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Tonatiuh Elizarraraz Bio, Partner, Age, Height, Family

Actor Tonatiuh Elizarraraz is one of the casts appearing on ABC’s “Promised Land”. This article covers information related to his partner, his career, his height, and his family. It also addresses if he is gay or straight.

Scroll down this Tonatiuh Elizarraraz Bio to learn more.

Tonatiuh Elizarraraz On Promised Land

Actor Tonatiuh Elizarrarraz played Antonio Sandoval, one of the Sandoval family’s five children, in “Promised Land,” an ABC drama. Antonio has been living in New York since his father Joe (Ortiz) exiled him. But when the family is threatened from the outside, he is pulled back into the fold. The question of whether Antonio has forgiven or forgotten his family’s abuse of him remains unanswered.

The show tells the story of a family caught in a battle for control of the family business. The plot revolves around family patriarch Joe Sandoval (played by John Ortiz) and his ex-wife Margaret Honeycroft (played by Bellamy Young), who is a descendant of her father’s Heritage House Vineyard in Sonoma Valley.

Margaret’s ex-husband marries Lettie Sandoval after their divorce (played by Cecilia Suarez). Margaret is now threatening to go all-in to recapture her father’s legacy.

Moreover, other casts we see are Mariel Molino and Camila Sandoval, the youngest daughter of the Sandoval family. Actress Christina Ochoa plays Veronica Sandoval, the eldest daughter of the Sandovals. Then, we have Martín as Juana, a young immigrant who flees El Salvador along with her sister Rosa. Finally, Augusto Aguilera as Mateo, the step-son of Joe, and Velez as Carlos Rincón, a young immigrant who comes to the Heritage Vineyard in search of a better life.

On 25 January 2022, Tonatiuh tweeted, “Y’all Juana on tells the story of my mom. She cried when she saw the opening scene.” He added further, “She turned to me and said “this feels so familiar” I’m honored to be a part of a show that showcases these stories”.

Is Tonatiuh Elizarraraz Gay?

Yes, Tonatiuh Elizarrarraz is openly gay. During a podcast interview with his cousin, he has been gay and figured out a while back. During the interview with The Advocate, Tonatiuh revealed, “Being a queer person myself, who used to wear my mom’s clothes as a kid, there’s something so touching about having a space where your fantasies can be real”.

From a very young age, Tonatiuh had feminine features, He was interested in his ponies and playing house. He was always soft but as he started turning into a teenager, he started becoming more aggressive. Tonatiuh was often emotionally triggered even by the little criticisms and wouldn’t back down even if had to get physical because he used to get bullied a lot for being “gay”.

During his interview with Advocate, Tonatiuh further revealed, “Being gay, being queer is not homogenous. There’s no one way of doing it. I’ve had the privilege of really presenting someone who can tap into his peacock feathers and allow them to fly but also lives in a world where that’s not always necessarily safe. So he has to navigate both his masculinity and femininity in a way that he wants to and how he wants to present it.”

Also, Tonatiuh played “Vida” who had signature facial hair. Talking about his character, he shared, “You can be a femme person with facial hair. There are no rules or regulations as to how you can express yourself. The team was fully on board with that.”

Does Tonatiuh Elizarraraz Have A Partner?

Currently, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz appears to be single but he has discussed his past relationship on the podcast. Tonatiuh shared that in his first relationship when he was young, he was courageous enough to be authentically himself. He was bold enough to admit that he refused to be anyone else and his boyfriend liked that about him.

Tonatiuh and his partner were madly in love and they also traveled together as they lived the romantic life from something like it was out of a movie. But, the relationship ended afterward. Tonatiuh added that ever since that relationship the pattern of “not-enoughness” which he felt growing up started creeping in.

Then, Tonatiuh started figuring out what people wanted him to be to get his partners to stay in his life and the relationship.

On a different page, Tonatiuh tweeted about getting his grandma on a dating app. He wrote, “Making an online dating profile for grandma while eating empanadas. Best night ever”.

Tonatiuh Elizarraraz Family

Tonatiuh Elizarrarz had a tough upbringing because he was raised by a single mother. He had frequently given shout-outs to single moms on his Twitter. In June 2015, he tweeted, “Cheers to all the moms who also are Father’s! #SingleMoms are #amazing #HappyFathersDay“.

Whereas in January 2020, Tonatiuh shared on Twitter that his mom is a single mom of two kids who was also an immigrant. Because his mother was divorced, Tonatiuh grew up surrounded by problems in the house. He grew up with post-traumatic stress disorder because boys in the school hated him.

Once his mother remarried his step-father, then the dynamics between the three got even more complicated. His step-father had lost his mom while he was young, so for Tonatiuh and his step-father, his mom was the universal mother figure. So, he had constant fights with his step-dad for his mother’s attention.

As a mama’s boy, Tonatiuh features his mom on his Facebook every once in a while.

Talking about his siblings, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz has at least two brothers, an younger brother named Issac and an older brother named Omar.

Tonatiuh Elizarraraz Height

About the height, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz stands tall at around 6 feet 2 inches.

How Old Is Tonatiuh Elizarraraz?

Reportedly born on 3 January 1993, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz turned 29 years old in 2022.

How Much Is Tonatiuh Elizarraraz Net Worth?

Tonatiuh Elizarraraz, as per some sources, already has a net worth north of $300 thousand.

Speaking with “Daily Trojan,” Tonatiuh revealed that he grew up listening to stories of the people who frequented the beauty salon his mother worked at. He was curious about their lives as they voluntarily revealed their stories and his mother would scold him for being nosy. His interest in such stories of others, television & film became part of the reason why he chose to pursue a career as an actor.

Whereas, in the podcast, Tonatiuh revealed that acting was a defense mechanism of surviving the world. He learned ways of blending into other people’s packs to be likable.

Tonatiuh initially had plans to pursue a career as a lawyer at UCLA, however, the acting bug didn’t let him pursue any other career after he graduated high school from West Covina High School from the class of 2011 (performing art graduate).

He then pursued a college education at USC’s School of Dramatic Arts. While in college, Tonatiuh had interned at a talent agency which gave him a faint idea about the business side of Hollywood. The agency gave Elizarraraz a job after he graduated, and he set his sights on joining the Los Angeles theatre community. He bounced around from job to job, meeting new pals along the way.

Some of his notable on-screen works to date are Danny the Manny, Stargate Origins, Vida, Hidden Canyons, The Loud House, and Shoplifters of the World.

Furthermore, through acting and stories, Tonatiuh aims to impact the lives of people so that they can change their lives for the better. He told DailyTrojan, “I hope that the stories that I tell impacts people in such a way that liberates them. But I also hope that the stories that I tell impact people in such a way that they take action.”

Other than acting and writing, Tonatiuh also delved into volunteering in organizations that effect change through protests, community outreach programs, and education. He shared with the outlet, “I have worked with Build Power and Black Lives Matter. From being out on the field and protesting, helping them with their tech aspects, helping anywhere that I’m needed.”

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tonatiuh Elizarraraz Birthday?

Tonatiuh Elizarraraz celebrates his birthday on 3 January.

  • Where Is Tonatiuh Elizarraraz From?

Tonatiuh Elizarraraz hailed from Boyle Heights and was raised in East Los Angeles.

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