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Aramis Knight Relationship Status, Father, Height, Ms. Marvel

Meet actor Aramis Knight whom you might recognize from a good amount of films and TV shows. The reason fans have been nosy about him lately is because of his highly anticipated role in the new Disney+ Marvel series, Ms. Marvel.

Aramis plays Kareem, aka Red Dagger, a vigilante who wears a red bandana and wields throwing knives. Because Ms. Marvel itself is one of the newer Marvel Studios stories, it also has introduced newer characters into the MCU. And Aramis’s Kareem is one of them.

Now, read through the rest of the writing, to learn more about Aramis’s Ms. Marvel, his relationship status, family background, and more.

Aramis Knight On Ms. Marvel

Red Dagger and Kareem are fairly new characters in the MCU comics and they were introduced in 2016.

In the comics, Red Dagger is actually a teenage boy named Kareem, originally from Pakistan. He makes it to the United States through an exchange student program with the very same school that Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, attends and that is how he ends up in the story of Ms. Marvel.

Fans, however, were not already so sure how Red Dagger and Kareem were going to be introduced in the live-action series on Disney+, until it premiered on 8 June 2022.

How Much Is Aramis Knight Net Worth?

Aramis knight reportedly had more than $400K as his net worth as of 2022.

Many of you action TV show junkies must be familiar with his work in Into the Badlands, a series that ran for three seasons. In the series, Aramis plays the role of MK, who is one of the main characters of the show, is proficient in martial arts, and is deemed a prophesized hero.

He also played a supporting role (Bean) in the 2013 Ender’s Game movie, not to mention before that, he was an extra in The Dark Knight Rises, his first superhero movie.

So, Aramis has been around the acting business for a long time. He actually also started acting at around the age of 6 in 2005 when he first appeared in a TV series called Invasion.

He also had parts in the films Crossing Over and Runt, among a few others; and he had a recurring role as Carlos on the Showtime’s very favorite series, Dexter, and a recurring role on General Hospital.

Aramis Knight Relationship Status

Aramis Knight, on his Facebook Bio, had not only emphasized being interested in women but also ‘being in a relationship’. However, the rest of his social media did not feature his girlfriend and also did not give away any clue about who she is.

Be that as it may, we came to know about a few of his romances in the past. He dated actress and model, Paris Berelc from 2013 until 2015). Paris is known for her roles in the films and TV shows like Mighty Med, Invisible Sister, Lab Rats: Elite Force, Alexa & Katie, and Sugar Rush.

Again, in 2015, Aramis had gone out with actress Natalie Alyn Lind (of One Tree Hill, Criminal Minds, The Goldbergs, Gotham, Chicago Fire, and more.) Things, albeit, did not work out even this time as they likely parted ways in 2017.

Who Is Aramis Knight’s Father?

Aramis Knight’s father is seemingly Syed Arshad/Ashraf Hasan of Monterey Park, California, who turned 53 in August 2021.

Aramis adorably calls him “papa”. Also for Aramis, his father still is the biggest baller he knows.

Moreover, Aramis’s father came to the United States with his mother who is no longer alive. She seems to have passed away in 2020 or sometime before. Recalling her, in an Instagram post her grandson wrote that he has some stuff coming up that will make his dear grandma prouder than ever. “My grandma immigrated here from Pakistan and look at all she created”, he typed before adding “Miss you”.

Anyway, not much had been told about Aramis’s father, albeit he appeared on his Instagram (@aramisknight) from time to time. And one of these times, Aramis also mentioned an uncle, his father’s brother

Aramis Knight Mother

Aramis’s mother is Rhonda Knight, a real estate broker on Instagram @itsrhondaknight. Recently, she joined her son at El Captain theatre for Ms.Marveland later took glimpses of the unforgettable night on social media to gush that she is still flying high on cloud 9. She said she cannot express enough how proud she is of Aramis. She also confirmed that her son had worked so much for the moment.

Aramis Knight’s mother cannot thank Marvel and Disney+ enough for making her boy a superhero (PIC: Instagram)

Rhonda, as per her Facebook, worked at California Notary Public and at Equity Union as their broker associate. Also, she mentioned here that she hails from Northridge and lives in Los Angeles, California (as of 2022).

Rhonda, who turned 57 in April 2022, according to her BIO on Equity Union’s website, has earned the reputation as a seasoned leader in the real estate space; and throughout the span of over a decade has gained extensive hands-on expertise in the industry.

Aramis Knight Height

Usually sporting slightly long hair, Aramis Knight stood around 1.71 meters tall in height in his early twenties.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Aramis Knight?

Born on 3 October 1999, Aramis Knight reached the age of 22 in 2021.

  • Does Aramis Knight Have Siblings?

Aramis Knight has a younger sister named Aaliyah Hasan and she is only about four or five. The proud brother regularly flaunts adorable pictures of his baby sister and some of him and her on his social media and we can tell he loves her the most.

  • Is Aramis Knight Indian?

Aramis Knight was born and raised in Woodland Hills, California in America. Albeit, he has a mixture of Pakistani and Indian heritage on his father’s side. And that is one more reason he is perfect for the role of Kareem in Ms. Marvel. His mother, on the other hand, is White and of English, Irish, and German ancestry.

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