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Ashley Cook Bio, Age, Married, Family, Selena Gomez Friend

Selena Gomez has many titles to her name from actress, Grammy-nominated singer, and entrepreneur. Another thing that the world knows about her is that she is a true friend. When she is not laying down tracks in the studio, she is spending time with her friends. She has a few really close pals she keeps in her inner circle. Ashley Cook is one of them and we shall therefore tell you all about her in this writing called ‘Ashley Cook Bio’.

Here is everything to know about her gal pals!

Meet Ashley Cook, Selena Gomez’s Friend

Selena Gomez and Ashley Cook’s friendship is not actually news. The world has been aware of the fact that they have been friends for a very long time.

They often bond over their love of music. Because Ashley also is a singer like her bestie. We also noticed her when she congratulated Selena on her “Rare” album back in January 2020. She gushed that she is always very proud of the music that her bestie creates.

When ELLE asked them lately, August 2022, how they have been able to sustain their friendship for over a decade, both Ashley and Selena gave their separate long answers. Ashley believed this was possible because they have really allowed each other to change and grow. Also, according to her, empathy is one of the things that has allowed them to stick with people. Then, when it was Selena’s turn she said things like they are like-minded people and like her other pals, Ashley too is honest and will be there for her no matter what.

So, like that, they managed to be besties for more than 15 years.

Did Ashley Cook Cheat On Selena Gomez?

There also have been a lot of speculations among Selena Gomez’s fans that her friend Ashley is a “fake friend”. To also prove this thought, fans actually also gave their reason as to why they thought Ashley to be fake. So, one time the internet had gone furious when Ashley posted a group photo cropping Selena out.

Ashley happens to be still actively in touch with Selena’s ex-flame Justin Bieber and the two happen to still follow each other on Instagram.

People also blamed Ashley for being still actively in touch with Selena’s ex-flame Justin Bieber as, at the time, the two happen to still follow each other on Instagram.

Ashley Cook Age

Ashley Cook, pronounced ASH-lee KUUK, celebrates her birthday either on the 23rd of March. As for her age, she turned 33 in 2022.

Ashley Cook Job

Ashley Cook went to Burleson High School and then, between 2007 and 2011, she studied at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

As per US Weekly and other media platforms, she created The 615 House, a music venue in Nashville, and is also a singer. As of 2022, The 615 House was on IG @the615house with 161K followers, also doing well on TikTok among 2.7 million followers and on YouTube among 90.5K subscribers. But then, the internet also discovered a different Ashley Cook, an independent artist, collaborating with Jimmie Allen and the 615 House.

Is Ashley Cook Married?

Ashley Cook was likely single and not married as of the time of this writing (2022). Unlike Raquelle Stevens, who is also among Selena and her inner circle, Ashley also did not create any romance rumors with the likes of Niall Horan.

Ashley Cook Family

Ashley Cook often proudly talks about her father, Sam Cook, who heroically fought in the war for their nation, and her mother for supporting her husband.

The matriarch is Julie Warren Cook and on her birthday on May 25th one time, Ashley wrote on her Instagram that her mom has given the most, added joy to every room and wisdom to every conversation, how her heart has been for others and her moments have been intentional. She thanked her for pointing her towards the important things in life and daily showing her what she wants to be.

Besides these loving, supportive, and fun parents, Ashley has a brother named Jonathan Cook. On IG @iamjonathancook with 142K followers, he is a musician and a proud husband and daddy of three kids. Also, as per his Facebook, Jonathan is a realtor at The Jonathan Cook Team at Keller Williams Realty, people greeter at Johnny Fireworks Crowley, on-air host at Local Legends, worship team member at Calvary Church, and lead singer at Forever The Sickest Kids. As for his education, he mentioned going to Burleson High School and studying Finance at Dallas Baptist University.

Ashley just adores her brother for always keeping at least one eye on her and for having been the big brother from day one. So, she is also embracing her aunty-roles sincerely when it comes to his kids.

Ashley is likely the youngest one in the family. Seemingly above her, she has Jonathan and two sisters, Michelle Bell and Heidi Jansen. Of the two, it is Michelle working as a territory business manager at Dexcom, inhabiting Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Ashley Cook?

Ashley Cook stands below 5’3” in height.

  • Where Is Ashley Cook From?

Ashley Cook was born and bred in Burleson, Texas. As of 2022 and she had been based in Los Angeles, California. Apparently, she had relocated to LA because of her job.

  • Is Ashley Cook On Instagram?

Ashley could be found on Instagram @ashley_cook with 114 posts and 228K followers as of 7 November 2022.

She, however, did not share as much on her Facebook account.

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