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Bad Vegan’s Anthony Strangis Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

Netflix’s collection of true crime shows holds some disturbing incidents of diverse nature such as murder and scamming. Bad Vegan, a new show from the streaming giant is also similar. Sarma Melngailis, owner of a New York-based vegan restaurant, and her ex-husband Anthony Strangis are the subjects of this show.

However, the manipulative and twisted nature of Anthony Strangis does raise questions about the surrounding he grew up in and the people who raised him. Let’s explore the family of Bad Vegan‘s Anthony Strangis. This article is a short introduction to his folks and his siblings which could help readers know him better.

Who Are Anthony Strangis Family Members?

Anthony Strangis hailed from his hometown of Massachusetts. He spent his early ages in a raised ranch house in Brockton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.

Anthony’s parents were married for only seven years and went separate ways in 1984. When Patricia confronted John about leaving him, “he pulled out a gun. First, he put it to my head. He put it in my mouth. He pushed me back in the chair. And he had the gun pointed at me. Anthony came running out. John pulled up this ottoman and we sat there three or four hours.”

Finally, he walked out, and she called the police. “They called John. He came back and ripped the phone out of the house.” (The lawyer for Strangis denies his mother’s version of events.)

After the divorce of his parents, Anthony would live with both parents. Patricia tried to get full custody of Anthony but failed. In 2004, Strangis, then 23 (he never graduated from college), was said to be living with his father in the Orange Acres trailer park, in Sarasota, Florida before he met his wife Stacy.

Meet Anthony Strangis Father, John J Strangis

Anthony Strangis was born to his father John J. Strangis. John was a gambler and Anthony might’ve inherited that trait from him. His wife Patricia said, “He was holding Anthony in one arm and rolling the dice with the other”.

John was born to his late parents Armand and Rose L. (Coit) Strangis. He had a sister named Mary R. (Sargo) Canty of Lakeville and a brother named Armand Sonny Strangis, Jr., and his wife Geraldine of Whitman. Geraldine, his sister-in-law died on 14 January 2017.

He attended and graduated from Brockton High School, class of 1958. Then, he completed his college education at Massasoit Community College in 1977.

John was a mechanic by profession. He had been employed by Plymouth Rubber Company in Canton, MA, and Eastern Mass Street Rail Way Company in Brockton. In 1966 he joined the Brockton Police Department and had been a Police Officer for nearly 25 years, retiring in 1989. He had been a longtime resident of Whitman, Sarasota, FL.

Sadly, John passed away on 6 July 2012 at the age of 72 in New Bedford. At the time of his death, John and Anthony lived in a van near the docks in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He was found dead in that van

Patricia said that two of them often quarreled and lived rootlessly traveling together from casino town to casino town. An obituary said he had “died unexpectedly” at 72, but did not say of what.

Who Is Anthony Strangis Mother, Patricia Strangis?

Anthony Strangis’s father John married twice in his life. Anthony’s mother is Patricia Strangis who lived in Fairhaven. She reportedly owned and ran Trauma, Inc as CEO in Fairhaven. reported that she worked as a mental health counselor.

His stepmother Eleanor M. “Ellie” Strangis hailed from Brockton. Born on 9 July 1940, she is 81 years old. Vanity Fair reported many people wondered why Sarma Melngailis stayed around with Anthony and his step-mother was one of them.

Speaking with the outlet, Ellie shared, “I don’t know how she got mixed up with Anthony. A woman like her—what did she see in Anthony?”

How Many Siblings Does Anthony Strangis Have?

Anthony Strangis has two half-siblings John J. Strangis Jr. and Lori J. Strangis both of Brockton. Lori J. Strangis was born on 21 March 1966 and turned 55 years old in March 2021.

Related FAQs

  • Is Anthony Strangis Still In Speaking Terms With His Family?

Anthony Strangis keeps himself away from public attention. So, whether he is still in touch with his family members is unknown.

  • What Has Anthony Strangis Family Said About Him?

His brother John Jr. one spoke to New York Post and told, “Even as a teenager he wanted to live that millionaire type of lifestyle but didn’t want to put any work into doing [it].” He had an infatuation for things and got introduced to gambling early in his life. According to his mom Patricia, at the age of 3, Anthony pulled a pair of dice out of his pocket and uttered, “Baby needs a new pair of shoes.”

On a different note, Patricia also opened up that her son began communicating with Sarma in 2011.

  • Does Anthony Strangis Family Appear On Netflix’s Bad Vegan?

No, Anthony Strangis’s family didn’t appear on Netflix’s Bad Vegan. The only person close to him who appears was his two wives Stacy and Sarma.

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