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Husnain Asif Girlfriend, Parents, TikTok, Squid Game #198

Husnain Asif appeared on Squid Game as player #198. Is he dating someone? Does he have a girlfriend? Is he on TikTok? Who are his parents?

Find out more in this article here.

Meet Husnain Asif, Player #198 From Squid Game: The Challenge

Husnain Asif otherwise known as player #198 is in his own element when he is “loud and honest.” But sometimes it rubs people the wrong way and a similar situation transpired during Netflix’s new reality show Squid Game: The Challenge. Player 432 Bryton Constantin kind of threatened him after he casually mentioned that he was a “fratboy,” and they then engaged in a full-fledged conflict.

Husnain was excited when Test #2 came around after Red Light, Green Light, and Dalgona since he had actually made up his mind to boot Bryton if given the chance. For this mind game, a phone was positioned in the center of their room, and he answered it as soon as it rang, thinking that this would enable a low-stakes handpick elimination. To his astonished dismay, though, it only won him a tray of fries and hamburgers, the majority of which were taken by his friends, forcing him to pick up the phone a second time.

Husnain had no idea that, in a complete 180, he would have to encourage another competitor to pick it up in two minutes or risk being eliminated himself. When he failed, he had to bid farewell. He has since stated, “I genuinely thought it was going be the chance to eliminate someone and I didn’t want it to be me, so I tried to get ahead of it,” prior to adding he doesn’t regret it a bit.

Ultimately, he left on his own initiative and did so without turning against anyone: “The only way I could have got someone to pick up the phone is if I snaked my friends in there, and I wouldn’t have done that.”

After the show’s premiere, Husnain took to his IG and added, “That’s right Massive Asif made it to Netflix 😎(this time I didn’t have to sneak in). They actually allowed a Stockton scruff to feature on the new squid games show and for some reason, they decided to give me a good edit even tho everyone in there hated me. It was me v 300 Americans the full time and as much as they tried to edit ‘my weak ass’ out of the show. The Yanks lost. Netflix can’t show u everything but I can😈… Enjoy.”

Husnain Asif Net Worth

As of 2023. Husnain Asif’s net worth should be below $100K.

Husnain gained fame as a social media star. He has 1.2 million followers on TikTok and has 10.9K subscribers on his YouTube. He went viral during COVID after making a video as a Covid Marshall in London Halls. The idea was to scare other students as they were breaking COVID rules.

Husnain started making TikTok content as soon as the first lockdown hit, purely because of boredom. He told The Tab, “I woke up the next morning to over 200,000 views, so from there I just started uploading more and more on TikTok until I had a load of reliable followers who loved my content as well as random people on FYP.”

In 2023, during his vacation to Texas, Husnain tried to capture a stingray out of a pool which caused an employee to slip in an attempt to help. After being uploaded to TikTok, the video garnered over 3.6 million views and a range of reactions, including horror and laughing.

Husnain caused another ruckus during his trip to Dubai. He called Burj Khalifa the “Mia Burj Khalifa”. Many Arabic social media users and influencers were offended by the comment and wanted him condemned. He later prepared a video called I Got Banned From Dubai.

Regarding his education, Husnain was studying Accountancy and Finance at Queen Mary.

Husnain Asif Girlfriend

Husnain Asif is most likely single as he is very private about his dating life.

How Old Is Husnain Asif?

On New Year’s Day 2023, Husnain Asif turned 24 years old.

Husnain Asif Parents

According to Famous Birthdays, Husnain Asif’s parents are likely Pakistanis. But, he is quite private about his family too.

Husnain Asif Height

Height-wise, Husnain Asif is standing tall above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Husnain Asif From?

Husnain Asif hailed from Middlesborough, UK. He is likely residing in Manchester, England, according to his Famous Birthdays.

  • When Is Husnain Asif Birthday?

Husnain celebrates his birthday on 1 January.

  • Is Husnain Asif On Instagram?

Yes, you can find Husnain is available on Instagram (@husnainasiff).

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