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Philemon Chambers Dating, Net Worth, Parents

Meet Philemon Chambers, the African-American actor who played Nick in Netflix’s Christmas rom-com ‘Single All the Way.’ Here we discuss his dating life, his net worth, and information on his parents.

So, who is Philemon Chambers dating? well, scroll down!


Is Philemon Chambers Dating Anyone?

Philemon Chambers is the star of LGBTQ Christmas rom-com, ‘Single All the Way’ from Netflix. In the show, he portrayed the character of Nick who finds himself in a love triangle. In the show, he is the best friend of Peter (Urie). But, on Nick’s part, it is more than just friends because he has developed feelings, would be an understatement as he is head over heel for the guy.

Sadly, Nick Peter likes someone else. The plot for the first Christmas rom-com is pretty intriguing. However, fans wanted to dig deep into the life of Philemon as a person. They want to know about the actor’s romantic escapades.

However, unlike his character Nick, Philemon is closed about his love life. He identifies himself but he didn’t know. He revealed that he suppressed the feeling for years and tried to become more masculine. Philemon carried on the pretense until he was an adult and while he started performing in the movie industry.

Now fans are more eager than ever to learn about his partner, but we hate to announce that he chose to remain private about his partner right now. There are no traces of him having any significant others on his social media, so we could only conclude that he is single and working toward establishing a sustainable acting career.

But, we are sure to learn about his love life in the future.

How Much Is Philemon Chambers Net Worth?

Philemon Chambers has just started making it to the world of entertainment. So, right now, his net worth is under $100 thousand. For Philemon, being an actor was a childhood dream. Filmography enticed him when he was 6 watched ‘The Lion King’ at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. However, he learned early on that being an actor wasn’t an easy task.

At the age of 13, as a child actor, he made attempts to land roles in TV shows, but he was deprived of luck. This trend continued to his days as an adult, and until recently before COVID-19.

However, after surviving COVID, Philemon landed the opportunity to perform as an actor for Netflix’s rom-com. He got the audition, and he promised to himself about giving it all that he can. Two days after sending the audiotape, he got a call from casting director Jonathan Clay Harris. One thing led to another and he eventually got the opportunity to work with icons he looked up to like Michael Urie, Jennifer Coolidge, Barry Bostwick, and Kathy Najimy.

The role goes down in the history book because Philemon became the black actor to star in an LGBTQ rom-com show. Philemon landed minor roles on TV shows but it wasn’t giving him the necessary attention that could propel his career.

Philemon has struggled and his pre-fame resume speaks for itself. He worked as an actor/model at Kids Management. He also worked as Actor/Print Model/Voice Over at The Kohl Group. Furthermore, he worked as an actor at Stein Entertainment and also worked as an actor/model at Commercials Unlimited.

Also, Philemon works at MadCatch Entertainment and ABA Talent Agency. Whereas, his LinkedIn states that he has been working as an actor/model/singer for MPowered Business Group Inc. since September 2014. His gig in commercials includes the AT&T Digital Home Commercial ‘Cabin’, DeVry University, and CarMax television commercials.

Who Are Philemon Chambers Parents?

Philemon Chambers (pronounced fi-LEE-men CHAYM-berz) is close to his beautiful light-skinned mother. Back in 2019, he dedicated a post to his mother where he wrote that there are only a few words to describe how he feels about his mother. But, he feels blessed to have her in his life and for accepting his flaws.

There are also a few other family members, the actor has shared about. In February, Philemon revealed that he shares his birthday with his uncle. In November 2015, Philemon shared with his Facebook friends his big brother who was in the military. One other family member that we know of includes Timothy Chambers.

Related FAQs

  • Where Did Philemon Chambers Grew Up?

Philemon Chambers is originally from Compton, California. But, he is currently based in Los Angeles, California. He also lived in Torrance, California.

You can follow him on Instagram (@philemonchambers), Twitter (@TheRealPhilemon), and Facebook (@justin.smith.543908).

  • When Does Philemon Chambers Celebrate His Birthday?

Philemon Chambers was born on 9 February 1994. He turned 27 years old in 2021.

  • Where Did Philemon Chambers Recieve His Education?

Philemon is a 2010 graduate of Carson High School.

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