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Zenobia Shroff Bio, Husband, Family, Related To Jackie Shroff?

Zenobia Shroff is the star of the new Disney+ MUC superhero series Ms. Marvel. She is playing a mother of a superhero in the show, She has a kid to look after who will get into power later in the show. So, viewers also wondered about her personal life. They wanted to learn about her husband and her family.

Does she have any kids? Is she related to Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff?

We answer it all below in this article. Learn more about Zenobia Shroff as this article proceeds.

Zenobia Shroff On Ms. Marvel

Zenobia Shroff is one of the stars of Disney+ newest offering Ms. Marvel. She plays Muneeba Khan, the mother of Kamala Khan the first Muslim superhero Marvel has introduced played by Iman Vellani. Zenobia, her on-screen husband Mohan Kapoor, who plays Kamala’s parents plays an instrumental role as she comes into her powers.

While, life has plans for Ms. Marvel who is out fighting evil, her parents have a different future planned for their daughter. Zenobia’s on-screen son and Kamala’s older brother Aamir is played by actor Saagar Shaikh.

Before the premiere, Zenobia and her lead cast members spoke to ScreenRant. She and her team were asked about the “I’m in the MCU” moment. To which she replied, “That’s pretty [good]. I would say meeting Kevin was a big moment, yeah.”

Zenobia also discussed working with the titular character star Iman and if they felt like a real family. She explained, “But I also think that for Muneeba at least, there’s this whole aspect of their child getting powers and [being] involved in this sort of fantasy world and all. But there’s also the push-pull of teenagehood: this kid is growing up, and there are those normal things about, “No, you can’t stay out late. No, you can’t go with boys.” There’s that aspect of it as well”.

She added, “And Iman is growing up. I mean, she’s only 19. So, me as Zenobia, I look on her as somebody who’s still just started her journey. I keep that in mind quite a bit also”.

Zenobia Shroff Net Worth

Zenobia Shroff flaunts a staggering net worth of $1.2 million.

Getting her start in Mumbai under the mentorship of the legendary Pearl Padamsee, her career as an actress spanned more than three decades. Her mentor encouraged her to study acting so she arrived in the States leaving behind an affluent Parsi, South Bombay home, and with just $500, two suit-case, and a six-month visa, she came to New York to study acting at New York’s Circle in the Square Theatre School. Mychelle appears to have retired from basketball, and her present employment position is unknown. As a model and fitness expert, however, she has a sizable Instagram following.

She refined her craft at the off-Broadway theatre Castillo, where she portrayed a variety of parts ranging from Nora in Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” to German avant-gardist Heiner Muller. She also appeared in Mario Fratti’s “Erotic Adventures in Venice” and Milan Kundera’s “Jacques and His Master” at the legendary La Mama.

Zenobia has vast experience teaching theatre and movement to inner-city and low-income youngsters in New York City and Mumbai. Per her LinkedIn, she also worked as an acting teacher at several organizations such as Arts Connection, Education In Dance, Youth Onstage, Bright Horizons, Fit Kid Fun Factory, The Shimak Group, and ACTING FOR NON ACTORS CLASSES EVERY THURSDAY.

Some of her notable on-screen works are The Big Sick, The Affair, and 7 Days among others.

Zenobia was nominated as best actress at the New York Indian film festival for Sooni Taraporevala’s “Little Zizou”. She is also an accomplished Bharat Natyam dancer and writes and performs sketch comedy.

The actress also holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from S.N.D.T University.

How Old Is Zenobia Shroff?

Born on 27 May 1965, Zenobia Shroff is 57 years old as of June 2022.

Zenobia Shroff Family

Zenobia Shroff was born to her parents Polly and Rusi Shroff as their youngest daughter. In July 2019, Zenobia Shroff celebrated her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. She and her family hailed from a small elite Zoroashtrian community whose influence on arts is notable and extensive. Because of their light skin, the British favored them more than others.

It was Zenobia’s mother who encouraged her to step into the world of commercial print modeling where she got her start. She explained that her family favored Western classical music concerts and being good at elocution. Her mother also insisted that she learn Bharatnatyam rather than the Western ballet favored by Parsis.

Moreover, she and her sister did a little piano and her sister also did Western Classical Singing.

Zenobia Shroff Ethnicity

Zenovia Shroff is Indian-American by ethnicity because she always said she was born and raised in Bombay but grew up in New York.

Is Zenobia Shroff Related To Jackie Shroff?

Although Zenobia Shroff shares the same last name as veteran Indian actor Jackie Shroff, they don’t seem related to each other. The only thing that we discovered in common between them besides their last name is they were born in Mumbai/Bombay.

Does Zenobia Shroff Have A Husband?

No, actress Zenobia Shroff doesn’t have a husband.

Apparently, Zenobia never wedded and prefers to keep her love life under wrap. But, in October 2021, she tweeted about her “7th husband”, her co-actor and on-screen husband Mohan Kapoor. She Twitted, “My current husband (My 7th one I think! Who’s counting right #liztaylor ?) has a birthday today. We are separated by miles but together in spirit. #happybirthdqy@mohankapur I miss you, pal, your devoted wife #muneebakhan #msmarvel #yusufkhan”.

On-screen, Zenobia and Mohan play strict parents to Ms. Marvel played by Pakistani-American actress Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Zenobia Shroff?

Zenobia Shroff’s height measures 5 feet 5 inches.

  • Where Is Zenobia Shroff From?

Originally from Bombay, India, Zenobia Shroff is currently living in the United States.

  • When Is Zenobia Shroff Birthday?

Zenobia Shroff celebrates her birthday on 27 May.

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