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Meet Yasmeen Fletcher Parents: Troy And Maysoun Fletcher!

Yasmeen Fletcher’s parents Troy and Maysoun Fletcher couldn’t be more proud of their actor’s daughter. She has landed a part in Disney+ new show Ms. Marvel, a big achievement for someone who is on the verge of just building her career.

So, who are her parents? What is their ethnicity? You may ask. Look no further because we got it covered below. This article also explores their age, job, and their current residence. So, tag along with this article to learn more about Yasmeen Fletcher’s parents.

Who Are Yasmeen Fletcher Parents?

Yasmeen Fletcher, who is the star of the new Disney+ Marvel TV show, Ms. Marvel, was born to her parents Maysoun and Troy Fletcher. In the show, Yasmeen is playing the role of Nakia Bahadir, one of her friends of Kamala portrayed by Imani Vellani. The show marks one of her big roles in her career as an actress.

Thrilled about her experience filming the show, Yasmeen expressed in an interview, “Surreal doesn’t even begin to summarize the feeling”. With a burgeoning net worth of $300 thousand, she has also appeared on The Graduates and What You Taught Me. She also played minor roles in other TV shows such as Let Us In and Upside-Down Magic.

Time to get a closer look into the details of her parents. From here on is everything: Yasmeen Fletcher’s parents.

Meet Yasmeen Fletcher Mother, Maysoun Fletcher

Maysoun Fletcher couldn’t be more proud and excited for her daughter Yasmeen Fletcher’s career. She is in a Marvel TV show. The excitement manifested via a FB post, “SOO Excited!! 50 Days and this tv series come to Disney Plus!”. Yasmeen has described her mother as someone “strong, beautiful, intelligent, hard-working, loving, a great mother/wife/friend, and everything that I hope to be”.

  • Maysoun Fletcher Age

Born in 1974, Maysoun Fletcher is 47 years old in 2022. She received birthday wishes from Yasmeen on 21 December.

  • Maysoun Fletcher Job

Maysoun Fletcher is an attorney by profession. She is working at The Fletcher Law Firm PLLC.

According to Justica Lawyers, Maysoun Fletcher has more than 21 years of experience working in the field of business law, family law, criminal law, immigration law, and insurance claims. She has been admitted to Nevada since 2006 whereas she has been licensed to practice in California since 2001.

A 2001 graduate, Maysoun completed her J.D. from Chapman University Fowler School of Law.

  • What Is Maysoun Fletcher Ethnicity?

We know that Yasmeen is of Lebanese-American ethnicity. She inherited her Lebanese heritage from her mother.

Meet Yasmeen Fletcher Father, Troy Fletcher

There exists a certain level of risk to letting your children go ahead and follow their passion. Still Troy and his wife Maysoun believed in their daughter. Yasmeen took on a completely different route from what her parents pursued as a career. But, when it was official that Yasmeen landed a part in Ms. Marvel, she made her father the proudest.

On 26 May 2022, Troy wrote on his Facebook, “Okay, super proud dad moment! Yasmeen has worked so hard over the last few years. It’s all coming together now. Ms. Marvel comes out on Disney Plus on June 8th. Crazy to see billboards with her on them. Love you kiddo”.

  • Troy Fletcher Age

Reportedly born in January 1974, Troy W Fletcher is 48 years old. Yasmeen wished her father a birthday on 29 January.

  • Troy Fletcher Job

According to LinkedIn, Troy Fletcher is the owner of All-Brite Pool & Spa LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada. He founded the company in 2006 which was later incorporated in October 2006. This means Troy has been running the business for more than 15 years.

  • What Is Troy Fletcher Ethnicity?

Talking about ethnicity, Troy Fletcher is likely a mix of White and Middle-Eastern heritage.

Related FAQs

  • Are Yasmeen Fletcher Parents Still Married?

According to Maysoun’s Facebook, Yasmeen Fletcher’s parents are still married to each other. Troy’s wife Maysoun posted an appreciation post meant for her husband on Father’s Day 2019.

Maysoun wrote, “I can’t begin to express how fortunate my family is to have this man in our lives. Troy, you are the fixer when something breaks, the assembler when it needs put together, the repair guy for all things, physical and emotional, the counterbalance to all 3 girls and often many more girls in our family, the shoulder we all lean on, the greatest dad a kid could ask for, and the love of my life. Thank you for being you!”

Likewise, in January on Troy’s birthday, Maysoun wrote, “Happy Birthday to my Hunk! Troy Fletcher, you are the best husband, friend, dad, and partner! You are aging gorgeously. I am a very lucky woman! Thank you for always putting your family first. I love you!!”

  • How Many Kids Do Yasmeen Fletcher Parents Have?

Yasmeen Fletcher’s parents gave birth to two daughters, meaning, Yasmeen has a sister. She is named Rosa. Find her on IG and Facebook.

Rosa turned 16 years old on 7 September 2021. She graduated middle school in June 2019, which Yasmeen announced on her Instagram.

  • Where Do Yasmeen Fletcher Parents Live?

In 2022, Yasmeen Fletcher’s parents Maysoun and Troy Fletcher are living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Are Yasmeen Fletcher Parents On Instagram?

Yes, Yasmeen Fletcher’s parents are active on IG and Facebook. Click the link to find Troy on IG and Facebook and you can meet Maysoun on Instagram and Facebook, here.

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