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Christian Allgood Bio, Job, Net Worth, Family, 90 Day Fiance

Fans seemed to have appreciated the 90 Day Fiancé franchise bringing more representation to Before the 90 Days Season 6 through the inclusion of Christian Allgood and Cleo.

Christian and Cleo are one of the newcomer couples telling the world their unconventional story of romance on this season of the TLC show.

In this writing called ‘Christian Allgood Bio’ let us tell you who Christian is and about the kind of relationship he and Cleo share.

Christian Allgood On 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

Christian Allgood decided to go on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days with Cleo never minding the possible judgments from some of his own friends and family who have only seen him date cis women in the past.

Together, Christian and Cleo have been dubbed as the second couple in the franchise to ever show trans representation. They also are the ones fans quickly presumed would shake up the franchise.

In this reality series, Christian and Cleo tell the cameras that the pair started out as friends but quickly developed romantic feelings and fell for each other. Christian, despite seeming fully committed to meeting Cleo, also admitted to having some reservations about their relationship once they meet in person.

On TLC, it is also said that Christian and Cleo’s paths crossed about a year ago on social media. It is said they initially sparked a friendship and it gradually blossomed into a romance.

Are Christian Allgood And Cleo Still Together?

As of now, there was no way to find out if Christian and Cleo are still together.

In an early episode of Season 6, Christian from Minnesota travels to meet his love for the first time in England. Once that happens not everything is lovely about their romance anymore. They have to face difficulties, including judgment from some of Christian’s near and dear ones. And yes, Christian also is troubled when Cleo gets hit on by a number of guys right in front of his eyes.

Even so, Christian looked determined to be with Cleo. He appeared fully committed to making it work.

Christian Allgood Age

Christian Allgood was born in 1992. So, he turned 30 years old in 2022.

Christian Allgood Family

Christian Allgood’s mother is Sara M Allgood. She reached the age of 60 in August 2022. At this time, she had been residing in Bloomington, Minnesota with her husband Daniel Thomas Allgood. Daniel became the same age as his wife in November 2022. They have been married since 1984.

In his family, Christian also has a brother and two sisters. One of the sisters, Danielle L Allgood, is actually his twin sister. On 11 April 2023, Danielle took to her Facebook to lovingly tell the world that despite not playing favorites, Christian her “hypothetical wombmate” is very special to her.

Other siblings of Christian are Taylor C Allgood of Bloomington, MN. She reached the age of 27 on 18 December 2022. Then there is Jonathan Allgood who turned 38 in May 2023. He has been residing in Edina, Minnesota with his family.

Christian also is the grandson of Patricia C. “Patty” Allgood, his paternal grandmother, who died aged 75 on 6 March 2015. She is survived by her loving husband of 58 years, James “Jim”.

On the maternal side, Christian’s July 2017-deceased grandfather is Thomas J. Laughlin of Murdoch, MN. He was preceded in death by his dear wife Carole.

Christian’s family was shown to be skeptical about his relationship with Cleo, a transgender woman also diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

Christian Allgood Job

Christian Allgood has not one but a couple of jobs that he goes to every day.

Since 2007, he has been working as a copywriter at Sterling Cooper & Partners. On his LinkedIn, he also mentioned being a full-time personnel manager at We Clean Worldwide in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States since April of 2018. His job here involves managing and coordinating the personnel requirements for the service department and providing accountable administrative support to dedicated managerial staff.

Previously, Christian worked at Coldstone Creamery (2006 – 2010) in Bloomington, Minnesota.

As for his teaching, he studied at Minnesota State University Moorhead (2010 – 2012), Kennedy Senior High School (September 2006 – June 2010), and John F. Kennedy High School in Bloomington (2007 – 2010). At MSU, he studied History and precisely American History (United States).

How Much Is Christian Allgood’s Net Worth?

Christian Allgood reportedly had close to $400K net worth as of June 2023.

Per, 90 Day Fiancé pays their cast members $1,000 to $1,500 per episode, a little more if they land a place on Happily Ever After? Christian also should have taken home a paycheque accordingly.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Christian Allgood’s Birthday?

Christian Allgood’s birthday is on June 14th and that makes him a Gemini.

  • Where Is Christian Allgood From?

Christian Allgood originally hails from Bloomington, Minnesota. As of 2023 though, he had been calling Minneapolis, Minnesota his home.

  • How Tall Is Christian Allgood?

Christian Allgood stands above 6 feet in height.

  • Is Christian Allgood On Instagram And Facebook?

As of 8 June 2023, Christian Allgood was on Instagram only and not on Facebook. On his IG @christian_the_jew, there were 52 posts and 729 followers. And on it, he also specified his pronouns to be ‘he/him’.

One could also give a follow on his TikTok @christian_thejew. On its BIO, he chose to quote “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”


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