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Nailah Salahuddin Job, Age, Seeking Sister Wife

Nailah Salahuddin is the star of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife. She and her husband are the newbie on the show. Are they still together? What is her job? How old is she now?

Scroll down and read all about her here.

Nailah Salahuddin On Seeking Sister Wife

Nailah Salahuddin and her husband Naeem Salahuddin joined the cast of season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife in a quest to find a perfect partner to join their family. This energetic couple, who are from Pennsylvania, is searching for a new wife to enter their marriage and is fully immersed in the world of polygamous marriages.

According to a March 2023 birthday celebration post on Nailah’s Facebook page, the couple appears to have six other children and a teenage daughter. “She’s our super clingy, full of light and positivity, giving, kind, creative, extremely smart and compassionate youngest of seven! We love you, baby girl!” Nailah caption the Facebook post.

The couple actually shares four children.

Even though TLC has been silent on the Salahuddins, it’s clear that the marriage has jealousy problems. In a peek for season five posted on TLC’s Instagram in February 2024, Naeem and Nailah were shown playing pool and chatting with a woman in a pub. Nailah appears to be feeling envious of this exchange.

“Every time we’re dating a woman, I see a glow in him that I don’t see when we’re not,” Nailah says in a confessional. To that, her husband adds, “Of course, you gotta worry about jealousy.”

When Naeem’s mother learns that Nailah and Naeem want to adopt a sister wife, she fiercely disagrees with their choice. Their marriage might be impacted by the strong opposition, but it’s wise to wait and see how the season plays out before making any assumptions.

Nailah Salahuddin Age

In November 2023, Nailah Salahuddin turned 48 years old.

What Is Nailah Salahuddin Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Nailah Salahuddin is Nailah R Davis. Some of her relatives and family members are Dwayne Davis, Ronie Davis, Michael Davis, Thomas Davis, and Quaniqua Davis.

Nailah Salahuddin Job

Nailah Salahuddin is a Grade 5 Classroom teacher at Al Minhaal Academy since August 2015. Before that, she worked as a Grade 2 Classroom Teacher at Al Ruya Bilingual School for 11 months starting in August 2014.

Furthermore, Nailah was a group supervisor at LCC Learning Center from August 2013 to June 2014. She also worked as a Grade 2 Classroom Teacher at Bedayia International School.

Besides being a teacher, Nailah also wrote a book about her experiences with bipolar disorder. The book was first published on Valentine’s Day in 2021 and is named Maddened: Musings of a Bipolar Mind, according to its Amazon listing. “Peer through the mind of a woman on a journey through her brain,” reads the description for Maddened from the Amazon page. “Join her as she navigates the many twists and turns of life as a woman living with Bipolar 1 Disorder.”

However, the book is not written in a traditional style. The description ends with the statement, “Nailah reveals the secrets of her joys and pains through a not so traditional style of poetry.” You can read an excerpt of the book and gain a better understanding of its content by visiting the Amazon listing.

Her author bio read, “I am Nailah Rabiah Davis and I am a Academic Interventionist. I am a mother of four beautiful children and teaching is how I earn my paycheck. In 2015 I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis which means paralyzed stomach and it set off a series of life changing events in my life that led to a diagnosis of Bipolar 1 with psychosis in 2020. Everyday is a battle to win against my mind and my body, but I welcome the challenge, and I live for the battle.”

Talking about her education, Nailah attended Kean University. She studied elementary education.

Nailah Salahuddin Height

Nailah Salahudding stands tall above 5 feet 7 inches. She has had health issues as she was diagnosed with gastroparesis.

“In 2012 my health slowly began to change, or I should say I slowly became aware of the changes. Until that point they had been small with the exception of having my gallbladder removed and experiencing heartburn often I felt my health was pretty much ok.”

She added further, “In October of 2012 I started to experience extreme pain similar to the pain I had in 2000 with my Gallbladder, but with this pain I was also experiencing nausea, vomiting, bloating, and extreme fatigue. I would go months at a time where I just didn’t want to eat or I would forget to eat because I wasn’t hungry. One particular night of excruciating pain I begged to be taken to the ER. I told them what I was feeling and had the ordinary tests done and sent home with a diagnosis of constipation and GERD.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nailah Salahuddin From?

Nailah Salahuddin hailed from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

  • Is Nailah Salahuddin On Instagram?

No, Nailah Salahuddin is not on Instagram but available on Facebook (@nailah.davis.942).

  • When Is Nailah Salahuddin Birthday?

Nailah Salahudding celebrates her birthday in March.

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