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Are Sebastian Croft And Joe Locke Dating In Real Life?

Netflix’s new show Heartstopper is a teen drama about school students. The two leads on the show are Joe Locke appearing on the show as Charlie Spring and Kit Connor portrayed the role of Nick Nelson. The show is an adaptation of the writer Alice Oseman from her graphic novel series of the same name.

It follows 14-year-old Charlie as he develops feelings for popular rugby player Nick after the two bonds over whether or not doing homework on the way to maths is suitable. It’s unmistakably pleasant and wholesome, and by the end of its brisk eight episodes, you’ll feel like you’ve been given a hearty hug.

Charlie is already out of school and has been bullied as a result, but he appears to have found a supportive friendship group that values their movie nights and sends a lot of DMs to each other. (There’s a lot of on-screen messaging in this, and it’s tensely effective to see folks type, delete, redo, and re-delete their responses.)

Ben, Charlie’s secret sort-of boyfriend, meets up with him in the library during recess but picks on him when no one else is present. Nick comes to his rescue when Ben advances from treating him coldly to acquiring a girlfriend and then disparaging him when they’re together, and their friendship slowly evolves into something more.

It’s very nice. With periods of animation, it pays homage to its origins as a visual novel, especially when emotions are running high. Hands are almost touching; between them, cartoon lightning crackles. Hearts emerge in the air as Charlie’s buddy Elle wonders if she has a love for their other friend, Tao.

It appears to be a remake of Hollyoaks with an art school twist. There are a few minor squabbles among Charlie’s friends, but the focus is primarily on Charlie and Nick. With the exception of a parent and Stephen Fry, who appears as the headteacher shouting over the Tannoy, the adults are virtually non-existent.

Are Sebastian Croft And Joe Locke Dating IRL?

To cut to the chase, no, Sebastian Croft and Joe Locke are dating each other or at least haven’t confirmed their relationship yet. But, fans are having a hard time convincing themselves that they aren’t dating each other in real life because of several exhibits.

So, fans started shipping the “Sebastian and Joe” on Twitter. In April 2022, one fan posted a collage of “Sebastian and Joe” and posted, “someone be the Sebastian croft to my Joe Locke”. Another fan added, “sebastian croft & joe locke my beloveds <3”.

A user named (@middleton___) added, “Sebastian Croft and Joe Locke apprecion tweet”. A fan account of Sebastian (@sebastianncroft) posted, “we’re going to see kit connor pull sebastian croft off joe locke I’m going to cry”.

Moreover, another user going by the name (@noamovivirpero) added, “are Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft dating? cause it looks like it”.

And, you know they are shipped when they have a joint account. Joe and Sebastian’s joint account (@joebashupdates) has 949 followers and already contains 725 tweets as of this writing.

Why Do “Heartstopper” Fans Believe Sebastian Croft And Joe Locke Dating?

Joe Locke was rumored to be dating Sebastian Croft, a fellow cast member on Heartstopper, according to fans. When fans noticed that Joe and Sebastian were the cast members that shared a lot of photographs with each other, rumors about their romance began to circulate. After seeing two images, in particular, fans were perplexed about their relationship status.

There were some really cozy pictures between the two that showed that they were actually dating in real life.

One of those photos can be found on Joe Locke’s Instagram feed. The multiple snapshots revealed Joe and Sebastian wearing matching jackets, but there’s nothing in the photo that says they’re dating. The other photograph can be found on Sebastian Croft’s Instagram feed. Joe and Sebastian are shown hugging each other and smiling at the camera.

So, it is really confusing for fans and even more exciting to learn about the nature of their relationship.

Sebastian Croft’s Relationship Status

Since Sebastian Croft hasn’t said anything about his dating life, he is likely single.

Joe Locke’s Relationship Status

Like Sebastian, Joe Locke also appears single. Joe hasn’t addressed the fan’s queries regarding his dating life yet. But, fans weren’t only alleging about Joe’s relationship with Sebastian. In fact, fans were wondering if Joe and Kit Connor who played his on-screen romantic half are dating each other.

While speaking interviewing with Attitude, Joe and Kit also recalled their on-screen kiss during rehearsal.

“I drank a lot of coffee, but I feel like that’s just part of me!” admitted Joe in the interview. “I would arrive [on set] and have a coffee straight away because I wouldn’t be able to function.” Kit utters with a smirk: “It did mean there were a couple of kissing scenes where I was punished deeply…”

“This makes me sound like a really bad person!” exclaims Joe. “I had a chewy, I had chewing gum!” Kit continues: “Yeah, there was one point where you were caught off guard and you were like, ‘Ok, we need to rehearse this kissing scene….”

Despite all the evidence that they also might be couples, they are romantic, only on screen. In real life, they are just friends and fellow casts in the show.

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