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Ashley Peluso aka Hope From Love Has Won Age, Today

Ashley Peluso AKA Archeia Hope is the subject of HBO’s new documentary Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God. Two years after the passing of its founder, Mother God, a new HBO documentary delves into the legacy of the group Love Has Won, which some of its former adherents have referred to as a cult. In the show, Amy Carlson’s guru ascent is chronicled.

The group promoted alternative medical practices as well as ideologies that were close to QAnon and New Age. Police found Carlson’s mummified remains in April 2021 after he had lived with a smaller group of followers in Colorado, Hawaii, and Oregon for years and led followers online. For weeks, her supporters had maintained a watch over it.

Ashley and her fellow member Lauryn Suarez along with eight other members and most of the 40-50 online followers formed a faction named Mother Earth’s Crystal Schools. They’re also connected to 5D Full Disclosure and New Earth Healing Essential.

Where Is Ashley Peluso aka Hope From Love Has Won Today?

Ashley Peluso aka Archeia Hope was one of the members of Love Has Won. She joined the cult in 2018. She was distraught over a breakup with a boyfriend and booked a healing session with a member of Love Has Won.

By March 2018, updates from the First Contact Ground Crew Team—roughly ten people who would gather in a room and converse with the camera face-to-face for many hours every day—were added to Love Has Won videos.

These were the main core of actual followers who helped and shielded Amy in her mission to bring about the ascent of the globe. The majority were youthful, and they were all animated, yelling “Love Has Won” and bursting into applause at the beginning of each film.

Watching the Love Has Won livestream initially reminded me of an odd season of The Real World. Seated before vibrant tapestries, the First Contact Ground Crew Team laughed, debated, and preached. They answered queries from viewers of the live chat. In these videos, Mother and Father weren’t regulars. They occasionally showed up at first, but Amy’s presence gradually decreased and finally stopped.

Ashley explained to Rolling Stone that Amy couldn’t appear on video, because if she did, the viewers’ bodies would explode, “because her vibration is so high and all of yours is so low.”

The livestreams appear to be spontaneous, although Love Has Won’s website material tends to be more measured, delving deeply into the conspiracy realm. Hosts frequently speculate that the Holocaust, 9/11, and the Sandy Hook murder were all false and that the COVID-19 outbreak was orchestrated. In an anti-semitic soliloquy, Ashley also claimed in a livestream Love Has Won that was aired on March 14, 2021, that the information society has been taught about the Holocaust and the Nazis is “sus.”

“Hitler’s intention was to serve the light,” Lauren, a member and a former lawyer from Florida. “[Jews] wanted everyone else to do the work and they would take the money…. The idea behind the concentration camps was to teach them to work. ( ”

But the cult—obviously—no longer exists under that moniker or under Amy’s direction. However, a few of its members have carried on the organization’s work and Amy’s teachings under different identities or as separate entities.

After Amy’s passing, the Daily Beast revealed that someone who had called a number that was on the now-defunct Love Has Won website said the group had been “dissolved.”

After it broke up, Lauryn “Aurora” Suarez and Ashley formed 5D Full Disclosure, a group that adheres to many of the same principles as Love Has Won, but without many of the other members.

In a similar vein, they sell merchandise to further their cause and provide online sessions, podcasts, and YouTube shows. “Father God” Jason Castillo is currently in charge of a Colorodo-based division of the group named Joy Rains.

Ashley Peluso Age

In 2023, Ashley Peluso is likely 29 years of age.

Who Are Ashley Peluso Parents?

The information related to Ashley Peluso’s parents is unclear.

Ashley Peluso Job

Before joining Love Has Won, Ashley Peluso was working in a chiropractic office where she got fired from.

After dissolution, Ashley has been named as an officer in two organizations New Earth Healing Essentials, LLC d/b/a 5D Full Disclosure. FDA sent a letter to Ashley and Lauryn back in February 2022 regarding the products that they have been selling on their website and

They take orders for “Plasma Colloidal Silver Eyedrops,” “Gaia’s Organic Nasal Spray,” “Copper Healing Roller,” “Plasma Copper Elixer,” “Plasma Gold Elixer,” “Plasma Gold & Silver Elixer Package,” and “Plasma Silver Elixer.”

The claims on their website and social media website establish that your “Plasma Colloidal Silver Eyedrops,” “Gaia’s Organic Nasal Spray,” “Copper Healing Roller,” “Plasma Copper Elixer,” “Plasma Gold Elixer,” “Plasma Gold & Silver Elixer Package,” and “Plasma Silver Elixer” products are unapproved new drugs sold in violated sections 505(a) and 301(d) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the FD&C Act), 21 U.S.C. 355(a) and 331(d).

FDA has also determined that their “Plasma Colloidal Silver Eyedrops” and “Copper Healing Roller” products are unapproved new animal drugs that are unsafe.

Is Ashley Peluso Married?

The marital status of Ashley Peluso is unclear. She joined the cult as a distraught woman over a breakup with a boyfriend and booked a healing session with a member of Love Has Won.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ashley Peluso From?

The last reported place of Ashley Peluso’s residence is in Shelburne, Vermont. She also lived in Crestone, Colorado while she was associated with the company.

  • When Is Ashley Peluso Birthday?

Ashley Peluso’s birthday is not available.

  • Is Ashley Peluso On Instagram?

No, Ashley Peluso doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

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