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Pedro Jimeno Sr Bio, Age, Job, Kids, IG, The Family Chantel

Scroll down this Pedro Jimeno Sr. Bio to learn about the father of “The Family Chantel” star Pedro Jr. Here we cover his age, his job, his kids, his age, and his IG. Also learn the story of Pedro Jr.’s quest to find more about his father.

Delve into this article starting with Pedro Jimeno Sr and Jr’s relationship!

The Family Chantel: Meet Pedro Jimeno Sr, Pedro Jimeno Father

In season 3 of “The Family Chantel” viewers of the show learn that Pedro Jimeno is set out to learn more about his father and why his father abandoned Pedro’s family and his current whereabouts. In the quest to find more about his father, he meets up with his cousin Niurka who is in South Carolina.

But, upon hearing about his father, Pedro gets heartbroken and bursts into tears in the confessional in front of the camera. Following are the things we’ve learned about Pedro’s dad Pedro Jimeno Sr. so far.

Lidia Jimeno, mother of Pedro seems reluctant to open up about her ex-husband. So, Pedro makes it his mission to learn more about him. Growing up, he didn’t have his father in his life, the reason for that was his father had already started another family. In episode 4, he meets with his cousin Niurka who he never met before.

Niurka shared with Pedro that his father had two sons by his wife and named one of his sons Pedro Jr. This particular fact left him heartbroken upon learning it. To make it worse, she praised her uncle while sharing that her uncle would take the children to the beach every weekend.

He was joined by other siblings of Pedro Sr. and their children to spend quality time. Niurka further complimented her uncle and revealed she had a good childhood because he was a wonderful family man. But, Pedro struggled to comprehend the fact how his father could be a good “family man” when he abandoned his family.

Niurka also revealed that he never talked about Pedro or his sister to other members of his family. No one knew about their existence, literally no one in the family. So, Pedro decided to meet his mother and his grandmother to find more about his father based on what he knew at that point.

Pedro wanted to know the history of his mother and his father.

How Long Was Pedro Jimeno Sr Married To Lidia Jimeno?

Pedro Jimeno Sr and Lidia Jimeno were likely to be married for less than 10 years. As the story goes, Pedro Sr. saw Lidia walking home from school one day and they fell in love with each other. Pedro’s mother then revealed that his father’s car used to have a lot of packages. As a reply, he asked if she was some kind of “gold digger.”

Lidia replied, “You have to see things the way they were, that he used to come here with a loaded car. And if we needed something, he would get it.”

After hearing that Pedro became very upset toward his mother and grandmother. Anger filled Pedro spazzed, “All the f–king people keep saying the same s–t, how good my father was, like, I don’t f–king understand that s–t. Don’t f–king tell me that he was a good father just only because he gave me f–king money and f–king clothes when I was a baby. If that’s what it is, that’s fine.”

Pedro added further, “He can pay, but I need more than that! What about feelings, connections, relationships? What about spending time together? It’s not just about money.” So, hopefully, Pedro will meet his half-siblings and maybe even his father in this season.

How Many Kids Do Pedro Jimeno And Lidia Jimeno Have?

Pedro Jimeno Sr and Lidia Jimeno reportedly had two kids Pedro Jimeno Jr. and his sister Nicole Jimeno Morel. Pedro Jr was born on 3 October 1991 which makes him 30 years old in 2021. So, not having his father around for over two decades probably was tough on him and his sister.

Pedro Sr. and Lidia are of Dominican nationality. While the whereabouts of his father remains unknown, his mother is still living in the Dominican Republic. Most of Pedro’s family have appeared on The Family Chantel and they presented quite a family drama on the show.

But, Pedro also has two brothers Enmanuel De Jesus and Anthony Josue Dominguez Matias. By profession, Pedro is a Twitch streamer who streamed his gameplay of a videogame called Phamosphobia.

Nicole, the younger sister of Pedro Jimeno, is a pageant winner of Miss Earth Dominican Republic 2016. She has been thoroughly involved in her brother’s relationship with an American woman, Chantel Everett. She and her best friend Coraima Morla even tried their best to sabotage the marriage of her brother and sister-in-law.

Is Pedro Jimeno Sr On Instagram?

Based on our research, no, Pedro Jimeno Sr. is not on any of the social media accounts.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Pedro Jimeno Sr?

Pedro Sr. has to be over 50 years old as of 2021. However, we are yet to learn about his precise age and his birthday.

  • Where Is Pedro Jimeno Sr From?

Pedro Sr. is also from the Dominican Republic.

  • Does Pedro Jimeno Sr Appear On 90 Day Fiance & Family Chantel?

No, Pedro Jr. hasn’t met his father Pedro Jimeno Sr. yet. So, he certainly hasn’t appeared on 90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel.

  • What Does Pedro Jimeno Sr Do For A Living?

According to Pedro’s mom, Pedro Sr. was doing well at whatever he did for a living. Since he provided for Pedro’s family, he has to have a high-paying job or a successful business.

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