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Wicked Wendy Bio, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend, Who Is She?

We have a new TikTok sensation. Her name is Wicked Wendy, and she’s on the platform “just being silly.”

Let’s get to know her better as this Wicked Wendy Bio proceeds.

Why Is Wicked Wendy Going Viral On TikTok?

TikTok is a platform where every now and then a user goes viral all over the internet. Often the users are in the spotlight for starting a new trend or making hilarious videos, or showcasing their skills, and the list goes on and on. But Wicked Wendy took the TikTok world by storm in early 2023 with her short cheeky videos where she often teased her fans. Generally, she would pick a random comment from her comment section and reply to it on her next video.

Also, a few times a man was talking to her as they make flirty convos. For instance, the man said, “It’s pretty wet out there,” as it’s raining when the two drive to their destination in a car. To which, Wendy cheekily replied, “Yea, but it’s wetter in here.”

As of May 2023, Wicked has already amassed over 202K followers and collected almost a million likes in total.

Another reason why Wendy’s followers were blowing up was because of her beauty and personality. Her voluptuous tatted body and those gorgeous blue eyes are definitely a sight for sore eyes.

“You’re that kinda a girl that I’ll spend a $grand on daily,” a fan wrote.

Another commented, “This is so off topic but you’re literally so pretty like majestic lmao.”

Wicked Wendy Job

Wicked Wendy is an influencer. However, her main source of income was OnlyFans @thewickedxwendy.

In a TikTok video, she once revealed that she made $10 thousand a week! But she still chose to live in a van.

Talking about her OnlyFans, nothing was off-limits. “Hi 🤗 Wendy’s my name and being wicked’s my game 🤤🇨🇦 very h*rny Canadian 🥵obsessed with d*ck pics (plz send them),” her bio read.

A subscription to her account cost $18.74 for a month, $63.72 for 3 months, $112.46 for six, and 164.93 for a year.

When Wendy wasn’t on TikTok and OnlyFans, she spent her time painting — both as a hobby and professionally. Infact, Wendy had a studio where she painted her heart out. If you’ve subscribed to her OF, you might have as well seen her paint nude. If not, you can also see most of her commission works on her social media.

In one of her videos, Wendy shows off her painting of an eye, while in another, she shows two of her paintings of women posing nude. It seems most of her works were oil paintings.

Wicked Wendy Age

Wicked Wendy was 27 years of age in 2023.

She is the same as her fellow TikTok stars Nikita Dragun, JaxWriets Songs, Nickey Champa, and Zach Justice.

What Is Wicked Wendy Real Name?

Wicked Wendy didn’t reveal her real name.

She prefers to maintain a mystery about her real life.

Wicked Wendy Boyfriend

Wicked Wendy hinted that she didn’t have a boyfriend in April 2023. “It’s pretty hard to date me. Honestly because not only do you have to be my boyfriend but also you have to be my co-star, my cameraman, my waterboy, my pool boy. It’s a big responsibility,” she shared.

However, just a month before, she talked about her boyfriend on Tweet. “My bf came in me right before I went to the gym for leg day….not the smartest idea…my yoga pants are getting wetter and wetter with every squat 😅 it just keeps coming out,” she wrote.

Also, there was a guy who often spoke in Wendy’s videos who could potentially be her boyfriend. Through the videos, it’s clear that they share an intimate relationship.

But boyfriend or not, we do know that Wendy is into older guys!

Also, she once revealed that she was “straight as a crooked line.” So, it might not all be “guys” she’s into.

Wicked Wendy Tattoos

Wicked Wendy has her body covered with tattoos. She has a mandala on her arm, a captain with his helm below it, and a bird and two flowers with “The Bestest Friend” inscribed in between them, below them all.

On her back, she has a big mandala as well.

Furthermore, she has a few tattoos on her thighs and her shoulders.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Wicked Wendy From?

Wendy hails from Canada.

But in 2023, she was traveling around Australia.

  • When Is Wicked Wendy Birthday?

Wendy didn’t reveal her birthday.

  • Is Wicked Wendy On Instagram?

As of May 2023, Wendy is on Instagram @wendyxwicked with 56.1K followers.

Also, here’s her Twitter @WickedWendyX1 with over 160.6K followers, and her Reddit @WickedWendyX.

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