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Avi Lang Bio, Whitney Thore Ex-Boyfriend, Now, Age

Avi Lang will be remembered as the ex-boyfriend of Whitney Thore from TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life for many reasons. The man not only played with the sentiment of Whitney and also proved to her fans right that she has lost the skill of filtering and choosing the right man for her life.

So, who is Avi Lang? Where is Avi Lang now? Learn all about it in this Avi Lang Bio.

Whitney Thore And Avi Lang’s Relationship

Whitney Thore and Avi Lang’s relationship lasted for only half a year but, he has been dubbed as the most notorious of all the ex-boyfriends Whitney Thore ever had. The reality star introduced audiences to Avi on My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 5.

From the very beginning, fans had doubts that her relationship would last very long. However, everyone saw that Whitney was fully invested in this relationship like everyone else. As reported, the pair first met each other online which Whitney shared on her Instagram.

Based on the post, the infamous man reached out to her in September 2016. He told her that he was compelled to talk to her because he saw her on Ted Talk. After Avi’s first message, Whitney was also in a relationship with her mystery French boyfriend.

She even planned to convert to Judaism to be able to marry Avi. But, something always felt off because Avi avoided being on social media. He insisted on maintaining a low profile because he didn’t want anyone that followed him to know that he was dating someone who wasn’t Jewish.

Eventually, Whitney discovered that her boyfriend was hiding his relationship from her, and this ruined everything for her. According to the episode of 2018 of her show, she was shown discovering the reason why Avi didn’t want to be on social media.

Entered Nada Louis, an Egyptian woman who introduced herself as Avi’s fiance, so you know, Whitney was his side chick. Nada had a few posts that marked her relationship as proof and she still does on her Instagram. The relationship between Whitney and Avi ended in March 2017 with a confrontation.

Whitney confronted, “Do you pray upon us because we’re fat women? This sucks, doesn’t it?”

After that, Avi became a ghost in social media. After that, women started popping up with their relationships one after another.

Heartbroken Whitney shared, “And he’s the one, he’s the one who has brought up marriage and stuff. I have never brought it up. He’s the one who goes off on these fantasies … It’s just like, it feels the rug has been pulled out from under me.”

In January 2018 she also shared, “I hid him from the producers and everybody because he didn’t want to be on camera”

Where Is Whitney Thore’s Ex-Boyfriend, Avi Lang Now?

After the confrontation, Avi Lang cut off all the ties with the internet presence. Since he was exposed publicly, it can be assumed that he brought changes to his old ways with relationships and started to remain faithful with his new partner, if there is any since it cost his reputation.

But, where is Avi Lang, and what is he up to now? It was made impossible because of the lack of the medium of contacting him.

Did Avi Lang Appear On My Big Fat Fabulous Life?

Yes, Avi Land appeared on TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life one and one time only. It was the time when Whitney confronted her ex-boyfriend by teaming up with Nada Louis. They confronted him in person at a coffee shop to try and force an explanation.

But, once Avi realized that he was being recorded, he fled the scene covering his face. This was the only time he ever appeared on the show.

Avi Lang Job

As we know, Avi always attempted to maintain privacy when it came to his private life. He avoided being in front of the camera while maintaining a relationship with Whitney Thore. So, anything personal or professional remains a mystery as of this writing when it was about Avi Lang.

Hence, Avi Lang’s job and his career were impossible to discover. However, he was smart enough that he could maintain relationships with multiple women at a time. If it wasn’t for someone like Whitney Thore who was a public figure, he probably would’ve done a great job getting away with his plans diabolic.

Where Is Avi Lang From?

Even though Whitney Thore shared very little about her ex-boyfriend, she did mention that her man lived in Greensboro, North Carolina. Besides that, his ethnicity, any family members that he had, all stays a mystery.

Furthermore, no information beyond what we were offered could be discovered on him.

Related FAQs

Was Avi Lang on Instagram or Facebook?

Yes, Avi Lang was on Instagram. He had first come in contact with her after coming in contact with Whitney through DMs. The handle that he used was @gattoblitz. However, he deactivated the account as of this writing. We believe the same issue happened with his Facebook.

How old was Avi Lang?

Avi Lang was in his late mid-30s when he appeared he started dating Whitney Thore. So, he should either be in his late thirties or early 40s.

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