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Corey McArthur Bio, Girlfriend, Height, Mom, Amazing Race

The Amazing Race returned for a landmark 35th season on 27 September 2023 with much of new new and some of the old elements. Viewers were introduced to 13 teams competing in the game and Rob McArthur and Corey McArthur made one of those teams. In the rest of the writing, we shall therefore exclusively explore one of them: Corey McArthur.

Corey McArthur On The Amazing Race 35

Corey McArthur decided to go on The Amazing Race 35 paired up with his father Rob McArthur and so, here we are talking about them.

At this point, the results were not already out, but clearly, the father-son duo was still in the competition after Week 11, making them one among the Final Three.

Corey and his dad, who is deaf, were able to mark the first first-place finish of the season letting Greg and John Franklin follow them. It is believed the two had a smashing day in Ireland.

Viewers have loved to see Corey and Rob bring a blend of experience and youthful vigor to the challenges. They thought Corey’s professional goals and passion for sports and Rob’s role as a teacher’s aide at the California School for the Deaf in Riverside, to be a perfect combination for the race.

Who Is Corey McArthur’s Mom?

Corey McArthur is not only close to his father but also to his mother April McArthur. Both Corey’s parents looked like they were happily married as of 2023.

Corey’s mom can be found on IG @mcarthur.april. Also, it is understood that she is the superintendent at the California School for the Deaf where her husband works.

Just lately, April was seen wishing luck to Corey and Rob on their Amazing Race journey. In a Facebook post, she gushed that she is thrilled to share that her son and husband had the “incredible” opportunity to participate in the reality show.

In his family, Corey also has a brother called Kellan McArthur (on IG @kellanmcarthur) and a beloved grandmother.

Corey McArthur Age

Corey McArthur was born in 1997. So, he turned 26 years old in 2023.

What Job Does Corey McArthur Do For A Living?

Corey McArthur on his LinkedIn describes himself as — a graduate of Pepperdine University with a passion for using data to create compelling stories. Skilled in Marketing, Communication, and Data Analysis. This job profile further explained that he has been working as a full-time senior manager of client strategy and analytics at Tinuiti since January 2023. Tinuiti is an advertising service or marketing firm across Streaming TV, Google, Meta, and Amazon. Corey apparently joined the company back in October 2020 as a media operations specialist.

Before that, he briefly worked as a global partnerships intern at AEG. He also did several part-time jobs when he pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management at Pepperdine UniversityPepperdine University.

Corey is known to have been a very active child from a young age. Soon, he developed a keen interest in sports like basketball, football, and baseball and even participated in high school baseball.

On the Amazing Race show, Corey’s dad also fondly highlighted his son’s “exceptional” language and communication skills. He seemed quite confident that these attributes of his son would come in handy through their journey on the show.

Not to miss, Corey is also a very passionate food enthusiast with a separate food page on Instagram. He can be seen recommending places to people, particularly for burritos.

Corey McArthur Girlfriend

As of December 2023, Corey McArthur most likely did not have any girlfriend. He seemed to be focusing on his career and his experience on The Amazing Race, at the time. During his free time, he also can be seen enjoying quality time with friends and making the most of every day. But, never has he been spotted with any seeming girlfriends on his social media posts.

Corey McArthur Height

Corey McArthur stands above 5’10” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Corey McArthur From?

Both Corey and his father are from Riverside, California native. As of 2023 though, the former had been residing in New York, New York.

Following the completion of college education in Malibu, Corey made a conscious decision (in 2022) to relocate to New York. He has been there ever since. This move also marked a new chapter in his life.

  • When Is Corey McArthur’s Birthday?

Corey McArthur’s birthday is on September 30th making him Libra.

Libras born on this day are known to be detached and aloof, and yet with a personality resembling a volcano under an iceberg.

  • Is Corey McArthur On Instagram?

Indeed, Corey McArthur can be found on Instagram. As of December 2023, the IG account @corey11m included 90 posts and 15.3K followers. “Live in the moment, not by the past, homie live each day like it’s your last”, one could find Corey writing this on his IG Bio.

Corey also seemed to enjoy showing glimpses of his life on Facebook and on his YouTube channel where he entertained around 1.01K subscribers.

Among other things, one can tell from these social media pages that Corey is very passionate about traveling. He has taken on numerous trips abroad, including destinations like Thailand and Germany.

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