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Ashleigh Warren Bio, Age, Net Worth, Swiping America

Ashleigh Warren is one of the four cast members appearing on HBO Max’s Swiping America.

The “We’re Here” creators Stephen Warren and Johnnie Ingram’s new Max dating series, “Swiping America,” follows a varied group of New Yorkers as they try dating in other American cities. In his introduction before the screening, Johnnie referred to the program as a “rom-doc,” noting that it is not a game show and “is not about manufactured drama.”

“We love romantic comedies, and that combined with our work in the unscripted space, we set out to create a true-to-life romantic documentary…aka ROM DOC,” creators and executive producers exclusively told Cosmopolitan. “What makes this dating show unique is instead of going from zero to marriage, we focused on the initial stages of love and human connection mixed with real singles that are frustrated with swiping in their city, but still optimistic that their person is out there,” they continued. “Sometimes you have to outsource love to a different city!”

Swiping America is all about connecting two strangers and watching as their love (hopefully) blossoms, using dating apps to do the magic. Singles won’t be using their applications in their own, comfortable metropolitan areas; instead, they’ll be traveling across the nation. The singles are escorted to a new place for some swipes in every episode. Following their matches, the local singles get together with the individuals from the show to mingle.

They will be able to take those that they click with on a more formal date if this goes well. Instead of trying to “win,” the objective is to actually engage with the other person. They are searching for genuine connections rather than concentrating on some form of rivalry. The singles choose who, if anyone, they want to stay in touch with as they proceed from that place.

Learn about her family, age, job, and more.

Ashleigh Warren On HBO Max’s Swiping America

Ashleigh Warren sat down at Cosmopolitan and shared their journey on the show. Why she did do the show, you ask? She had just ended a “6-week bicoastal situationship and was pretty frustrated at how difficult it is to find a deep connection anywhere. So, after sleeping on it, I decided to reply to the casting team’s DM and learn more about the opportunity.”

Further, she added, “It was after my in-person meeting with the creative masterminds and executive producers, that I knew I really wanted to be a part of this and that I had forged connections with lifelong friends and mentors, and I could trust them to share my story if they selected me.”

Ashleigh is excited for viewers to see “how honest the show is.” She continued, “Reality TV often earns a bad rep, and this show is nothing like the norm. The team set out to produce something fun and meaningful that many people could relate to, and they did that. Our job as leads was, to be honest.”

The other three New Yorkers are real estate agent Kesun Lee, homosexual data scientist Krishnanand Kelkar, and hairstylist Reagan Baker.

The cast of the show plunges headfirst into Asheville, North Carolina’s romantic landscapes, New Orleans, Louisiana’s vibrant streets, Miami, Florida’s sun-drenched beaches, Austin, Texas’s hip and happening scene, Santa Fe, New Mexico’s enchanting vibes, Boulder, Colorado’s breathtaking beauty, Seattle, Washington’s eclectic and rainy city, and last but not least, Honolulu, Hawaii’s tropical paradise.

In May 2022, Ashleigh hinted at doing the show via an IG post. She wrote, “I’m back! I was away for 2.5 months working on a huge project I’m not allowed to talk about (legally 🤐 lol) until it comes out early next year lol but pumped to share more of myself in a future new light with you guys.”

Is Ashleigh Warren Dating Anyone Today?

In terms of her romantic life, Ashleigh Warren hasn’t provided any updates. Of course, viewers are curious to learn whether she is still with someone she met on the show.

Ashleigh joined the Max show looking for someone who was better than herself, having started dating when she was 20. She did meet some wonderful folks like Jordan and Zad over the process, and she clicked with the former. But after Zad insisted on going vegan on their second date, which Ash felt was premature, their relationship crumbled.

So, most likely not to give away anything about her current life, Ashleigh is keeping her dating life after the show under wrap.

Ashleigh Warren Age

As of June 2023, Ashleigh Warren is 31 years old. According to reports, she was born in 1992.

Ashleigh Warren Family

Ashleigh Warren is the daughter of Jay Warren. Jay is working as a pastor. Very little is known about her mother.

Ashleigh’s parents are no longer together and her father has remarried again and has two children from his second marriage.

2008 was a tough year for her and her family. Due to the market meltdown, her family had lost everything, even their dog. Her six-person family was once forced to move in with her aunt and cousins in their two-bedroom house just to put a roof over their heads since they were dependent on food stamps. Amazingly, Ashleigh never gave up and earned all As that year. She vowed to put in a lot of effort and have a brighter future.

Ashleigh’s younger sister Alex turned 18 years old in November 2013. Now in 2023, she is 27 years old.

From Jay’s second marriage, she has a 16-year-old daughter named Tessy. He also has a son named Vincent who turned 21 in December 2022.

How Much Is Ashleigh Warren Net Worth?

Ashleigh Warren’s net worth is likely above $3 million.

But she wasn’t always successful. Ashleigh attended school full-time, resided with her parents, and put in 30 hours per week at Starbucks. She applied for a job at Starbucks and worked as a part-time shift supervisor there for an amazing year and a half, but she knew there had to be more to life.

Ashleigh worked in a 9-to-5 marketing job with only 2 years of experience in the industry in order to start her own freelance paid social media marketing service. Her first six months as a self-employed social media marketer brought in $417,000 for her personal account, and she later expanded her company to even greater heights.

The greatest of the best’s marketing campaigns were handled by Ashleigh. She is in charge of the brands’ Facebook and Instagram income of over $30 million. Through the use of paid Facebook and Instagram ads, she has developed multimillion-dollar brands for beauty, clothing, and lifestyle products.

She has also expanded the reach of already successful multimillion-dollar ad accounts and managed campaigns for prominent influencers like Jake Paul, David Dobrik, and The Try Guys. Even Mike Tyson’s personal brands were a client of hers.

On Craigslist, Ashleigh started looking for office employment. She discovered a position as a marketing firm’s administrative assistant/creative writer. Ashleigh applied for the work and was hired because she liked the pay ($15/hr) and the fact that she would be exposed to additional business. After working as a creative writer and administrative assistant for around four months, Ashleigh received a promotion to media buyer. Although Ashleigh was upset, she had no concept of what that actually meant.

The monthly salary was $40k plus a modest commission. She discovered how to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Days before receiving the new media purchasing job offer, Ashleigh applied for a part-time remote Facebook marketing job. The SAME DAY she received a call from the media buying company, and the Craigslist client contacted her.

Ashleigh started looking for another customer she could personally take on two weeks into her new full-time position. Since she had previously experienced great success with beauty clients at her prior employment, she looked for clients by searching through Instagram’s beauty hashtags. She located a little company with a lot of potentials and pitched them via email. Due to their successful sales, they agreed to a commission-based contract with her, and after just two months, she was earning $30k+ a month working just as a freelance Facebook marketer.

Ashleigh’s success kept growing, clients kept referring her and she officially didn’t have enough time to work full-time for someone else.

Ash enrolled in San Diego Christian College and earned a communications degree with a 3.9 GPA. In 2010, she was enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley.

After all, she founded So Social Advertising in January 2016 and continues to serve as its CEO as of this writing. The business, which has its headquarters in Santa Monica, California, offers its clients a range of marketing techniques in an effort to increase profits.

Ashleigh Warren Height

Ashleigh Warren stands tall at the height of under 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ashleigh Warren Birthday?

Ashleigh Warren celebrates his birthday on 19 February.

  • Where Is Ashleigh Warren From?

Ashleigh Warren is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. She is originally from Santa Monica, California.

  • Is Ashleigh Warren On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Ashleigh Warren is on Instagram (@_ashleighwarren).

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