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Zawe Ashton Parents: Victoria (Mom) And Paul Ashton (Dad)

Meet Zawe Ashton’s Parents — Victoria and Paul Ashton.

This article attempts to uncover information related to their age, job, social media reach. Here we will also talk about Zawe’s siblings. So, keep on reading to learn more about Zawe’s parents.

Who Are Zawe Ashton Parents?

Zawe Ashton was born to her parents Victoria and Paul Ashton. She grew up in Stoke Newington, North London as the eldest of three children to her parents. Her parents reportedly met at a Christmas party. Television was always a presence in a house because her father also worked on Channel 4.

Learn more about them below.

Meet Zawe Ashton Mom, Victoria Ashton

Victoria Ashton is one of the children of Paulo Mugwanga who served as president of Uganda for only 11 days, vice-president (1980 to 1985), and prime minister for 25 days. Her family had turmoil because her father besides being married to her mother Nalongo Kasalina Zawedde Muwanga also maintained relationships with several mistresses.

So she has several half-siblings on her father’s side.

  • Victoria Ashton Age

As of March 2022, Victoria Ashton’s age is above the age of 60.

  • What Is Victoria Ashton Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Victoria Ashton is Victoria Muwanga.

  • Where Is Victoria Ashton From?

Victoria Ashton arrived in England as a teen from Uganda. She is currently based in Stoke Newington in London.

  • Victoria Ashton Job

As reported, Victoria Ashton worked as a teacher. Her area of expertise was design and technology. According to, design and technology teacher in the UK makes nearly £47,710 a year.

In October 2020, she and her Zawe visited Afriart Gallery Kampala to view the work of renowned artist Sungim Lengeya (@sungimlengeya).

Meet Zawe Ashton Dad, Paul Ashton

Coming to her other parent, Zawe Ashton’s father is Paul Ashton.

  • Paul Ashton Age

As of 2022, Paul Ashton is above the age of 65.

  • Paul Ashton Job

According to LinkedIn, Paul Ashton worked as Education Officer, Chief Assistant, TV producer at BBC from 1983 to 1991. After that, he started working as Commissioning Editor, Schools for Channel 4 for 11 years. One of his colleagues posted a memoir-like article titled Education Broadcaster.

According to the article, Paul was the channel’s first school commissioning editor who joined in September 1991. School’s broadcasting had been transferred from  ITV to Channel 4 under the Communications Act 1990 and Paul and his deputy commissioning editor set up the new service.

They were essentially given £10 million a year to spend on schools television and left to get on and spend it. Their job carried a modest glamour, a generous salary, and a sense of virtue that Paul and his friend were helping to educate the nation’s children while providing schoolteachers with resources that would make their lives easier and more satisfying.

They implemented all the genres of television that educate, entertain, and inform the general population, and put them to use for the benefit of teachers and their pupils.

In autumn 1999, Paul moved sideways to a post-commissioning project for schools in the new computer-based media, and his friend took over his position. They still worked together.

His friend added, “Throughout the years of our collaboration, we never forgot how fortunate we were to be doing the job, even when the pressure of work was intense, and even when, as once or twice happened, we got angry with each other.”

Paul also worked as Commissioning Editor for Teachers TV. According to Glassdoor, the commissioning editor in Channel 4 made nearly £85136 in London.

Before that, he worked as an English teacher.

  • Where Is Paul Ashton From?

Paul Ashton hailed from Hackney, London. He is currently living in Stoke Newington in London

Related FAQs

  • Are Zawe Ashton Parents Still Married?

Zawe Ashton’s parents appear to be married. Both of her parents maintain a lowkey public life and Zawe hasn’t shared much about her family. But they made a public appearance together with Zawe in April 2019 during a book launch at Wild By Tart.

  • How Many Kids Do Zawe Ashton Parents Have?

Zawe Ashton’s parents have three children. Zawe has a brother named Sam Ashton who worked as a graphic artist and an illustrator. He holds a BA (Hons.) in Illustration from the University of Brighton, in 2011. He studied foundation course of Art & Design, Kingston University, 2008.

Sam shared on his bio, “As an artist and an illustrator, my work applies to contexts of both gallery art and commercial illustration. My work reflects a diverse range of aesthetic influences. With a love for poster design, Expressionist painting, and African folk art, my approach combines emotive textures and brushwork with block shapes and graphic stylization”.

His work has been exhibited in Royal College Of Art, London, 2013; RE-Solutions, Korean Cultural Centre, London, 2012; Space Aquarium, Hockney Gallery, Royal College Of Art, London, 2012; Brighton Illustration/Graphic Design Graduate Show, and The Rochelle School, London, 2011.

Victoria and Paul also seem to have a daughter who we know nothing of.

  • Where Do Zawe Ashton Parents Live?

Zawe Ashton’s parents live in London, UK.

  • Are Zawe Ashton Parents On Instagram?

No, Zawe Ashton’s parents don’t seem to be on Instagram but they have their respective Facebook account which is private. Follow them at (@paul.ashton.39) and (@Victoria).

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