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April Davis Bio, Age, Job, IG, Seeking Sister Wife, Who Is She?

While Polygamy is already a complicated subject in itself, April Davis’s relationships are a little different than the regular ones. She was legally married to Jennifer (Nick’s girlfriend) but not to her “husband” Nick.

This “April Davis Bio” explores more about this Seeking Sister Wife star.

April Davis On Seeking Sister Wife

April Davis and her partners, Jennifer and Nick joined TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife for its fourth installment where they were featured actively searching for a third wife to make their family unit feel even more solid. And fortunately, they did find a candidate named Danielle, who was only 22 years old at the time.

What’s more, Nick even had already invited Danielle on a solo date to see where she stood with polygamy. But only time can tell if she agrees to be the third wife.

Now, talking about April’s relationship with her partners, she’s already been with Nick for over 14 years. The two met while April was still in college. Dating for almost a decade, Nick then introduced Jennifer (19 at the time) into their relationship and the trio has been throuple ever since.

Surprisingly, Nick who introduced Jennifer to April was married to none of his partners. On the other hand, April and Jennifer were already legally married! Why? Well, it wasn’t by choice. They weren’t allowed to get legally married. But to show their commitment to Nick, April and Jennifer changed their last name to match Nick’s.

Also, there was the sleeping arrangement. While they claim not to be polyamorous, Nick slept with both April and Jennifer in the same bed every night. Talking more about their sex life, the throuple shared that they were intimate whenever they felt it.

“Our schedule for sex is that there is no schedule,” April joked.

And for those of you wondering, no they didn’t engage in sex all at once. While a duo was having sex, the other stayed in a separate part of the house respecting their privacy.

The throuple celebrated their 5 years of togetherness on May 29, 2022.

April Davis Age

April Davis was 36 years of age when she appeared on Seeking Sister Wife in 2022.

She is 2 years younger than Nick, and 12 years older than Jennifer.

This also means that Jennifer is substantially younger than Nick and April. And for this reason, many viewers took issue with Jennifer’s age stating that she was too young when she entered the polygamist family.

However, Jennifer’s younger age doesn’t bother her at all. She said, “Nick made me feel like the most beautiful, the most courageous, the most fearless woman. And from there, I just knew it was meant to be.”

April Davis Kids

April Davis has a son name Willam. He just won an Aurora Scholarship in 2022 and was heading into his freshmen year.

Willam was 14 then.

According to April, Nick isn’t Willams’s father, but the man who made a choice to be a father. She added that Nick took her son under his wing and showed him to become a man. “William is who he is today because of you and I am forever thankful,” April dedicated a post to Nick on Father’s day 2021.

What Is April Davis Maiden Name?

April Davis’ maiden name is “Williamson.” Infact, that’s her real name. She wasn’t legally married to Nick and only took his last name to honor their commitment.

Trivia: April’s father has long passed away. To be precise, it was April 19, 2012, when he took his last breath.

April Davis Job

April Davis didn’t reveal her job. However, we do know that she was the breadwinner of the family.

While Nick stayed home busy “stretching his intellect” to cook a meal for himself and his wives, April was out there working a 10 – 5 job. And for this reason, many were surprised why April would willingly hand over her paychecks to Nick.

But according to Nick, he was doing research and was trying to further extend his family. Furthermore, he added, “If you look at a chessboard, the King doesn’t really move much. Because he just moves a square at a time. Meanwhile, the Queen, she’s all over the board. The Queen’s got all of the power. The King just kinda holds court.”

Naturally, fans weren’t buying the excuse. Seeing how lazy Nick was, and all the years Apri spent with Nick, they were even more surprised that April was letting him have it.

As for April, she remained unfazed by remarks. “I pride myself on being a breadwinner, and Jenny’s right there with me,” she explained.

April Davis Height

April Davis stands tall at a height under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Her distinct features include — blue eyes (just like Jenny), dark hair, and a beautiful smile that she claimed to have inherited from her father.

Is April Davis On IG?

Yes, find her on Instagram @4scompany_too and,

Also, here’s her Facebook @trickysgirl2 and Youtube @April Davis.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is April Davis From?

April hails from  Aurora, CO.

  • When Is April Davis Birthday?

Her birthday wasn’t revealed.

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