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ayydubs Alyx Weiss Parents: Nancy Freeman And Jeffrey Weiss

ayydubs Alyx Weiss disappeared for over four months, only to suddenly resurface on April 30, 2023, with a new IG video, joking that she had indeed joined a cult (which had been rumored for quite a while then). Obviously, this didn’t sit well with some fans who were genuinely concerned. So, she made another post to apologize for her “lack of communication.”

But we aren’t here to discuss Alyx’s life today. Rather, this article will explore everything you need to know about  Alyx’s parents.

Who Are ayydubs Alyx Weiss Parents?

ayydubs Alyx Weiss was born to her parents, Nancy Freeman and Jeffrey Weiss. They are the biggest fans and her number-one supporters since day one.

But with that being said, Alyx’s hated doing videos with her.

In Alyx’s Youtube video titled, “MEET MY MOM,” when the content creator asked her “mamadubs” if she wanted to film this video, she was honest about how Alyx forced her to film the video.

No wonder, that was the only video Alyx had of her parents before she disappeared in late 2022.

For those who don’t know, Alyx dropped the last ep of her now-canceled podcast Revealing Your Secrets on December 16, 2022 and vanished without a word. However, in the podcast, she did joke about receiving an invitation to a meditation retreat — which looked more like a cult.

So, since she disappeared right after, the rumors began that Alyx had indeed joined the cult.

Suddenly, next four-and-a-half months later, on April 30, 2023, she came back with a video detailing where she was. But before she revealed she was burnt out after creating content for 14 years, she joked about the cult rumor. Naturally, genuinely concerned fans slammed her for this.

Thus, Alyx made a follow-up IG post almost a month later to apologize to her fans.

“As for my lack of communication in sharing that I was indeed safe when I went dark on the internet, I am truly sorry and hope that my explanation on the podcast helps to color in why it all went down the way it did,” she wrote.

Meet Nancy Freeman, ayydubs Alyx Weiss Mother

Nancy Freeman is ayydubs Alyx Weiss’s loving mother who hails from New Jersey.

Get to know her better below.

  • Nancy Freeman Age

Nancy Freeman was born on October 25, 1955. That made her 67 years of age in 2023.

Also, this means, she was 39 when she had Alyx.

Fun Fact: Nancy always wanted three boys. But after having three girls in a row, she had given up on having a boy by the time she got pregnant with Nancy. 

  • Nancy Freeman Job

Nancy Freeman is an oncology and hematology physician. She has over 4 decades of experience in the medical field and was associated with Providence VA Medical Center the last we checked.

As for her education, she graduated from New York Medical College in 1981 and did her residency in internal medicine at Brown University from 1981 to 1984. She then studied Hematology and Medical Oncology at UMass Chan Medical School from 1984 to 1986 and completed two years fellowship at Brown University.

  • Is Nancy Freeman On Instagram?

 Nancy wasn’t on Instagram or any other social media.

Meet Jeffrey Freeman, ayydubs Alyx Weiss Father

Jeffrey Freeman is ayydubs Alyx Weiss’s loving father. He was born to his parents, Zelda Klein and Norman E. Weiss, both of who have long passed away.

His mother, Zelda, a Wilkes Barre, PA, native took her last breath in April 2005, at the age of 77. She was a graduate of Wyoming Seminary and the University of Chicago who lived her life as an interior designer.

As for his father, Norman passed away in August 2018, at the age of 92. A Daytona Beach, Florida native, Norman served in the US Army in the Quartermaster’s Corp and as a paratrooper, eventually rising to the rank of Captain.

Zelda and Norman were married for 57 years before death separated them.

Also, Jeffrey’s brother James R. Weiss suddenly passed away on June 27, 2010. He was Lynn’s beloved husband of 38 years and the devoted father of Allana Kelly (Mike) and Tessa Hicks (Dan).

  • Jeffrey Freeman Age

Jeffrey Freeman was born in Apr 1955. That made him 68 years of age in 2023.

He is half a year older than his wife.

  • Jeffrey Freeman Job

Jeffrey Freeman is the founder of Weiss Creatives, a Marketing and Creative consultancy. There, Jeffrey uses his 25 years+ of creative and marketing experience to develop and deliver targeted content, creative messages, and unforgettable environments that welcome consumer engagement.

Whist Jeffrey had been running his company, he was also involved with The Bottles Group, LLC as its CMO for over 4 years. Also, he was in Creative Services at Clarks Americas for 16 years — with positions held as Creative Services Director, Manager of Creative Services, Creative Services Supervisor, and Senior Art Director

As for his education, Jeffrey got his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design/Architecture from the University of Colorado in 1992. He then attended Harvard University Graduate School of Design the next year joining the Architectural Career Discovery Program.

  • Is Jeffrey Freeman On Instagram?

Like his wife, Jeffrey wasn’t on Instagram or any other social media.

But here’s Alyx’s IG @ayydubs.

Related FAQs

  • How Many Kids Do ayydubs Alyx Weiss Parents Have?

ayydubs Alyx Weiss’s parents share four daughters — Samantha, Jaimie, Zoe, and Alyx. They were 37, 34, 32, and 27 years of age in 2023.

One of them got married in June 2016.

  • Are ayydubs Alyx Weiss Parents Still Married?

ayydubs Alyx’s parents were still married in 2016. We’ve had no update on their relationship after that.

  • Where Do ayydubs Alyx Weiss Parents Reside?

ayydubs Alyx’s parents resided in Providence, Rhode Island.

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