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Raquelle Stevens Family: Mom, Dad, Siblings, Grandparents

Meet family members of Raquelle Stevens where we discuss her mom, dad, siblings, and her grandparents. Learn more about them in detail here.

This article is all about Selena Lopez’s best friend Raquelle’s family members.

Who Are Raquelle Stevens Family Members?

Fans of Selena Gomez know Raquelle Stevens as the singer’s best friend, but more importantly, her savior. They have been friends for more than a decade. Raquelle was featured in Selena’s new documentary; Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me. The show premiered on 4 November 2022.

Raquelle Stevens hailed from her family members in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents Heidi and Samuel Stevens married in 1991. Moreover, Raquelle has two brothers; Caleb and Zachary Stevens.

She even describes Selena’s scariest mental health event, when she experienced a psychotic episode in 2018, which is visible in the video. Raquelle also talked about her experience filming the most recent season of Selena + Chef:

Selena later gives credit for saving her to Raquelle, and their other two close pals Ashley Cook and Courtney Lopez.

Raquelle and Selena’s friendship has, however, been discussed on-air before. Before they got down to share a personal glimpse of their friendship with, Raquelle also welcomed Selena to season one of her own podcast video series, Giving Back Generation.

Talking about her job, Raquelle serves as the host of the Giving Back Generation video series, which aims to encourage young generations to give back “one good at a time.” She started the project in September 2019 and its second season came out in 2022.

The series has included interviews with the likes of Selena, author Jay Shetty, vegan chef Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, TV personality Giulia De Lellis, Team USA heptathlete Chari Hawkins, and many others.

Learn more about her family members here.

Meet Raquelle Stevens Mom, Heidi Stevens

Heidi Stevens, the mother of Raquelle Stevens, is currently 53 years old. She recently celebrated her birthday in September 2022. For Raquelle, her mother is a role model. “Thanks for everything you do for me and for teaching me to live a life full of love & meaning. I love you,” Raquelle dedicated an IG post to Heidi on mothers day 2017.

On Raquelle’s 30th birthday, her mother wished her, “Happy Birthday to the greatest daughter in the world! I love you and I am so beyond proud of you! Xx.”

Heidi Stevens attends the Hillsong church in Los Angeles. She oversees the Pastoral Care team there. So why did Heidi pick a career in spiritual care and human services? She thinks that since Jesus is the prize, the only thing that people can do is love him. She said, “I am passionate about people becoming so secure in their relationship with Jesus Himself that they no longer look to others or situations for their worth or fulfillment.”

Heidi wishes she had a deeper realization of not needing people’s acceptance decades earlier, even though she only joined the church in 2015.

You can find Heidi on IG (@heidi_sue_stevens).

Meet Raquelle Stevens Dad, Samuel Stevens

Raquelle Stevens’s dad Samuel Stevens is a British-born man. He was born to his parents; Mike and Penelope Stevens.

Samuel doesn’t have a LinkedIn account. He is following his father’s work and doing the lord’s work.

The faith in him comes from his dad who continues to serve the Lord “faithfully, without any hint of scandal, with grace, courage, and kindness” as of 2022. Though life hasn’t always been easy, his dad, Mike maintains his integrity and positive attitude day by day. No wonder, he has been following Jesus for almost 70 years since committing at Dean Close School at age 11.

Who Are Raquelle Stevens Siblings?

From her parents’ marriage, Raquelle Stevens has two brothers; Caleb Stevens and Zachary Stevens. Zachary is 29 years old.

May 1993 marked the year he was born. Zachary is currently working as an account director of Media Relations at Weber Shandwick. He has also worked in other companies such as IMRE, CanaleComm, Ashfield Health Company, Racepoint Global, Huffington Post, Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity, and more.

Raquelle graduated from Merrimack College with a BA degree with a major in Communication Studies.

Caleb hailed from Chicago and attended Chicago Kent College of Law.

Who Are Raquelle Stevens Grandparents?

Raquelle Stevens’s paternal grandparents are Mike and Penelope Stevens. His parents married in September 1967 and have been married for 55 years. Mike turned his 80th birthday in August 2022. Mike served 14 years of faithful military service in the British Army. He had 50 years of authentic ministry as a loving Pastor with countless small groups in his home.

Raquelle’s dad is one of six children born to his parents.

Moreover, Raquelle’s maternal grandparents are The Pals. Her grandmother’s name is Violet Pal (@v_pals) and her grandfather is Chuck Pals. Chuck died at the age of 73 in December 2015. Chuck’s siblings are; Timothy (Tina) Pals, Todd (Pam) Pals, Jeff (Valarie) Pals, Polly (George) Peterson, John (Sue) Pals, and Amy (Clayton) Mulanax were alive and doing well.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Raquelle Stevens Family Ethnicity?

Raquelle Stevens is of White-American ethnicity with half-British ancestry.

  • Where Does Raquelle Stevens Family Live?

Raquelle Stevens’s family is currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

  • Are Raquelle Stevens Family Members Famous?

Raquelle Stevens’s parents are famous for their pastoral works.

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