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Ashley Sherwood Age, Job, Net Worth, Seeking Sister Wife

Shane and Ashley Sherwood were among the three new couples featured in Season 5 of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife. The Massachusetts-based couple was hoping to expand their family by taking on a second wife at the start of the season while they awaited the birth of their second kid. Amid the popular reality show’s season launch, viewers are curious about Shane and Ashley’s relationship state.

In Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife, viewers were introduced to Nick and his two wives, Jennifer and April. They were courting Danielle at the time because they wanted to expand their family. She’s officially part of the Davis family now, and they’re thinking about getting married to yet another woman. However, the family is also getting ready for Jennifer’s baby girl’s arrival while this hunt goes on.

Viewers may have been correct if they believed that Dannielle was growing cold toward the concept of polyamory throughout Season 4. As fans conjectured, Dannielle wasn’t very thrilled about Roberta Pache joining their family—and in the end, they didn’t. Even though Dannielle isn’t thrilled with the notion, the fifth season depicts Dannielle and Garrick once more searching outside of the US for a second wife. They have since parted ways with their former prospective sister wife. Nevertheless, they have returned to discuss their search for a family member.

There are also three new couples. Justin Ryan and Becky are also new. They have a girlfriend and have been married for over 20 years. Her lack of dedication, nevertheless, can indicate that they should search for someone else who fits their dynamic better. Naeem Salahuddin and Nailah are also present.

Even though Naeem’s mother isn’t particularly supportive of polyamory, they are searching for a sister’s wife.

Ashley Sherwood On Seeking Sister Wife

From Wayland, Massachusetts, Shane Sherwood and his spouse Ashley Sherwood are a married couple. Following three incredible years of intense courtship, Ashley and Shane concluded that they needed a third lady to strengthen their love. The pair will soon appear on reality TV when “Seeking Sister Wife” Season 5 on TLC debuted.

When the pair first met in 2020, they fell in love right away. They exchanged their wedding vows on 18 September 2021. In 2024, the couple will commemorate their fourth wedding anniversary. Ashley and Shane recently sold their old house in Framingham and moved to Wayland.

The married couple share two children Sylis and Swayman. On June 16, 2022, the couple welcomed Sy, their first son, and on October 17, 2022, Swayman. Shane frequently considered his children’s accomplishments, both large and minor, on social media. He began 2024 by writing a summary of the previous year.

In the teaser of season 5 of ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Ashley Sherwood discovered a possible sister wife. She seemed surprisingly uninterested in meeting Shane. The woman consented to meet Shane Sherwood, at the restaurant at Ashley’s suggestion.

“We’re a plural family,” Ashley explained in the trailer.

Ashley said, “We’re super open and excited to meet new people,” in front of the cameras. The woman questioned Shane, “Have you been to a therapist before?” and Shane was dissatisfied. The woman sarcastically said, “That shows,” in response to the patriarch of polygamy who said, “Have not.”

In the confessional, Shane expressed his apparent distaste for the woman by saying, “Holy crap… Red flags all over the place.” In the meantime, the woman consented to fulfill Ashley and Shane’s desire to have a polygamous household.

Ashley Sherwood Age

As of 2023, Ashley Sherwood is 29 years old. She was reportedly born in 1994.

What Is Ashley Sherwood Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Ashley Sherwood is Allerheiligen. She is likely the daughter of Nathan Allerheiligen and Susan Allerheiligen. Born in 1970, Susan is 53 years of age. Nathan turned 54 in March 2024.

As for their respective jobs, Susan works as a substitute teacher at State College Area School District. She graduated from the University of Arizona.

Nathan is working as a Professional Pilot at A12 Pilot Services since January 2021. He is also a certified flight instructor at Tech Aviation Flight School. Nathan went to Air Force Institute of Technology-Graduate School of Engineering & Management, Air Command and Staff College, Joint Forces Staff College, and Air War College.

Ashley appears to be one of the six children of Nathan and Susan.

Ashley Sherwood Job

According to her LinkedIn, Ashley Sherwood is working as a Principal Analytics Engineer – Data Science Architect at Hubspot. She joined HubSpot joined the company as Global Partner Strategy & Operations Analyst in 2018. She also worked as a Principal Analytics Engineer – Solutions Partner Program.

In 2014, Ashley worked as a Formulations Co-op at Selecta Biosciences. He was a Process Chemistry Co-Op at Takeda Oncology from 2015 to 2016. Furthermore, he was an Associate Consultant at Putnam Associates in 2016.

From July 2017 to August 2018, Ashley worked as a Systems Engineer at DMC Engineering.

Ashley is a graduate of Northeastern University. She graduated in 2017.

How Much Is Ashley Sherwood Net Worth?

Ashl;ey Sherwood’s estimated net worth is under $100 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ashley Sherwood Birthday?

Ashley Sherwood celebrates her birthday in July.

  • Where Is Ashley Sherwood From?

Ashey Sherwood hailed from State College, Pennsylvania. She is now residing in Wayland, Massachusetts.

  • Is Ashley Sherwood On Instagram?

Yes, Ashley Sherwood has an Instagram (@the__sherwoods).

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