republic husband was cheating on her. Her take was that perhaps Pedro might be clinging to his friends at work, because of the distance from his family (including his wife).

Are Antonella Barrenechea And Pedro Jimeno Friends Or Dating?

If Antonella Barrenechea and Pedro Jimeno were actually having an affair, they have chosen not to reveal it as of July 2022.

Meanwhile, a look at Antonella’s ‘single’ relationship status on Facebook was telling that she was not already dating Pedro.

Antonella Barrenechea Age

Antonella Barrenechea celebrates her birthday on the 30th of September, and she was born in the year 1993. So, she turned 28 years old in 2021.

Antonella Barrenechea Job

Antonella’s LinkedIn could not be found. Still, we learned that she is a realtor and worked at Maximum One Realty of Lawrenceville, Georgia. This is likely before she started working at Laura Delgado Realty as seen in The Family Chantel Season 4. Still, she seemed new in the business, as she got her first listing only in August 2021.

So, if‘s estimation is right, she should be making $102,543 per year on average as a realtor working around Georgia.

This apart, we can tell you that back in the day, she started school at B.B Harris in June 2011 and also went to Grayson High School. Also, according to her social media BIO, she graduated from Grady High School in 2020.

Is Antonella Barrenechea On IG?

Yes. Antonella Barrenechea could be found on Instagram @its_me_anto_ and there were 13 posts and 1,688 followers on it as of 27 July 2022. “Life is way more precious for you to do anything less than what makes you happy”, this is what she wrote on its BIO.

Besides, Antonella was also on Facebook as Antonella Barrenechea Facebook; Pinterest @antonellabarrenechea.

Antonella Barrenechea Family

Antonella Barrenechea’s father is Cristian Barrenechea. According to his Facebook, he is the director of Operations at Atlanta Meximarketing; owner and CEO at Carmex AUTO SALES LLC; owner and founder at Hispanic Market Solutions; and previously worked at Lux Auto. He reached the age of 50 in 2022 and was based in Atlanta, Georgia at this point.

Then, there is Mariza Streuli Perotti, Antonella’s mother who is originally from Duluth, Georgia; and two much younger brothers: Giovanni and Christopher Barrenechea.

What’s more, Antonella’s paternal grandparents are Rosa Barrenechea and Alfredo Barrenechea. There is an uncle named Roberto Streuli Perotti; an aunt called Cindy Streuli Perotti; and Paola Barrenechea, another sibling of one of her parents.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Antonella Barrenechea Nationality?

As per Facebook, Antonella checked into U.S. Citizenship Immigration Services with her father Cristian for her citizenship ceremony. So, it was around this time in March 2017 that Antonella received her American citizenship.

She was born and bred in her hometown of Lima, which is the capital city of Peru. And now (2022), she was based in Duluth, Georgia.

  • How Tall Is Antonella Barrenechea?

Antonella Barrenechea stands below 5’4” tall. And looks wise, she appears to have a wonderful mix in her DNA.

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