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Are Linnea Berthelsen Parents Indian? What Is Her Nationality?

Are Linnea Berthelsen Parents Indian? What Is Her Nationality?

When Linnea starred in Stranger Things, she made left people wondering the same thing. Her looks resembled she hailed from a South Asian country, India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh. Most people assumed that her parents must be Indian since she spoke fluent English with an accent.

Below we touch on her Indian heritage and her nationality. Delve into this article and learn more about her.

Linnea Berthelsen On Stanger Things

Linnea Berthelsen played “008” or “Eight” or “Kali”, the long-lost sister of “11” or “Eleven” or “Jane” in Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things. Eight is an illusionist and taking the lives of people is nothing new to her. She plays with their minds based on what they fear most.

But, she mostly used her power to steal a day’s meal for her runaway group of friends.

When Linnea got the role, her make-up team wanted to take a risk with her. So, she allowed them to shave off the sides and give her a new color. Actress Millie Bobby Brown who played her sister Eleven teased her, “You’re in for a treat Linnea. Don’t worry, you’re going to survive this too”.

A lot of fans felt that episode seven felt extraneous and out of sync. But, Linnea felt the other way. The storyline for the episode was brave and declared an experimental move. In 2017, she spoke with W Magazine. She talked about her favorite moment on the set being able to spend time with the cast and how she had to create a character out of the lines she learned.

Speaking about Kali, Linnea explained, “She’s older. She’s been through a lot since she left the Lab. She’s had more years of having to deal with homelessness, abuse, god knows what. So she’s had to learn from that and that’s why she has such a hard time connecting with other people: They can’t really relate to her. She has to find her own way of dealing with stuff”.

How Much Is Linnea Berthelsen Net Worth?

Linnea Berthelsen has a net worth of under $150 thousand.

She started acting in her late teens and first appeared in the short film ‘Mirrors’ in 2014 and later in the science fiction short film ‘Night Shadow’ in 2015. She is currently signed to Curtis Brown. According to her profile there, she has performed once in theatre in the show Ved Herrens Mark as Aisha in Theatre Grob. However, she has done multiple short films such as Alma, Dyspno, Cape Fear, and Aisha. She has also been able to land roles in TV movies such as Hybrid, Teenland, and Searcher.

Besides Stranger Things, Linnea has also starred in TV shows such as Devs, Exitium, and The Desert.

In addition, Linnea also modeled and interviewed for several magazines such as Coveteur Magazine and Schon Magazine. She attended and graduated from East 15 Acting School in Essex, Berthelsen. She explained to Schon that her love for acting is motivated by a natural fascination with the people around her.

Linnea expressed, “I have always loved observing other people, and have been curious about their personalities and mannerisms. Once I started acting, it just fit with this curiosity”. She also received extensive training as a singer and dancer.

“I guess I have a good sense of what I can express with my body and what I need to work on for a specific character. I love finding moods and chemistry between characters with help from music and physical preparation,” she told Schon.

Are Linnea Berthelsen Parents Indian?

Yes, Linnea Berthelsen’s parents are Indian. However, she was adopted and brought to Denmark and was raised in Copenhagen. She once opened up about her family and shared that her parents have to remind her to be patient sometimes and teach her that good thing takes time.

Linnea explained to Euroman that she came from a very Jutland family and she is very close to her father. She compared her sense of humor to her 65-year-old Jutland-based father.

Being a child of Indian descent, Linnea once had a weird encounter on her first date with one Indian guy. She told her interviewer, “I’ve been on was with a guy who thought it was a good idea to invite me out on Indian food. I am adopted from India but first tried to eat Indian food when I was 19 and I have never eaten it without getting it bad afterward.”

She added, “During the date, he kept talking about this Indian food, and I could hear in him that he had studied things online – probably from the thought that he could meet me on some level. He did not understand that I am so pre-Danish that it is to vomit over. Suddenly he started asking what clothes I would like to get married in and showed me pictures of a sari”.

Linnea continued, “On the date, we also talked about things other than culture and it was sweet that he tried to make an effort but after two days he wrote to me again and told me that he thought it had been cool and that he was accommodating to ‘my culture’, as he called it”.

The Stranger Things actress concluded, “It ended up that I had to make it clear to him that I was sorry to disappoint him, but that I am not very Indian and that it just did not work out. All the while I was lying and feeling really bad about all the Indian food”.

What Is Linnea Berthelsen Nationality?

Linnea Berthelsen is Danish by nationality, she proclaimed that Copenhagen was her hometown. But, she is pursuing her career in London.

Linnea Berthelsen Height

Linnea Berthelsen stands tall at a moderate height of 5 feet 3 inches. Her big eyes and lush hair are among her distinct features.

Linnea Berthelsen Age

According to Famous Birthdays, Linne was born on 13 July 1993. So you know, she is turning 29 years old in 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Is Linnea Berthelsen On Instagram?

Yes, although Linnea Berthelsen is relatively less active on social media, she indeed is on Instagram. Her IG handle is (@linneaberthelsen).

  • Does Linnea Berthelsen Have Siblings?

No, she hasn’t opened up or shared anything about her siblings as of the time of this article in 2022.

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