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Are Mohan Kapoor And His Wife Achnit Kaur Still Married?

Are Mohan Kapoor And His Wife Achnit Kaur Still Married?

Achnit Kaur is an Indian movie and TV actress best known for playing the antagonist role in Ekta Kapoor’s Indian soap operas Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii. But besides her work on Indian soap operas, she gained fame after an alleged breakup with her Indian actor “husband” Mohan Kapoor.

Delve into this article that brings so scoop related to their marriage and relationship.

Meet Achnit Kaur, Mohan Kapoor Wife

Back in 2016, a rumor sparked that Mohan Kapoor and his wife Achnit Kaur were splitting after 16 years together. Many news outlets reported the news that they planned on getting divorced. Whereas, other sources revealed they never married in the first place for their marriage to come to an end.

According to ShaadiTimes, Achnit and Mohan made a conscious decision to live in. Mohan told the outlet, “Marriage gives a sense of security, which isn’t there in a live-in. But since both of us have had failed marriages behind us, we wanted to be sure before taking the plunge once again”.

Mohan explained, “In a sense, there is not much difference in a live-in relationship or marriage. In both, if you love the other person, you are in it for keeps. Just because there is no legal contract and it is easy to walk out does not mean that the bond does not exist. Once you live together out of love, it is hard to quit or leave”.

Meanwhile, Achnit made an interesting observation. She added, “If there is the liberty to walk out in a live-in, then the flip side is that it needs even more commitment to make it work”.

Likewise, speaking to DNA India in 2013, Achnit opened up about their relationship. She said, “For Mohan and me, we really don’t have any reasons to justify our relationship. We just found each other compatible and went ahead. We have been staying together for almost a decade and our day-to-day life is like a normal husband and wife”.

The interviewer asked if they ever gave a thought to tying the knots. She replied: “Actually, we never bother ourselves with this thought. We are happy in each other’s company and people recognize us as a couple. There is no urge to get married. One fine morning, we might just get up and say let’s get married”.

Speaking to the site, Achnit also shared an anecdote from her time living in Nagaland. She explained, “Over there, there is an interesting tradition, which allows a couple to stay in a specially designated fully furnished hut for a month with the consent of both the parties. In this time period, they would be able to decide whether they are made for each other. Whether an yes or no, the decision is respected by the parents and the community alike. I think it is a very progressive tradition”.

At the time, they were in live-in for 9 years at the point.

Are Mohan Kapoor And His Wife Achnit Kaur Still Married?

The rumor of Mohan Kapoor and his wife Achnit Kaur breaking up surfaced when the former moved into another apartment in the same building he was sharing with Achnit Kaur. However, according to, Mohan denied the claims of the break-up.

“Actually, my mother who is 80 plus in age was living alone in Peddar Road, and I found it apt to get her to live closer to me. While we (Achint and Mohan with their family) live in the 12th floor of the building, my second house is in the 16th floor. Break-up is so very not true,” Mohan told the website.

However, Achnit, his alleged wife had different things to say about their live-in relationship. Achnit reportedly confirmed the break-up. She said, “Yes, the news is true. We have split up, but I will not get into details”. She also explained that the split has happened without any hard feelings for each other.

Another entertainment news site SpotboyE also shared the same news. Achnit reportedly spoke to the site and confirmed, “Yes, Mohan and I are no more a couple”. She added, “You may still catch us watching a film together”.

SpotboyE further unfolded, “Look, I saw it coming. Trust me, it was not a sudden decision. Neither me nor him got up one fine day from the wrong side of the bed. In fact, we broke up in November. It’s been eight months now. We didn’t want people to know and succeeded in keeping our break-up under the wraps. But that’s it. I won’t talk on this subject any further”.

Mohan Kapoor Current Relationship Status

Mohan Kapoor is quiet about his dating life and his current relationship status is unclear.

Achnit Kaur Current Relationship Status

In 2018, Times Of India reported that Achnit Kaur was single after a relationship of 19 years. She told the news outlet, “This is the most happy phase:” of her life. Achnit added, “Whatever I am today, is thanks to my mother. She had a troubled marriage and went through a lot of physical abuse and mental torture. She was forced to leave my father to take care of me, She brought me up single-handedly. It wasn’t easy at all for her.

“In fact, when I was going through a divorce from my first marriage, she was petrified thinking that the world will blame her for it. But, I never paid any heed to what society had to say then. And I am not paying attention to what it has to say now — about my split with Mohan after 19 years.

“I realized that when two individuals are not happy with each other, the best way is to live alone and not suffer just because you need a companion. Having said that, I have also chosen to not speak about the split”.

Now, Achnit is leading a life as a single mom.

Related FAQs

  • How Many Kids Do Mohan Kapoor And His Wife Achnit Kaur Have?

Anchit has a 29-year-old son named Preetranjan from her previous marriage.

  • How Long Were Mohan Kapoor And His Wife Achnit Kaur Together?

According to Times Of India, Mohan Kapoor and Achnit Kaur were together for 19 years.

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