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Ashley Tolbert Age, Job, Instagram, Squid Game #278

Ashley Tolbert, appearing on Squid Game as player number 278, talked about her life as a student. How old is she now? What job does she have? Is she married?

Find all about it in this article here.

Meet Ashley Tolbert, Player #278 On Squid Game: The Challenge

In Season 1 of Squid Game: The Challenge, Ashley Tolbert (Player #278) built an alliance with Phalisia Boothe (Player 229). Due to the close relationship the two women had developed, Ashley appeared to be just as scared as her friend when the latter was in danger of being eliminated after risking everything for a test, if not more so.

It was clear that this was a power maneuver, but Ashley, one of Phalisia’s friends, found it unsettling because Phalisia could have been removed from the test and she had effectively made sure they would be targets. However, she was most concerned about her friend’s overall well-being.

However, as evidenced by the fact that Ashley and Phalisia occasionally found themselves up against each other in a reality show modeled like the “Squid Game,” a strong friendship can frequently be a double-edged sword. Ashley was particularly devastated by this situation because she had grown to love her friend and did not want to be the one to take the blame for Phalisia’s elimination.

Naturally, Ashley was still going to give it her all even though she felt conflicted by Phalisia’s dismissal. After all, it’s hard to blame someone for going above and beyond to win when $4.56 million is at stake. Ashley has gained a lot of followers thanks to her captivating on-screen persona, and these fans are excited to find out what new events are happening in the reality TV star’s life.

Since Phalisia and Ashley had so many goals, ideals, points of view, and future aspirations, it should come as no surprise that they clicked more deeply. We’re glad to say that, despite all these years, it still seems as though they are best friends, trying to share almost every part of their lives with each other. This is actually made clear by their individual social media accounts, which reveal that they follow each other back and frequently provide encouragement to others by leaving likes and comments.

Stated differently, even if Phalisia is a successful public figure and entrepreneur in Colorado and Ashley in Atlanta, Georgia, they have managed to remain friends.

Ashley Tolbert Age

In July 2023, Ashley Tolbert turned 30 years old.

Ashley Tolbert Job

Ashley Tolbert has a job working as a Civil Rights Investigator for the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in 2019 in connection with HIPAA investigations.

In Netflix’s reality competition, Ashley reflected on her earlier years and mentioned how she excelled academically. She acknowledged that her actions had hurt many people around her, though. She was placed under the tutelage of numerous educators and counselors, who seemed to feel obligated to direct her toward the course they believed would be most beneficial to her.

Ashley attends North Atlanta High School and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended the school from 2006 to 2010.

Ashley arrived at Smith College in 2010 and seemed to experience a significant cultural shock. In her early years, she had grown up in a predominantly Black town, so she was surprised to see how many Caucasians she saw. All in all, she acknowledged that her time in college shaped the person she is now. The Netflix actor studied abroad in China in 2013. She was a participant in the Middlebury College Beijing China program and attended Capital Normal University for the five-month spring semester during this period.

Ashley earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government from Smith College in 2014. She worked in Shanghai City, China, as an ESL teacher from April to August of that same year. She also enrolled in the Morehouse School of Medicine that year, both as a professional and a student.

In October 2016, she began her Master of Public Health (MPH) program and began working as a researcher for the institute, a post she held until the following month. Ashley started working as a Graduate Research Assistant at Morehouse School of Medicine in December 2016.

Ashley also started working as a Graduate Research Assistant at Emory University in May 2017. In August 2017, she was employed by Morehouse School of Medicine as a researcher once more, a position she held until September of the same year. The Netflix actor resigned from her role at both institutes as a graduate research assistant in May 2018. She also finished her MPH program that year.

Ashley is a multi-talented woman. She participated in her first-ever Cydney Gillon Peach Classic in May of 2022 and has a keen interest in bodybuilding.

Is Ashley Tolbert Married?

Ashley Tolbert appears single. She didn’t divulge any details about her dating life on the show or on her socials.

But, she is a mom and has featured her son in her IG.

Ashley Tolbert Family

Ashley Tolbert is most likely the daughter of Shannon Rutledge Tolbert and Anthony Tolbert.

In November 2023, Shannon reached 46 years old. She studied Accountancy at the University of West Georgia and went to Booker T. Washington High School.

Anthony also went to Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta, GA. He turned age 55 in August 2023.

Ashley Tolbert Height

Ashley Tolbert’s height measures 5’3”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ashley Tolbert From?

Ashley Tolbert hailed from  Lithia Springs, Georgia. He is now residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • When Is Ashley Tolbert Birthday?

Ashely Tolbert’s birthday is on 7 July.

  • Is Ashley Tolbert On Instagram?

Indeed, Ashley Tolbert is available on Instagram (@a_tolb) and Twitter (@Atolbie1).

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