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Olivia Colman Children: Finn And Hall Sinclair! Age, IG

Brit actress Olivia Colman is the star of Netflix’s new show Heartstopper. She portrays the role of actor Kit Connor’s character Nick’s mother in the show. She is a smart, loving character who is always there for him.

Olivia Colman is a mother of three children she had with her husband Ed Sinclair. Olivia met her now-husband at a production of Alan Ayckbourn’s Table Manners at Footlights Dramatic Club when they were both studying at Cambridge University in the ‘90s. Romper referred to their meeting as “a thunderclap moment.”

“It sounds really odd, but I did fall in love with him at first sight,” Olivia reportedly recalled to The Telegraph. “When he walked into the room, I just went, ‘That’s him!’ Mind you, I suppose if he hadn’t wanted me, then I might have gone, ‘That’s him!’ at someone else a week later.”

Olivia thought “There’s the bloke I’m going to marry”.

“My husband and I were very lucky. We met when we had nothing and we loved each other then. So we were all right.” She added, “We were 20 and he was also an actor. If you meet at that age then you’re fine. For me, it was thunderbolts straight away.”

Also, Olivia and Ed married in 2001. But even after being married for over 20 years, people still can’t believe that they are a couple.

‘When I’m out with my husband Ed [Sinclair], who is gorgeous, I see people look at us and sort of go, “Urghh?”’ she laughed and told DailyMail, conveying jaws dropping to the floor. “Because they can’t believe that we’re a couple. But, you know, Ed and I are the wind beneath each other’s wings. Neither of us would be any good without the other.”

The Brit actress and her husband have worked together in the past. She told Yahoo!, “We worked out very early on that it’s much better if he’s a writer, I’m an actor and we don’t talk about it.” She starred in Landscapers in 2021 written by Ed.

How Many Children Does Olivia Colman Have?

Now, coming to the meat of this article, Olivia and Ed are parents to three children. First, they welcomed their son Finn in 2005 and they became parents to their second son Hall in 2007.

Olivia even prefers shunning the spotlight to be with her husband and three children. When the actress won BAFTA for Broadchurch in 2014, the married couple made a quick getaway to get back to their two boys. “We were in our socks, drinking tea by 10 o’clock, I couldn’t take it all in,” she said at the time. “As long as I have Ed and the boys, everything is alright.”

Subsequently, after almost eight years, Finn and Hall welcomed their sister in 2015. When Olivia became pregnant with her daughter she was working on the British mystery series The Night Manager. Her pregnancy was written into the series, and she welcomed a daughter.

Olivia and her husband were pictured with their children out in public in 2019. They were having family time in Disneyland in Los Angeles. But, they have been successful to keep their children away from the limelight in contrast to what most celebrity parents do.

Moreover, Olivia puts her family before her career. Every work move she made she keeps her children and her husband in mind. She told Vogue, “I don’t like being away from them. It’s as simple as that.” The family resides in home located in South London which, as Vogue writer Chloe Fox puts it, “happy, light-filled place, decorated beautifully in neutral colours. There are scooters in the newly converted, glass-fronted kitchen”. “.

Her husband Ed also built a treehouse from scratch at the bottom of the garden for their two sons. Even during that interview, she preferred not to name her kids.

People applaud Olivia and Ed for becoming great parents to their children.

In addition, reportedly born on 30 January 1974, Olivia Coleman turned 48 years old in 2022. She won an  Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Queen Anne in the 2018 film The Favourite. She was cast as Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix historical drama series The Crown and has been starring in BBC’s Fleabag since 2016.

Whereas, Celebrity Net Worth reports, that Olivia has a total net worth of $8 million. She doesn’t seem to be on Instagram and one account (@itsoliviacolman) which is in her name could be a fan account.

Meet Olivia Colman Oldest Son, Finn Sinclair

Finn Sinclair is the oldest of the three children born to actress Olivia Colman

  • Finn Sinclair Age

Reportedly born in 2005, Finn Sinclair is 17 years old as of 2022.

  • Is Finn Sinclair On IG?

No, Finn Sinclair is not on Instagram.

Meet Olivia Coleman Youngest Son, Hall Sinclair

Hall Sinclair is the younger brother of Finn and the middle child of Olivia and Ed. His middle name is Joseph, as per IMDB.

  • Hall Sinclair Age

Born two years later after Finn in 2007, Hall Sinclair is 15 years old in 2022.

  • Is Hall Sinclair On IG?

No, like his brother Hall Sinclair is also not on Instagram.

Olivia Colman Daughter Name & Age

Olivia Colman’s youngest child is her anonymous daughter. Daily Mail had shared her picture in 2019 but covered her face to conceal her identity. As already stated, Olivia keeps all of her children away from the spotlight.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Olivia Colman Children Live?

Olivia Colman’s children live in their family home in South London, UK.

  • Have Olivia Colman Children Made Redcarpet Appearances?

No, Olivia Colman’s children haven’t made any red carpet appearance as of 2022. They remain completely anonymous as of 2022.

  • Do Olivia Colman Children Have The Same Father? 

Yes, Olivia Coleman’s all three children are also the kids of her husband Ed Sinclair.

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