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Antoni Porowski Sisters: Karolina And Aleksandra Porowski

Queer Eye‘s Antoni Porowski is engaged and now a wedding is on the menu for him and his partner Kevin Harrington. The couple announced their engagement on 17 November 2022 promising their people on the internet that their wedding picture is going to be less blurry than their shot from this celebration. The food and wine expert on the Netflix series Queer Eye rarely talks about his private life and has not spoken to the media about his relationship with Kevin. However, they have often shared their photos together on their respective Instagram accounts. A glimpse at this implies that in July 2022, they celebrated their third anniversary. Having said that, we shall now tell you all about Antoni’s sisters Karolina and Aleksandra Porowski. Because for some reason, fans lately have been strangely prying about them.

Who Are Antoni Porowski Sisters?

Antoni Porowski’s sisters are Karolina and Aleksandra Porowski and according to him, they are his elders by fifteen and nine years respectively.

It is apparently following their path that Antoni went to Ecole Saint-Laurent, a French school.

The Porowski siblings have been born to both Polish parents who came from upper-middle-class families. Their father had been raised in Montreal (his parents had fled Poland during World War II), but their mother had lived in Poland until her early twenties when she met and married their dad.

In Antoni’s words, both his parents were well-educated and had fairly broad palates, but they also clung tightly to the food traditions of their Polish heritage.

Antoni was born later after his parents including his sisters emigrated to Canada.

Their father is a physician who grew up speaking Polish, English, and French. He and his parents moved to Glade Springs, West Virginia when he was twelve. He resided there and in Montreal throughout his high school years before returning to Montreal to complete his post-secondary education at Marianopolis College.

Meet Karolina Porowski, Antoni Porowski Sister

Among Antoni’s two sisters Karolina Porowski is the one who introduced him to the functional medicine side of alternative flours. He said she has multiple sclerosis.

While Antoni appears to have a very good relationship with his sisters now, that was not the case when he was growing up. He did not get along with any one of them. But, once he moved to West Virginia with his parents there was a lonely spate and maybe then he started to reach out to them. But then, back in 2019, he implied to CTV News that he still does not have a relationship with his middle sister and his biological mother.

As for his older sister, he said he is very much close with her now and that he said applied to his and his father’s equation too. With them, he said at the time, that he speaks multiple times a day.

Just about his older sisters, he said they went through a really rough patch and they actually did not speak for several years.

  • Karolina Porowski Age

Karolina J Porowski turned 53 years old in 2022.

  • Karolina Porowski Job

One could not tell, at the moment, about what job Karolina Porowski attended to/has been going to or what kind of a career he has had so far. We know at least that she went to a French school like her other siblings.

  • Is Karolina Porowski Married?

It was also not understood if Karolina Porowski has been married or not.

Meet Aleksandra Porowski, Antoni Porowski Sister

So, Aleksandra Porowski is none other than Antoni Porowski’s middle sister. Meaning, she is the one Antoni still does not speak to. Or maybe things changed for them since that interview with CTV News in 2019 where Antoni among other things dished on overcoming addiction, career bumps, and ego.

That same year, Antoni also talked to FOOD52 and recalled how one time growing up his sister Aleks signed up for a subscription to Martha Stewart Living. He described that Aleks would re-create dishes from the magazine, and she was drawn to the visual aspects of both the food and tabletop decor. He said how though they did not get along very well they discovered together their shared common passion.

  • Aleksandra Porowski Age

Alkesandra Porowski was born on 30 April 1979. So, she reached the age of 43 in 2022.

  • Aleksandra Porowski Job

Growing up, after Aleksandra Porowski signed up for Martha Stewart Living she started re-creating dishes from the magazine. Soon, she was drawn to the visual aspects of both the food and tabletop decor. She was curious about how the recipes worked. And with time this very magazine showed her that she loves cooking for and sharing food with people. Maybe in the days to come, she chose this to pursue as her career as well.

  • Is Aleksandra Porowski Married?

Like Karolina, none of us knew if Aleksandra Porowski too has been married or not.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Antoni Porowski Sisters Reside?

As of 2022, Antoni Porowski had been staying in Daniels in Raleigh County, West Virginia. Aleksandra, on the other hand, called Waterbury town of Washington County her home.

Both the sisters however were born in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. As for Antoni, he was born in Montreal, Quebec of Canada.

One time when Antoni finished elementary school, his father took a job in West Virginia. Antoni went with him and his mom, while his sisters stayed behind in their house in Montreal.

  • Do Antoni Porowski Sisters Have Another Brother?

No. Antonio Porowski is the only brother of his sisters.

  • Are Antoni Porowski Sisters On Instagram?

Antoni Porowski’s sisters were not on Instagram or any other social media platforms as of 2022.

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