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Karent Sierra Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth

We remember Karent Sierra from the time she was featured on the second season of The Real Housewives of Miami during 2012 – 2013. She became a part of the show for a total of 26 episodes. However, all of it was not all pleasant as most of her time on RHOM, she was under attack by other female cast members. She especially had feuds with fellow castmates, Adriana De Moura and Alexia Echevarria.

Afterward, the show got canceled and Karent also lost touch with many of her RHOM cast members. (But managed to stay friends with Joanna Krupa.)

Now, amid the revival of RHOM’s fourth season in December 2021, i.e, some 8 years past her being seen on RHOM, let us have a look at how her life has been over the years.

Is Karent Sierra Married? Is She With A Boyfriend Or A Husband?

Other than many feuds, Karent Sierra’s relationship with her boyfriend, Rodolfo Jiménez, was a hot topic on RHOM. Her Spanish soap actor beau’s conduct towards other women on the show was quite questionable and this led to many of the feuds that Karent was involved in.

They were together for two-and-a-half years by the time Karent joined RHOM. However, not too long after season two filming wrapped, they decided to go their separate ways.

Even a show featuring just the two of them was on work and Andy Cohen was committed to rebooting it.

In an interview with VH1, back in late 2012, Karent revealed the break-up. Citing Rodolfo as responsible, she had said — “Men don’t change. If they’re caught lying and they’re caught cheating once, they’re most likely going to be doing it again,” She had said that she just could not live with that insecurity. That, she needs to be secure in her relationship as well as in herself.

While still on RHOM during December 2012, Karent was bombarded with a photo of Rodolfo kissing actress Ana Belena.

Later, Karent had started dating Mexican singer and actor Paulo Quevedo. But today, not just there are no remains of him on Karent’s social media, but he also has moved on to what seemed to be a more stable relationship with Rosina Grosso. Not long ago, Paula and Rosina were also blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

Karent was still with Paulo when they arrived together at the Blacks’ Annual Gala at Fontainebleau Miami Beach in April 2013. In fact, around that time, the couple had become regulars in the Miami party scene.

With that being said, no, Karent Sierra is not married and also she did not have a boyfriend when she showed up on RHOM one more time. Producers decided to recast her among others. However, she does not count as a “housewife” because she is not married.

Karent Sierra Net Worth

Karent Sierra had an estimated $400,000 from her job as a reality TV personality, dentist, and singer.

Since leaving RHOM, she had been steadily focusing on her dental practice in Coral Gables, Florida when she called again for another season of the show.

As per LinkedIn, Karent has been practicing as a dentist for over 21 years and in 2009,

After completing high school at St. Brendan High School, she studied Pre-Dental at Florida International University. Then from 1994 – 1999, she pursued her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at Marquette University in Wisconsin.

In 2000, Karent opened up her private practice called Sierra Dentistry and Medspa and founded Sharing Smiles Foundation in Coral Gables in 2009. And this way, over the years, she made a name for herself as Miami’s number one celebrity dentist.

In between, she also became a beauty pageant winner (Miss Carnival Miami in 1992, featured as a model on Latin TV working on various commercials, infomercials, and enjoying stints as a hand model.

What Is Karent Sierra’s Nationality?

Karent Sierra is a Columbian and so despite a Miami native she is always one to keep her Colombian heritage alive.

Karent Sierra Parents

Judging by social media, Karent Sierra has been spending a good amount of her time with her parents Lucero Sierra (mom) and Gabriel Sierra (dad) both of whom turned 84 sometime in 2021.

In February 2020, as the family celebrated Karent’s parents’ 51st years of marriage, they also held the mass honoring of her dad’s life. From what she wrote on the long piece on her Instagram post, her dad breathed his last air four years before then. “It’s an emotional day since I can’t help and think back to that day 4 years ago, but I’m trying to focus on only the good memories and the love my parents shared…which it may have not been a perfect love, but what I have learned through time, is that it was perfect for them!”, read an excerpt from her long caption.

Karent also mentioned sister Darlenn Grace Ayan, aunt Matilde Sierra, cousins Julio Valencia, Jaime Andres, Montoya S, Marcela Sierra, Stephanie Valencia, Beatriz E. Yoder, among other family members on her Facebook.

Karent Sierra Height

Karent Sierra is 5’7” tall.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Karent Sierra?

Born on 26 January 1973, Karent Sierra turned 48 years old in 2021.

  • Where Is Karent Sierra’s House?

Born in New York City and raised in South Florida, Karent Sierra currently (2021) is settled in her Miami, Florida home. After getting settled into her home there, she had also moved her retired parents into her mansion, trying to keep her Colombian heritage alive. (Back in 2013, a 1,200 square-foot home formerly owned by her and appraised at $137,089 had been ordered to auction by a judge.)

  • Is Karent Sierra On Facebook?

Yes. Karent Sierra is on Facebook and until 19 December 2021, she had around 5,038 followers on her ‘Karent Sierra’ account.

Of course, she could be found also on her Instagram @karentsierra (with 3,809 posts and 38.7K followers); and on the bio of which she wrote — “Real Housewives of Miami? Yes, but it doesn’t define me.”

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