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Austin Arizpe Bio, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Finding Magic Mike

Take a closer look at Finding Magic Mike contestant Austin Arizpe in this ‘Austin Arizpe Bio’.

According to the show’s description, Austin, just like the other participants, chose to appear in the series believing that he had lost his magic. Of course, he was also hoping to bare his soul as he learned to perform dance routines and win the cash prize and a chance to perform on the Magic Mike Live stage in Las Vegas.

Discover the rest in the writing below.

Austin Arizpe On Finding Magic Mike

When asked why he auditioned for Finding Magic Mike, Austin Arizpe shared that he used to be a dancer before he broke his back in a car accident. Yes, that ended his career back then.

Secondly, Austin reasoned that also because both his parents are choreographers, dance has always made him feel close with his family. So, even in those times when he was not pursuing dancing, he never really felt like a stranger to dancing.

Austin Arizpe Girlfriend

Austin Arizpe admitted that he is currently dating his “gorgeous girlfriend” Melissa Saint-Amand, in an exclusive with people around mid-December 2021.

From the look of Austin’s social media, he has been dating her since at least July 2021. Often, on it, Austin can be seen dedicating loved-up messages for Mellissa. In one such instance, he took to his page to write — “I’m incredibly thankful for my amazing girlfriend. It’s so rare to find such a beautiful soul, and you are rare! I’m lucky to be your boyfriend and to find in you a love that I’ve never had before. I’m proud of you and all that you do, for the dreams you chase and the kindest of your heart! I love you, baby! Now and always! ♥️ 💕”.

Austin to girlfriend: “To the only adventure partner I’ll ever need! I love you darling @msaintamand” (PIC: Instagram)

He is also often found addressing her with special endearments like “the only adventure partner I’ll ever need!”

Of course, Melissa, who is also an actor and is known for her work on Ozark (2017), The Tomorrow War (2021), and S.W.A.T. (2017), returned the likewise feelings on her. She would also just come up with something like “Missing this fine piece of *** extra hard today. Ain’t he cute!? See you in a few weeks babe, so stinking proud of you 😘❤️.”

How Old Is Austin Arizpe?

Austin Arizpe grew up celebrating his birthday every year on the 18th of September. So, in 2021, he turned 28 years old.

Over the years on this journey called life, Austin has learned to accept himself as the way he is. In a “2009 vs 2019” 10-years-challenge post on social media, he recalled how he used to hate how he looked back in the days. “I was pretty depressed, I was lonely and scared to be myself. I desperately wanted to fit in. But looking back on it I wouldn’t have wanted to change any of it…”, he said.

How Tall Is Austin Arizpe?

Austin Arizpe stands 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall.

Is Austin Arizpe On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes. Austin Arizpe is on Instagram and until 18 December 2021, the account @austin_arizpe had161 posts and 1,376 followers.

Austin could be found also on his ‘Austin Arizpe’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Austin Arizpe From?

Austin Arzpe hails from his hometown of Houston, Texas. Although lately (2021) he was based in Atlanta. But, he also traveled to Los Angeles frequently for stunt works.

  • Has Austin Arizpe Revealed His Family?

As prior mentioned, Austin Arizpe’s parents are choreographers in Houston, Texas.

Talking to E! News about what brought him to the dancing reality show, what dancing means to him, and more, Austin also revealed that his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had to retire from dance as well. This was also why he decided to go on Finding Magic Mike. He considered this as a way to find his magic for dance again amid the crisis. Also, he said, he wanted to thank his father, Alex Arizpe Jr., and mother, Victoria Arizpe, for giving him dance.

As per LinkedIn, Austin’s father worked theater teacher and choreographer/MS Fine Arts teacher at St. John’s school for the past 8 and more years. While his wife and Austin’s mother worked in the middle and upper school dance faculty of the same institute for almost 12 years from now.

Since the same year, i.e., the matriarch has also been teaching Jazz and Social Dance at Houston Ballet Academy.

Last but not the list, Austin’s mother continued to be in Houston Metropolitan Dance Center’s dance faculty since her joining back in 1995.

Now, let us also tell you that Austin has three siblings: Jaime, Monica, and Andy. And that the family lost their beloved grandmother Herlinda “Ma Nena” Arizpe in September 2007.

  • What Is Austin Arizpe’s Job Beyond Stripping?

Other than stripping, Austin Arizpe, with a reportedly estimated $300K net worth, also does well as a stunt performer and athlete.

Lately, Austin told PEOPLE that after leaving Finding Magic Mike, he fell back to working in stunts. He also shared that he was most recently the stunt double to Matt Davis on Legacies, the Vampire Diaries spinoff.

(Of course) Austin also admitted to having a hidden talent. “I’m a very skilled horseback rider! I was formally a Knight at Medieval Times so I know my way around a horse and love jousting”, he spilled on E! News trying to impress his newly acquired fandom.

Also, if you should know, Austin, aged 8, began his performing career training in ballet and theater in Houston.

Later, he pursued a Bachelors in Fine Arts for Musical Theater at Montclair State University.

At the time of this writing, his LinkedIn only mentioned that he is a professional actor at The Price Group Talent Agency.

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