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Ashley Matheson @smashedely Bio, Age, Family, Dating

Ashley Matheson @sashedely’s account is going viral on TikTok for one video which made her known as “tripod girl”. Get to know her better via this article below. Here we cover her age, details about her family, and her current dating life.

Delve into this bio and learn more.

Meet Ashley Matheson @smashedely aka The Tripod Viral From TikTok

Ashley Matheson @smashedely is famous because of a tripod but for all the wrong reasons. The contested video is still accessible on Ashley’s account and is still going viral on TikTok. When Ashley first began publishing on the network in 2020, it was only a few seconds long and was taken utilizing the selfie mode.

Ashley jumps on her bed with her knees bent in the popular video, which has nearly 200 million views. She then lands on a tripod. Naturally, she had no intention of getting the tripod tangled between her legs, but the incident garnered so much attention that she became known as the “Tripod Video Girl.”

Ashley revealed what happened in 2020 while appearing on the OnlyStand podcast by Barstool; at the time, she had just joined TikTok. She stated she had filmed several videos at the time, and the one including the event involving the tripod was the final one she shared.

Ashley quickly left for a Halloween party, and an hour later, when she checked her phone, it was flooded with texts from her mother informing her that the tripod video had garnered one million likes. She was shocked to learn that it received around 80 million views the following day and is still being seen and enjoyed by TikTok users. The video has currently received over 199 million views.

Ashley Matheson Age

Reportedly born in 2001, Ashley Matheson is currently 22 years old as of May 2023.

Ashley Matheson Family

Ashley Matheson is the daughter of Deanna Matheson and Ron Matheson. On Mother’s Day 2020, Ashley wished her mom, “Happy Mother’s Day, Deanna Matheson. I will never be able to comprehend how a person could be as loving, kind, caring, and compassionate as you. You inspire me to be the best I can be every single day, I love you tremendously and hope you have a great day.”

Likewise on Father’s Day on Father’s Day in the same year, she wished her dad, “happy Father’s Day to all dads, but especially this goof of a dad.”

Ron is currently serving as a senior vice president at a real estate management company in Ottawa, Ontario. Before that, he worked as a Director of Commerical Real Estate from 2005 to 2008, a Manager of Regional Real Estate Accounting for nearly seven years, and a senior property accountant for a little over three and half years.

Ashley has one older sister named Hannah Matheson.

Is Ashley Matheson Dating Anyone?

Although there is a lot that Ashley Matheson has shared about her life on her social media, we weren’t able to detect any evidence of her romantic involvement with anyone. Of the 160 posts that she has on her IG, most of her posts are related to her work and never posted anyone that we could deduce as someone that she is dating at this moment.

Hence, we conclude that she is single until and unless she goes public with her dating life.

Ashley Matheson Height

Ashley Matheson’s height measures under 5 feet 7.5 inches. A few tattoos that she has on her body are her distinct features.

Ashley Matheson Job

Starting with education, Ashley Matheson attended and graduated high school from Sacred Heart Catholic High School in 2019. She is attending college at Algonquin College since September 2019.

Getting into her career, Ashley started out as a hostess at Fratelli Kanata. She worked in the establishment for a year. However, she started dabbling into modeling too. Some of the agencies she signed to over the years are Models International Management, Elite Model Management Toronto, Montage Models, Next Models, Zombie Models Miami, and Palette Management.

Ashley grew up around the world of dance which is why she joined TikTok in the first place in 2019.

During an interview, Ashley shared, “Growing up, making up dances and being on camera was a big part of my childhood. I got back into dance in high school and started modeling. Going into the end of my high school career, I had been really into making trillers with my friends but never posted them. One day when I was scrolling through my Instagram stories I saw one of my friends post a story of her doing a TikTok dance to the song “Envy Me” which was really popular at the time and I downloaded the app. I started by posting dance videos to friends only. After a month or so I started posting publicly, and about two months after that I had a small following of about 10k.”

Back then she credited the “put a finger down” video on her TikTok for her success which garnered over 43 million views and 4.2 million likes. She also added that her dream collaborator was Emma Chamberlain because she was intrigued by her personality.

In addition to a career as a model and influencer, she was also attempting to establish a career in music and was working on an EP back in 2020.

How Much Is Ashley Matheson Net Worth?

In 2023, Ashley Matheson’s net worth is likely under $100 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ashley Matheson Birthday?

Ashley Matheson’s birthday is not currently available.

  • Where Is Ashley Matheson From?

Ashley Matheson is originally from Ottawa, Ontario. 

  • Is Ashley Matheson On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, you can find Ashley Matheson on Facebook (@ashley.matheson.319) and Instagram (@smashedely).

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