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Silja Danielsen Bio, Phil Torres Wife, Age, Job, Who Is She?

A new season of Expedition X arrived on the Discovery Channel on 2 August 2023. Trio paranormal experts Phil Torres, Josh Gates, and Jessica Chobot also returned with the show and kicked it off with a super-creepy episode with the title “Ghosts of Eloise Asylum”. In a decaying mental hospital in Detroit, Josh Gates, along with his paranormal researcher colleagues Phil and Jess, were shown investigating reported hauntings.

In this writing though, we thought we would discuss one of these supernatural connoisseurs’ personal life. We picked Phil Torres and, therefore, here is a tell-all about Silja Danielsen, his wife.

Meet Silja Danielsen, Expedition X Star Phil Torres Wife

Silja Danielsen married Expedition X Star Phil Torres on 23 September 2018. This happened at the Nordic Heritage Museum in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, in front of 130 guests. And they picked this date to honor Silja’s late father Petter Danielsen on his birthday.

Their wedding included a traditional Viking hand-binding, swapping the rope for a vine of greenery, and whatnot. They were at the time thinking of drying and pressing the vine so as to frame it and hang it in their home.

Silja and Phil first met in 2014 through a mutual scientist friend and, after a few years of friendship, realized the one had been right there all along. Later, in August 2017, Phil took Silja to Fedje, a small Norwegian island where Silja’s grandparents got married, and asked her to marry him.

Last year on their anniversary, Silja had taken to her IG to gush: “I always said that finding the one is like growing another limb… you are yourself but you are stronger and can do so much more with the support of the one you love! I love you forever and always, Happy anniversary @phil_torres ❤️🥰.”

Among other things, Phil and Silja are truly bounded by their love for nature and traveling. On most days they are likely to be found hiking in the Amazonian rainforests, boating on the Norwegian fjords, or running along Nicaraguan beaches.

Phil Torres And Silja Danielsen Kids

For now, Phil Torres and Silja Danielsen just have one kid. It’s their daughter Atlis Bjear Torres who came to them one fine day on 20 March 2022. When that happened, Phil had taken to his social media to announce they now have a baby girl. After telling everyone she was born on the night of the Spring Equinoxour he also gushed that both his and Silja’s “hearts have grown.”

Fast forward to 20 July 2023, showing several pictures of them holding a much-grown Atlis, Siljia wrote on a post about one of these pictures perfectly capturing exhaustion as parents while on the road for months at a time for work.

Silja Danielsen Age

Silja M Danielsen was born in September 1990. So, she reached the age of 32 in 2022.

Silja Danielsen Job

Until back in 2017, when as a biologist and conservationist, science took Phil, Silja’s fiance then, studying bees up close at Elizabeth Garden in SoHo or leading treks in the Peruvian jungles, Silja also traveled alongside him. She did so while also doing her job as a full-time model and the other one as a blogger of her healthy eating digital platform Silja From Scratch.

Silja, more than anything, is known as the developer and founder of Silja From Scratch, an eating well and staying healthy food blog. She also is a partner at GLOSS MODERNE, a fragrance, body care, and haircare brand. As for modeling, she is looked after by WILHELMINA MODELS LONDON, TWO Management Women, and Marilyn Agency NY.

Long ago, she went to Western Washington University (2009 – 2010) after graduating from Shorewood High School in 2009.

Is Silja Danielsen On Instagram?

Yes. Silja Danielsen can be found on Instagram. As of 12 August 2023, the account (@silja_torres) included 2,018 posts and 25.9K followers.

In addition to that, one is also able to give her a follow on ‘Silja Danielsen’ Facebook, on Twitter @/siljad_, and on Pinterest.

Silja Danielsen Family

Silja Danielsen acquires her family’s Norwegian heritage.

Her mother is Evy Eriksen Danielsen, a former Ballard High School alum. She can be found on IG @evydanielsen and she turned 64 in November 2022.

Unfortunately, Silja’s dad is no more. On 4 May 2022, Silja gushed in an IG post that on this day 22 years ago she lost her dad to colon cancer. She further explained that looking at Atlis that morning her eyes swelled because she could not imagine leaving this world so soon unable to watch her little girl grow up.

Silja has said they were so lucky to have him, her dad. She even today recalls him telling them “I’d eat rocks for you guys.”

Speaking of siblings, Silja has a brother named Leif Danielsen (on IG @leifdanielsen). Professionally, he is a general partner at Acequia Capital and a former Finance alum at the University of Washington. On 23 September 2022, he got married to Christine Kindel, Personal Trainer at PRO Club.

Silja Danielsen Height

Blonde-haired and blue-eyed Silja Danielsen stands an easy 5 foot 9.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Silja Danielsen From?

Silja Danielsen originally hails from Seattle, Washington. As of 2023 too, she seemed to have continued living there.

  • When Is Silja Danielsen’s Birthday?

Silja Danielsen’s birthday is on September 14th and that makes her a Virgo.

“Happy Birthday to the most amazing and beautiful daughter ever! ❤ LOVE YOU! ❤ missing you today, have an amazing day ❤”, this is what Silja’s mom wrote to her during one of these occasions.

  • What Are Silja Danielsen Measurements?

Silja Danielsen’s measurements should be around 33-24-34 inches.

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