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Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez Age, Married, Verified Stand Up

DeletedNetflix’s brand new two-part special Verified Stand-Up introduced to viewers ten stand-up comedians. Among those, taking to the stage at Webster Hall, New York City, was comedian Vanessa Gonzalez. Fans who knew her for her work as an improviser and comedy writer from before loved to see her bring her comedic genius onto the Verified Stand-Up stage. Keep reading and we shall explore more; even his family background, married life, career, and net worth-related details.

Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez Netflix’s Verified Stand Up

Vanessa Gonzalez has been really excited about her participation in Netflix’s Verified Stand Up. She has been teasing her trailer and promoting herself incessantly on social media.

Even prior, Vanessa had made a decent name for herself. She was named “Best Stand-Up Comic” in Austin by the Austin Chronicle in 2022.

Also, not many know about Vanessa that before becoming a professional comedian, she taught preschool for six years. Her sketch series, Ms. Vanessa, draws on her time teaching and has popped up in several sets over the years. She said she loved working with kids and teaching “definitely” influenced her as far as how she looks at things.

And once she started comedy, there also came a time in her career when she received an Insta­gram DM from Chelsea Han­dler ask­ing to be her open­er. She had to do a dou­ble take to make sure it was the real deal.

How Much Is Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez’s Net Worth?

Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez reportedly had less than $200K net worth as of December 2023.

Vanessa was drawn to comedy as a kid. However, taking the stage alone, with a mic in hand, took some time. Growing up, she loved watching HBO specials, believing Chris Rock, Kathy Griffin, John Leguizamo, and Margaret Cho as huge influences and Def Comedy Jam was the best thing on TV. And then when it was time, she started her career in Austin doing sketches with the Latino Comedy Project. That eventually led to an interest in improv and, eventually, to stand up. In 2017, she was voted Best Stand-Up Comic in the Chronicle’s “Best of Austin” Readers Poll.

Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez’s Age

Vanessa M Gonzalez was born in 1985. So, she turned 38 years old in 2023.

Is Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez Married?

Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez did not seem to be married as of 2023.

Back in April 2019, she told The Austin Chronicle that with her stand-up, she tries to be as honest and vulnerable as she can. She said she always pulls from true, real things that have happened to her or her family, friends, or even boyfriend. So, clearly, at this point, she had a boyfriend.

In October 2019, Vanessa performed a show titled “Getting Underwear from Your Boyfriend” for Comedy Central.

Much earlier, in 2015, Vanessa in her show called “I Don’t Know Dat­ing” opened up that dat­ing can be weird, especially the part that going out with strangers, nev­er know­ing what the oth­er person is think­ing. She said it can be daunting sitting there won­der­ing if you are good enough, smart enough, or if you smell weird. It can all be very daunt­ing.

Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez’s Family

Vanessa Gonzalez loves her par­ents and they love her even more. Nonetheless, she does not let go of any chances of roasting them on set. She does that lovingly.

Vanessa’s parents support her so much that they reg­u­lar­ly make the 4‑hour drive from Lare­do to Austin to catch her com­e­dy shows. During one of her interviews, Vanessa also revealed adorably that her mom used to bring her con­grat­u­la­to­ry flow­ers after every set.

One time, Vanessa also opened up that her mom was diagnosed with cancer. She said that from the COVID pan­dem­ic and her mom being diag­nosed with can­cer to not being able to pay rent due to a lack of work, she felt that getting to tour was ​”too good to be true”.

We also learned that Vanessa has two brothers. One of them is Homer Gonzalez. He is Vanessa’s little brother. On his Facebook, he mentions that he has been communications coordinator at Waterloo Greenway since June 2019. It is also cited that he studied at Texas State University from 2012 until 2014. Also, as of 2023, she had been residing in San Marcos, Texas.

Another brother is Rene Gonzalez. He turned 44 years old in May 2023. On his Facebook, Rene mentioned being a lecturer in Latin Music Studies at Texas State University, having acquired a Master’s Degree at Texas State University, and being married to Erica Gonzalez.

Once Vanessa revealed on stage during one of her performances that one of these brothers of hers has a different dad.

Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez Height

Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez stands below 5’3” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez From?

Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez hails from Laredo, Texas. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Los Angeles, California.

  • When Is Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez’s Birthday?

Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez’s birthday is on September 25, making her Libra.

  • Is Comedian Vanessa Gonzalez On Instagram?

Indeed, comedian Vanessa Gonzalez can be found on Instagram. As of December 2023, her IG @vanessagcomedy included 2,186 posts and 46.5K followers. She also has been showing glimpses of her life on Facebook and on Twitter (@vanessagcomedy).

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