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Aristotle Athari Wiki, Background, Wife, Height, Net Worth

SNL welcomed three new members among its cast in 2021. Aristotle Athari, James Austin Johnson, and Sarah Sherman were the three young comedians joining the ranks of one of the most respected sketch comedy show on American Television.

This article will mostly focus on Aristotle Athari and his journey to SNL. Along the way, we shall also distribute a fair dose of Aristotle Athari wikis.

Aristotle Athari Ethnicity, Background: Is He Greek?

Aristotle Athari’s parents are a constant feature on his Instagram, especially his mother, Azizeh Athari, who he has called over the years as “badass” because she rode horses and shot rifles. Every mother’s day, every International women’s day (which also happens to be her birthday), there was a post on his Instagram celebrating his mother from whom he inherited “every ounce of integrity, creativity, and strength”. 

Aristotle’s mother was a sportswoman from middle-east and had played volleyball in Asian Games. She died on 18 September 2019 at the age of 67 after suffering for a long time from Multiple Sclerosis.

His father also appeared occasionally on his social media. A photo of his father’s “mustache Renegade” was especially true. His father was 84 years of age. Apart from his father and mother, Aristotle was also close with his uncle (name unknown) who was in the air force.

We do not know if Aristotle Athari has any Greek heritage. He has middle eastern roots from his mother’s side but we do not know his father’s roots. There may be some Greek lineage on his father’s side.

While we are on the topic of roots, Aristotle has also mentioned that he has “wrestling roots”.

Aristotle Athari Net Worth

Reportedly, Aristotle Athari owns more than $700K in net worth.

We mentioned that Aristotle is new to show business. Well, that is not entirely true for Aristotle has had over 10 years on the comedy scene and a fair bit of movie experience. He has never had the exposure of the kind that SNL will bring him, that fact remains true.

Anyway, his Linkedin says that Aristotle is a comedian, writer, and director. He is also an actor and had 18 credits as an actor. His most famous roles are Gabe in Silicon Valley, Derrick on The Coop. He also wrote, directed, and acted in a comedy special called “GOATFACE” with fellow comedians Hasan Minaj, Asif Ali, and Fahim Anwar.

As a director, he also directed Will Smith’s Snapchat series called Will From Home. 

Aristotle is also a very good sketch artist. You can find some of his sketches on his Instagram.

Aristotle Athari Wife

On 28 September 2021, Aristotle Athari posted a photo of him and his new wife, Maura Grace walking together, hand in hand, Aristotle on his tux and his wife on her white wedding dress with the following caption:

“Today I get to celebrate the two greatest things to ever happen to me. Marrying the woman of my dreams @mauragracephotography and getting the job of my dreams @nbcsnl I’ve been pinching myself a record number of times.”

They got married only a few days ago. As stated earlier, Aristotle’s wife is Maura Grace Athari. Her bio on Instagram says “one half of Mauristotle”. She is a photographer, who primarily focused and human portraits but also did wedding photos and family photos.

Aristotle and Maura started dating sometime in 2019. Their first social media appearance after they got together happened in November 2019. After a few years of birthday wishes and Valentine’s day celebrations and relationship Tweets, social media fans and friends got to know they were engaged on 16 February 2021. They eventually tied the knot on 18 September 2021.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Aristotle Athari?

We do not know which year Aristotle Athari was born (it was not 384 BC), but he celebrated his birthday every year on the 9th of July. His zodiac sign was Cancer. His age must be somewhere in his late 20s or early 30s.

  • How Tall Is Aristotle Athari?

Aristotle Athari is a tall guy and stands at a height of 6 feet (i.e. 183 cm). Also, he has dark hair and blue eyes. Usually, he wears a pair of glasses.

  • Is He On Instagram, Facebook?

Aristotle Athari was only just introduced to show business and so, he was not very famous on social media. He was present on Instagram as @air_stotle and had 301 posts and 7.8k followers until Sept 2021. Similarly, he was present on Twitter as @air_stotle and had 1.1k followers as well as some very hilarious Tweets.

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