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Augusto Deoliveira Bio, Wife, Age, Parents, The Dog Daddy

Augusto Deoliveira, aka TikTok’s The Dog Daddy, is only in the spotlight, thanks to his dogs. And now, fans are realizing that his training methods are harsh and that he trained the dogs in a certain way that they become submissive — which is not right.

Learn more about the Dog Daddy as this Augusto Deoliveira Bio proceeds.

Augusto Deoliveira Controversies

In June 2023, Augusto Deoliveira posted a short Youtube video where he was seen giving harsh leash training methods to the dogs, and the internet didn’t like it as it was an unacceptable way to train them.

As the video went viral, Augusto then shared an apology video where he said, “Sometimes it’s really difficult to admit when you’re in the wrong and my behavior yesterday is completely unacceptable. If you did see that video yesterday and I don’t expect you guys to forgive me, but I want to say that I am genuinely sorry if you did see it.”

He also added that he was going to stop posting for a while and take some time off the internet.

This was the second time Augusto stepped into controversy — the first being when he allegedly stiffed the Staten Island family.

According to Staten Islander star, Michael, the dog trainer never delivered the  5-year-old dog named Skylar that he was willing to “let go” for $3,000. In fact, he didn’t process the refund he promised to send.

So, as Michael then began looking into the dog trainer’s background and found numerous complaints online. It seems dog owners in Massachusetts complained several years ago that he was selling them sick dogs.

There was also a Facebook group dedicated to “The Truth About Griffin Shepherds,” the name of Augusto’s breeding program, which detailed allegations against the breeder.

Augusto Deoliveira Partner: Girlfriend Or Wife?

Augusto Deoliveira didn’t reveal his future wife’s name, but he said he got engaged to her on November 26, 2021.

There were also a few pictures of the lovebirds on his Facebook. Here’s one of them, captioned, “With my girlfriend.”

Now, it’s been over two years since they got engaged, and the dog breeder has yet to post updates on their love life.

How Much Is Augusto Deoliveira Net Worth?

Augusto Deoliveira flaunted a net worth of above $1 million in 2023.

The Dog Daddy first came to light in 2013 after posting a video of himself walking five untethered dogs through a small Hyannis village. Thereafter, his social media blew up, and now (as of 2023), he has 2.1M followers on his TikTok @thedogdaddyofficial, 343K followers on his Instagram @thedogdaddyofficial, 2.43M subscribers on his Youtube @TheDogDaddyofficial, and 3K followers on his Facebook @vomultimate.

Besides being a social media star, Augusto also runs The Dog Daddyy, where he trains dogs and dog trainers around the US.

Before the controversy, Augusto claimed that he didn’t use any “harsh devices” to correct the dogs, and instead guided them with a gentle touch or tug. He also said that he got the dog’s attention by using body language, grew up surrounded by dogs on a farm in Brazil, and now owns 20 German Shepherds of his own.

How Old Is Augusto Deoliveira?

Augusto Deoliveira was born on June 17, 1991. That made him 32 years of age in 2023.

As per his birthday, Augusto is of the Gemini zodiac.

What Is Augusto Deoliveira Ethnicity?

Augusto Deoliveira was born and raised in Brazil. He flaunts Brazillian ethnicity.

However, Augusto isn’t very fond of his hometown where he was “harassed and stalked.” Infact, he endured years of being targeted by an animal control officer, who raided his house and said horrible things said to him.

Augusto Deoliveira Accent

The Dog Daddy, Augusto Deoliveira moved to the US without speaking English. So, his accent has a thick Portuguese tone.

Augusto Deoliveira Parents

Augusto Deoliveira didn’t talk about his parents. Infact, he rarely talked about his family.

However, in December 2022, he took to his IG to share that he lost his loving grandmother who was a huge part of his life. “They [his grandparents] raised me as their own child, and to them, I have always been their biggest pride and joy, they always made me feel so loved,” Augusto wrote.

Sadly, Augusto couldn’t make it to her funeral in time as in Brazil they do things much faster after someone passes away.

Also, a month after her death, Augusto paid his grandmother a tribute on his IG. “It’s been almost a month, we’re missing my grandma every day. Especially my grandfather as they were married for 50+ years,” he wrote.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Augusto Deoliveira From?

Augusto was born in Brazil.

He moved to Sharon, South Carolina, US after 19, and then to Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Now, as of 2023, he resides in Los Angeles, CA, US.

  • Is Augusto Deoliveira A Real Dog Trainer?

Yes,  Augusto is a real dog trainer. He’s been training dogs for over a decade now.

“I am one of the most sought-after dog trainers in the world with nearly 6 million combined followers and thousands of satisfied customers not to mention the number of dogs I have saved from euthanasia through training and education,” he said.

  • How Tall Is Augusto Deoliveira?

Augusto stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Augusto has blue eyes, a long face, and tattoos (related to dogs) on his neck, chest, and arms.

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