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Ari Jennings Net Worth, Job, PhD, Dating, Height

TLC’s docuseries I Am Jazz might have been more about Jazz, but it also featured her family who equally had their own story to tell. Among them, Ari Jennings is the eldest of the Jennings’ kids, and the only person Jazz ever looked up to as a child.

Get to know her more as you scroll down.

Meet Ari Jennings, Jazz Jennings’ Sister

Ari and Jazz Jennings weren’t just sisters, they were best friends and motivators, super close to one another. It was also Ari who inspired Jazz to her take up her name “Jazz.”

In season 1 ep 1 of the show, Jazz revealed that she got her name from Ari who played Jasmine in the show Alladin when she was in fourth grade. As she always wanted to be like her older sister, Jazz immediately decided that she wanted to be called “Jazz.”

“I looked up to her that much,” Jazz explained.

But Jazz wasn’t the only sibling, Ari was close to. All the Jennings’ siblings supported each other.

Ari’s younger twin brothers, Sander and Griffen were also often featured on I Am Jazz and for those who’ve seen the show, you know how much they’ve helped the sisters.

As of 2021, Griffen was working on his law degree at the University of Florida. Like his brother, Griffen he also used his platform to support LBGTQ+ causes.

Overall, there was no double about the love between the Jennings siblings. “Always be there for them. Support them. Listen to them. Never put them down. Just have an open mind and open heart and just always be there for them 100 percent,” Ari expressed her mindset.

Here are their ages as of 2021: Jazz: Born Oct 6, 2000, age 21; Griffen and Sander: Born Mar 10, 1998, age 23.

Ari Jennings Job: What Does She Do For A Living?

Ari Jennings was once working toward a career as a singer. She hoped to make music her job someday, and make it her living. If you’ve been following her over IG, then you might already know she is blessed with a beautiful voice. Well, if you haven’t, do check her performance over her IG.

Also, Ari is a big-time classic rock fan. And it doesn’t only reflect on her music, but also her life is centered around classic rock. She’s got a classic vinyl player, and pictures of legends like The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, and, The Doors over her walls.

Besides being a performer, Ari can also be labeled a reality star. She has appeared in over 18 eps of I Am Jazz.

Ari Jennings PhD

Ari Jennings was working on her PhD at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arizona in 2021.

Previously, she graduated from the University of Florida in 2016. This proud Gator, attended multiple events on campus, including a handful of football games in “The Swamp.” Also, she was a part of the Greek scene at UF, joining the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority.

Well, considering Ari wants to pursue singing as her job, this is a pretty impressive academic qualification she’s collected. Did we forget to mention that she was also named salutatorian of her high school? Yes, she has been a long-time success on the academic trail.

How Much Is Ari Jennings Net Worth?

Ari Jennings garnered a net worth of below $300 thousand by 2021.

Her sister, Jazz then flaunted a net worth of around $500 thousand.

Is Ari Jennings Dating Anyone?

Yes, Ari Jennings was dating the self-titled “singer/cook” Jeremy Michael as of 2021. The two lived in Arkansas, US, with their lovely cat then. Check their dating history, it seems that the pair stayed in a relationship before 2014.

Though we don’t have much information about her boyfriend, we know that Jeremy loved traveling and celebrates his birthday on October 23.

On his 2018 birthday, Ari took it to her IG to write, “Happy bday poopdee, I love you. Cheers to you and the beautiful times we spend together.”

Ari Jennings Real Name

Ari wasn’t going to reveal her real name. Her family shared they chose to hide their “name as much as possible,” to make their lives “sort of easier.” But Ari’s mother Jeanette did reveal that their last name is “very Jewish, long last name.” For the public eye, Ari’s parents were named Jeanette and Greg Jennings. Also, back in 2007, they were using pseudonyms Renée and Scott. However, we’ve learned Ari Jennings’ real name is Ari Bloshinsky!

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Ari Jennings?

Ari was born on December 24, 1995. That made her 25 years of age in 2021.

As per his birthday, she is of the Capricorn zodiac.

  • How Tall Is Ari Jennings?

Ari Jennings stands tall at a height under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Her distinct features include — dark hair, brown eyes, and a triangular face.

  • Is Ari Jennings On Instagram, Twitter?

Yes, find her over Instagram @arishay, and Twitter @AriJennings_.

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