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Mustafa Khawaja Bio, Age, Job, Sara Al Madani Ex-Husband

Mustafa Khawaja might be an avid bodybuilder, but he stepped into the international limelight in 2022 as RHODubai’s Sara Al Madani’s ex-husband or as she mentioned, her “wrong experience.”

Get to know him better as this Mustafa Khawaja Bio proceeds. 

Meet Mustafa Khawaja, RHODubai’s Sara Al Madani Ex-Husband

Mustafa Khawaja stumbled on his future wife Sara Al Madani on IG before 2019. He then slid into her DMs and the rest is history.

Finding common ground as young entrepreneurs, the two soon fell in love, started several businesses together, and even though they lived 7500 miles away from each other, they always took a last-minute flight to go see each other.

“Money comes and goes, meetings come and go, but I think that you should always hold on to those that matter. We’re both really good at doing that,” Mustafa explained his relationship with Sara at the time. And even after getting married, the two were flying to New Your and Dubai, back and forth, not for business but just to see each other.

Sadly, things started going south after the duo started getting more focused on their business. According to Sara, she was intimidated by her husband. “I’m not alpha male, but I’m very strong and I get things done. I’m a goal digger, not a gold digger. For men, this was very intimidating because a smart man would always want a strong woman next to him because if she’s strong, it makes him stronger,” she explained the reason for their divorce.

And now that the two have gone their separate ways, both of them are hoping to find love again.

Sara confessed that she isn’t “shameful” of her past divorces. But she agrees that she’s married the wrong people, and definitely learned her lesson.

Is Mustafa Khawaja RHODubai’s Sara Al Madani’s First Husband?

No, Mustafa isn’t RHODubai’s Sara Al Madani’s first husband.

Infact, her first husband was a mystery in 2022. However, we do know that she bears a son named Maktoum from her first marriage.

Dr. Sara Al Madani is a well-known serial entrepreneur in the field of fashion, F&B, tech, and marketing. She started her first business at the age of 15, and following her as a young entrepreneur and businesswoman, she was chosen to inspire women in the UAE to be more active and self-confident.

The last we checked, she was working as the CEO/co-founder of HalaHi, partner of Cahero Holding, and director/partner of Social Fish.

Also, at the time, Sara was rumored to be dating Netflix’s 365 Days star, Michele Morrone.

Mustafa Khawaja Age

Mustafa Khawaja was 32 years of when RHODubai premiered in 2022.

He is four years younger than his ex-wife Dr. Sara Al Madani.

Mustafa Khawaja Job

Mustafa Khawaja is an avid bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast. He turned his passion into a business and open a retail store, Sparta Nutrition, to sell supplements in the US at the age of 18. And today, his business has branched out to open an investment company Khawaja Holdings — which has invested in more than 40 companies ranging across tech, marketing, nutrition, real estate, and other sectors.

So, how did a bodybuilder get into the world of stocks and equity? Well, he went to a college for it! He did a Masters’s program in New York City at John Jay College in conjunction with Columbia. And later, he started as an intern and worked his way up.

Besides Khawaja Holdings, Mustafa also took a job as the managing director at the “Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Ahmed Al Maktoum” in Dec 2020. There, he operated with a mission to make use of investments and projects to secure profits and initiate more eligible business opportunities in the future.

How Tall Is Mustafa Khawaja?

Mustafa Khawaja stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Mustafa has a ripped body, and amazing dark hair and beard.

Mustafa Khawaja Family

Mustafa Khawaja comes from a family of six.

His father, Mohammad Butt (birthday: November 26) is a Lahore, Pakistan native who moved to the US, started his work as a janitor, and ended up working as a biochemist for over 35 years.

As for his mother, Shazia Khawaja (birthday: April 8), Mustafa shared she isn’t only his mom but also his best friend. She filled his world with love and often graced his socials.

Talking Mustafa’s siblings, they are Simran K Hanjra, Murtaza Khawaja, and Mariam Fezan. His sister, Simran was married to Mickey S. Hanjra and together, they shared three kids — Celine, Cy, and Esme K. Hanjra. While brother, Murtaza (birthday: July 18) is an entrepreneur as well.

Related FAQs

  • Is Mustafa Khawaja On Instagram?

Yes, find him on Instagram @stafakhawaja.

Also, here’s his Facebook @stafakhawaja31.

  • When Is Mustafa Khawaja Birthday?

Mustafa celebrates his birthday in late March. That made him of the Pisces zodiac.

  • What Is Mustafa Khawaja Nationality?

Mustafa flaunts American nationality. But originally, his family immigrated to New Jersey from Pakistan.

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