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Augusto Aguilera Bio, Height, Girlfriend, Related To Christina

The TV show “Promised Land” featured a line of Hispanic actors and one of them you should certainly know about is Augusto Aguilera. He has done a few major roles on TV shows and won hearts with his performance. But, fans are eager to learn about all the aspects of his life.

This Augusto Aguilera Bio covers his girlfriend details, family, height, and his career. Keep on scrolling down to learn more.

Augusto Aguilera On Promised Land

ABC’s Drama “Promised Land” reveals the story of a family embroiled in a war for the control of the family business. The story explores the family patriarch Joe Sandoval (portrayed by John Ortiz) butting head with his ex-wife Margaret Honeycroft (played by Bellamy Young) who is the descendant of her father’s Sonoma Valley’s Heritage House Vineyard.

After Margaret and Joe’s divorce, her ex-husband marries Lettie Sandoval (played by Cecilia Suarez). So, Margaret threatens to go all-in for reclaiming her father’s legacy. We are also introduced to Lettie’s son Mateo Flores who she had from her previous relationship, played by actor Augusto Aguilera.

Mateo is a hardworking highly capable general manager of the vineyard. But, there is tension between Joe and Mateo because he treats Mateo as an outcast. The first episode of the show has already premiered and viewers are in love with August and his character on the show.

We also see Mariel Molino as Camila Sandoval, the youngest daughter of the Sandoval family, Christina Ochoa as Veronica Sandoval, the eldest daughter of the Sandovals, Martín as Juana, a young immigrant who flees El Salvador along with her sister Rosa and Velez as Carlos Rincón, a young immigrant who comes to the Heritage Vineyard in search of a better life.

Augusto Aguilera Girlfriend

A dashing Hispanic actor in his thirties, Augusto Aguilera has drawn the attention of his fans not only with his craft but also with his relationship status. Fans are eager to learn if Augusto ever linked with someone in real life. But, we can assure you based on his social media post that he is not dating anyone as of this writing.

So you know, Augusto is single. He has kept his love life a secret and never shared details about his romantic life publicly.

But in December 2017 interview, the interviewer asked who Augusto was living with at the time. He answered to Huff Post, “Myself. Haven’t found anyone willing to put up with how weird I can get – currently accepting applications though.”

How Old Is Augusto Aguilera?

Born in 1987, Augusto Aguilera turned 34 years old in October 2021.

Augusto Aguilera Height

Actor Augusto Aguilera frequents the gym regularly which has given him amazing looks. He is also a very dashing individual who stands tall at the height under 5 feet 8 inches.

Augusto Aguilera Family

Augusto Aguilera was born as the eldest of the five sons of his mother Maria Melida Focil de Aguilera and his anonymous father (Arturo Aguilera according to IMDB). His parents are Ecuadorian immigrants who settled in Sunnyvale, California. His father is featured in his mother and his brother’s socials. They often claimed him to be the best dad ever but not much is known about him.

But, Augusto’s mother is a soulful lady who loves her kids a features them on her Instagram (@gordafocilb and @mariamelidafocilde). She appears to be affiliated with Proti System and claims to be a Diet Coach. Her company helps clients feel better physically as well as mentally. They provide regular consulting services, health training, and nutrition plans.

The company also provides personalized nutrition plans and exercise plans for its clients.

Moving on, Augusto has four younger brothers Bernardo, Xavier, Christian, and Gabriel Aguilera. Bernardo (@bernardo_aguilera) and Xavier (@itsxavieraguilera), both of his brothers are musicians and are in a band named Rambling Ways. Bernardo celebrates his birthday on 15 January whereas Xavier celebrates his on 7 February. (Diazepam)

Augusto’s younger brothers Christian turned 21 years old on 2 September 2021 and Gabriel turned 18 years old on 8 September 2021.

Furthermore, the actor also features his grandmother on his IG a few times.

About his upbringing, Augusto had shared that he had always struggled with a sense of inclusion for a long time. He shared that he went to eight different high schools and led a displaced life throughout his childhood.

Fun Fact: Augusto is not related to singer Christina Aguilera.

How Much Is Augusto Aguilera Net Worth?

Augusto Aguilera has a net worth under $200 thousand. He started his acting career in theatre productions of “Hamlet,” “Othello,” and “Of Mice and Men”. Augusto had shared with Variety, “I absolutely love movies and I’m always reading. You can become so transported by a film, and for me, it’s always about the director and making sure I’m delivering the best performance possible.”

Talking with his experience on theatre and TV, Augusto shared, “I’ve heard that theatre is an actor’s medium, film a director’s, TV a writer’s. Initially, I believed collaboration only came in film and theatre. Now I know it’s on the director. Citizen is a great example.
With theatre, there are no safety nets. It’s an emotional marathon.”

He added, “You’re not worried about framing or stopping mid-scene to fix a stray hair. You just go. You find so many things in that momentum you can bring to film. One of them is trusting your co-stars implicitly.”

Augusto had worked on-screen while landing minor roles in TV shows such as The Cynical Life of Harper Hall (2011), Geo’s Pizza, Major Crimes. Then in 2010, Augusto appeared as an additional cast in Chasing Life where he played the role of Kieran. After that he went back to doing minor roles in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Ice, Citizen, Grey’s Anatomy, The Fifth Man, and Snowfall.

Before he landed the part of Nettles in the 2018 movie The Predator, Augusto revealed that he visited the unemployment office just weeks before landing the role. A year later, he landed the role of Jesus in Too Old to Die Young (2019).

While talking with Variety, Augusto shared that he might delve into directing and he probably will.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Augusto Aguilera Birthday?

Augusto Aguilera celebrates his birthday on 30 October.

  • Where Was Augusto Aguilera Born?

Augusto Aguilera was born in Sunnyvale, California.

  • Is Augusto Aguilera Gay?

No, Augusto Aguilera doesn’t seem to be gay. He is yet to open up about his sexuality.

  • Is Augusto Aguilera Related To Christina Aguilera?

There isn’t a piece of evidence suggesting that Augusto is related to singer/actress Christina Aguilera.

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