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Jennifer Davis Bio, Age, Job, Maiden Name, Seeking Sister Wife

Jennifer Davis, from the Davis family, is the new star of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife. The viewers are intrigued by the drama created while the couple or a family tries to expand their family. Although the show didn’t have success with finding love in the previous seasons, they are back again.

Learn about Jennifer’s age, job, and maiden name in this article below.

Jennifer Davis On Seeking Sister Wife

Jennifer Davis is a member of the Davis family who appeared in season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife. They are a polygamy-practicing family but with a twist. Jennifer is married to April, their marriage is legally bound. But according to Distractify, their marriage to Nick aren’t but they consider themselves Nick’s wives.

To show family unity, the two spouses have opted to take Nick’s last night. Season 4 will follow this throuple’s unconventional lifestyle as they court a potential third wife.

In the premiere episode, Nick explained to the cameras that he had been interested in polygamy for over 15 years.

Nick has known April for more than 14 years. They met each other in college and they have been together ever since. Meanwhile, Jennifer has been in a relationship with Nick since she was 19 years old.

Jennifer claimed that she married April because they couldn’t all legally marry. According to an Instagram post, April and Jennifer happily married in May 2017. They celebrated their 5th anniversary via an IG post.

She said, “We changed our last names to match Nick’s last name to show others how committed we are to this relationship.” Both of them took Nick’s last name just so they could prove that they were committed to each other.

They were searching for another sister-wife and met Danielle, who is a 22-year-old. This means Nick is 17 years old than Danielle.

In the show, both Jennifer and April expressed that Nick is a lot to handle especially when it comes to the bedroom. While they claim not to be polyamorous, Nick sleeps with both April and Jennifer in the same bed every night.

“Part of that is because of space,” April explained. “I mean, we have the smallest house ever right now.” She added further that she “prefers” this sleeping arrangement over being alone. “Not one of us spends a night without Nick,” Jennifer adds. “It’s very special to be able to sleep next to the one you love, for sure.”

As for sex, the throuple touched on this in their interview. “Our schedule for sex is whenever I feel like it or whenever they feel like it,” Nick tells the interviewer. “Our schedule for sex is that there is no schedule,” April adds. Nick then notes he tries to make sure his wives are “taken care of.”

Speaking of children, April has a son named William Franklin-Case. April hailed Nick as a great father William.

A Redditor commented about the relationship, “I’m convinced Nick is trying to start his own cult. Those women are obviously brainwashed the way members of a cult are. If you carefully listen to everything they say there’s no critical thinking going on or any negative comments about anything related to their husband… It’s all perfection according to them. They remind me of the Manson Family but without all the murdering”.

Jennifer Davis Age

At the time of filming the TLC show, Jennifer Davis was 24 years old.

What Is Jennifer Davis Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Jennifer Davis is Templeman.

Jennifer Davis Job

Based on the 2016 Facebook post, Jennifer Davis might have a job at IBM. A man named Chris Vidmar tagged her before he quit his job at the company. But, the alleged employment at IBM is yet to confirm.

In the Davis family, Jennifer holds the title of breadwinner in the Davis family. She and her sister-wife, April boasts about being a breadwinner. April said, “I pride myself on being a breadwinner, and Jenny’s right there with me”. Fans were quick to notice some red flags after the show premiered.

Jennifer and her sister-wife April willingly handed over the paychecks to Nick in the show. Viewers expressed their concerns on Reddit. One Redditor asked, “wtf does Nick do all day?”

The father of two sits around all day reading until his two hardworking wives arrive home and prepare dinner for him. Nick claims that he is conducting studies and attempting to expand his family, but viewers aren’t buying it. Followers of the show joked that he was too preoccupied with broadening his mind to prepare a meal for himself and his wife.

Nick tells the cameras, “If you look at a chessboard, the King doesn’t really move much. ‘Cause he just moves a square at a time. Meanwhile, the Queen, she’s all over the board. The Queen’s got all of the power. The King just kinda holds court”.

Jennifer says, “The passion that he has for learning, and growth and development and research, it’s definitely a passion that we share”. April explained, “The thing that Nick is able to do is to read and learn and decipher things that I would never be able to do”.

Jennifer Davis Height

Talking about height, Jennifer Davis stands tall under moderate 5-feet-6.

Is Jennifer Davis On Instagram?

Yes, Jennifer Davis is on Instagram ( and also on Facebook (@jennifer.templeman.3).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jennifer Davis From?

Jennifer Davis is currently based in Aurora, Colorado. Her hometown is in Arvada, Colorado.

  • When Is Jennifer Davis Birthday?

Per Facebook, Jennifer Davis celebrates her birthday on 11 October.

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