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Are Jessica Chobot And Phil Torres Related? Are They Married?

A new season of Expedition X arrived on the Discovery Channel on 2 August 2023. Trio paranormal experts Phil Torres, Josh Gates, and Jessica Chobot also returned with the show and kicked it off with a super-creepy episode with the title “Ghosts of Eloise Asylum”. In a decaying mental hospital in Detroit, Josh Gates, along with his paranormal researcher colleagues Phil and Jessica, were shown investigating reported hauntings.

In this writing, we shall tell you if two of these supernatural connoisseurs, i.e., Jessica Chobot and Phil Torres are related. Some fans have been wondering if they are married. So, here’s what we know.

Are Jessica Chobot And Phil Torres Married?

New York City-based Phil Torres is a biologist, science communicator, photographer, and television host on Expedition X and projects from around the world.

As for Jessica, she is a writer and on-camera host. She was also previously a presenter for IGN Daily Fix, IGN Strategize, and Weekly Wood programs.

So, together, these two were back in the office again working on a new season of Expedition X. “These two troublemakers coming to a city near you (possibly),” Jessica most recently teased on social media sharing a picture of them together.

Now, comes the question, if they are married? Sorry to disappoint some of you, but they are not. These two are just work buddies and are married to other people.

Phil Torres has been married to Silja Danielsen since 23 September 2018, and they also have a kid together. It’s their daughter Atlis Bjear Torres who came to them one fine day on 20 March 2022. When that happened, Phil had taken to his social media to announce they now have a baby girl. After telling everyone she was born on the night of the Spring Equinoxour he also gushed that both his and Silja’s “hearts have grown.”

Silja is the developer and founder of Silja From Scratch, an eating well and staying healthy food blog. After that, she is a partner at GLOSS MODERNE, a fragrance, body care, and haircare brand. And not least, she also is a full-time model represented by WILHELMINA MODELS LONDON, TWO Management Women, and Marilyn Agency NY.

Jessica, on the other hand, is married to Blair Herter. Just on 19 February 2023, Jessica, on social media, thanked Blair “for the 11+ years of loving adventures & family.” They too have one child together, a son. And often Jessica can be seen inflating he husband for being an “outstanding example and inspiration” for their little one.

By IMDB, Jessica’s husband is described as a producer and actor, for Fast Travel (2018), Hero Makeover (2017), and The IGN Show (2017). And while on LinkedIn, he introduces himself as a husband, father, dreamer, big fan of helping others, and a one-time “Emmy Loser”.

Based on all this, it seems rumors of Jessica cheating on her husband were mostly likely just false gossip. Also, there’s been words that Jessica was previously married to James C Chobot.

Are Jessica Chobot And Phil Torres Related?

Clearly, Jessica Chobot and Phil Torres are not related to one another. They just happened to be two people working together. They have seemingly been good friends over time, but they are not relatives.

For one, Phil is of Nicaraguan, German, and Swedish descent, and Jessica, on both sides of her family, is of Polish, German, and possibly some Lithuanian, and Czech descent. Both of them are Americans though.

Jessica is the daughter of Pamela Horn and Peter J Horn of Northville, Michigan. Both were wonderful parents. Jessica’s dad, interestingly, had looked so like Harrison Ford.

Speaking of Jessica’s siblings, there is Brian P Horn, her brother who turned 43 in April 2023, and her sister Nicole J Horn who turned 37 that year. Brian is married to Bridget Cole Horn and they have two beautiful kids.

And now, we have Phil’s family!

Phil is the son of Walter Juan Torres and Kathleen L Torres of Denver, Colorado. Back in 2019, Phil tweeted how 20 years ago his parents took him to the rainforest for the first time and that experience changed his life. A week ago, from this tweet, he said he returned and took them to the rainforest to celebrate his dad’s 70th.

Phil is also just as fond of his sister Eve Gracie (Torres) who coincidently happens to be a female wrestler, bikini model, and dancer. She, following her 2007 Diva Search win, had signed a notable contract of her career, with World Wrestling Entertainment. She is just a year older than Phil and is now married with two boys.

Jessica Chobot And Phil Torres Age Difference

Phil, full name Phillip Juan Torres, was born on 17 March 1986. So, he turned 37 years old in 2023.

Jessica is much older as she was born on 7 July 1977. She reached the age of 46 in 2023.

Where Are Jessica Chobot And Phil Torres From?

Jessica Chobot was born in Buffalo, New York and later partly raised in Novi, Michigan, among other places in the Midwest and East Coast.

As for Phil Torres, he was born and brought up in Denver, Colorado mostly. Later, when he was working extensively in the Amazon Rainforest, he lived there remotely for over 4 years.


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