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Ashlee Akins Bio, Age, Job, Family, Alexx, Ready To Love

Ashlee Akins is appearing on Ready To Love: Make A Move as one of the four cast members. Following their unsuccessful search for their soulmates on Ready to Love, the four women are again collaborating with matchmaker extraordinaire Tamica Lee in an attempt to locate the one, and they claim that this time they know just what to do.

Without wasting any time, Ashlee said she’s going to “work on being patient and paying attention to details while having fun and living in the moment.”

Read all about her here. This article covers details about her age, job, parents & ethnicity, and more.

Ashlee Akins On Ready To Love: Make A Move

Ashlee Akins, Shareese Logan, Verneashia Allen, and Zadia Murphy—all former Ready to Love contestants—are prepared to risk everything and give love another go. In the OWN spin-off series Ready to Love: Make a Move, the girls are traveling to New Orleans in pursuit of Mr. Right, following their appearances on their seasons of Ready to Love.

The Oprah Winfrey Network program follows a group of single people as they discover if they are compatible with one another. Four single women from earlier seasons of “Ready to Love” are the focus of the series. They decide to change their lives and start dating again. Shareese is one of the distinctive individuals whose lively manner has piqued admirers’ interest.

Ashlee wants to go on expensive excursions with someone who is genuine and self-assured, and who she can spend the entire afternoon with doing nothing at all. Her dream is to have a quiet, sincere relationship that one day she hopes will blossom into a lovely family. Concerning deal breakers, Ashlee states that she isn’t interested in someone who lacks strength, stability, or spirituality.

Why Did Ashlee Akins And Alexx Blanks Split?

In Ready To Love Ashlee Akins and Alexx Blanks got along She went out on a date with Alexx, the owner of a trucking firm, and the last male in the house left with a choice of two ladies, “She went out on a date with Alexx, the owner of a trucking firm and the last male in the house left with a choice of two ladies.”

In an interview, Ashlee disclosed that she ended their relationship because of some details she learned about Alexx’s past “that weren’t truthful.” She also mentioned that there were times when she did not agree with Alexx’s mother.

Revisiting the split Ashlee said: “We spent 90 days dating after the show. We hugged around, he met my family, and everything was great, but I am not his wife. There was a lot that I could not say. There were a lot of my opinions that were not taken seriously or things that I said. I just had to take a backseat. It was hard for me to be such a strong individual and being so vocal.”

In issues of the heart, Ashlee hasn’t always been so sure of herself. She had met the man she would marry in college, but they parted ways because he wasn’t seeing the same signs that she was. She relocated to Atlanta after graduating from college, where she experienced a turbulent emotional roller coaster with numerous relationships that ended badly.

“I was dealing with men who were untrue, loved to lie, or had multiple women. After having a good one, then a failed relationship, then a good one, then another failed relationship, I had to say, ‘OK Ashlee, this is a pattern. It’s you.’ I felt it was time to stop accepting things that didn’t sound good from the start. I didn’t understand my worth at the time.”

Ashlee Akins Age

Born in March 1987, Ashlee Akins is 36 years old.

Ashlee Akins Family

Ashlee Akins is the daughter of Angela Bond. On Daughter’s Day 2023, Angela wrote, “Happy National Daughter’s Day!!!!!.”

On Valentine’s Day 2023, Ashlee dedicated a post to her mom writing, “Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ But today I want to give a special birthday shout out to the woman who has influenced my life my mother!!! Happy birthday mom you are my everything. It’s no other woman like you !!! so caring so loyal so funny so witty so you. I get my go getter mentality from you and I just appreciate you for being such a wonderful woman. Today is your day and I wish you many more mom . I love you to the moon and back. It’s us always !!! Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!❤️❤️❤️.”

Per Angela’s National Son’s Day post, Ashlee has two younger brothers.

Ashlee shared a few titbits about her family in her interviews. She told Medium that her dad died of gun violence which inspired her to work towards creating awareness in her community.

“I am working on mental health and prevention of gun violence with my community in Jackson Tennessee. I have a partner with some amazing community officials and the citizens of my hometown. Being that my father was murdered due to go in balance this definitely hits home so I making sure I do all that I can to prevent this from happening in any home.”

Speaking more about her family, Ashlee shared that her mother, grandmother, stepfather, and her immediate family members are her biggest supporters.

Ashlee Akins Height

Per her pictures, Ashlee Akins stands tall above 5 feet 5.5 inches.

Ashlee Akins Job

Ashlee Akins would love to call herself the “Jane of all trades.” She is a speech therapist, bartender, entrepreneur, aspiring entertainer, and now a reality star.

During high school Ashlee took a simple daycare course and she got to work with children with multiple and different disabilities. She met a speech pathologist, an occupational therapist, and a physical therapist with whom she watched them work and she fell in love with the job instantly.

Although the television personality’s dream to become an entertainer had been fulfilled early on, she eventually found herself venturing into other realms. Ashlee was greatly motivated by a high school course on special needs daycare, and she quickly made the decision to follow in her footsteps. Though the opportunity to serve the community inspired her to go above and above, Ashlee’s motivation to pursue speech therapy sprang from her ability to produce noticeable outcomes through games and therapy.

Party Buddy LLC, which assists with entertaining party planning and provides other party-related services, is owned by Ashlee. She also holds the position of CEO of AA Dimensions, an entertainment and empowerment firm that provides goods and services pertaining to community, food, beauty, and lifestyle.

The reality star is a published novelist as well. “Formula 007,” an interactive self-help notebook, and “Authentically Ashlee,” a book chronicling her experiences in reality television and her career as a speech therapist and entrepreneur, are among her written creations.

In addition to dedicating her time to bringing about tangible change, Ashlee is a strong supporter of mental health. She keeps giving back to the society in various capacities. Along with collaborating with local government representatives and volunteer groups in her region, the TV personality keeps developing platforms that guarantee improved accessibility for those dealing with mental health issues and prevention of gun violence.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ashlee Akins Birthday?

Ashlee Akins celebrates her birthday on 17 March.

  • Where Is Ashlee Akins From?

Ashlee Akins hailed from Jackson, Tennessee. She is now residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Is Ashlee Akins On Instagram?

Yes, Ashlee Akins is available on Instagram (@_iamashlee007).

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