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Baddies East Scarface Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Real Name

Baddies East Scarface has been an infamous figure in the show but her genuine personality and outspoken nature has earned fans. Who is her boyfriend? What’s her real name? How tall is she?

Get to know her more via this article here.

Meet Scarface From Baddies East

Baddies East’s Scarface or ET first joined the Baddies as an original cast member of season 1 of South Central Baddies. She was known for having ups and downs with Chrisean Rock then known as the girlfriend of rapper Blueface. She was accused of jumping Chrisean which affected her Baddies audition. Many fans didn’t think that she received a proper assessment in the audition.

ET left South Central Baddies to do another show titled The Academy. On The Acamdemy she likely had a change of heart and wanted to make changes. During her appearance in the show, she only had one fight with a potential cast member.

When ET auditioned for Baddies East, Chrisean vouched for her to receive a ticket but she was nowhere to be found when the cast for season 3 was announced. In the recent episode of Baddies East, we see ET grabbing Biggie’s items in an attempt to remove her from the house. This led to a fight between the two.

ET has also been making false allegations against other cast members and many believed that fellow cast member Rollie was the one who put her up to it. She is known for riding the wave for other people.

During the most recent episode of the reality television series Baddies East, the cast traveled to Jamaica. Furthermore, it is evident that they participated in the fun, club visits, conflicts, fights, and other antics that form the foundation of the show.

Nonetheless, a specific occurrence has left many fans perplexed, whether it’s because they are skeptical of its truth or are shocked that anyone would question such a thing. In addition, Smiley reportedly experienced a medical issue following three or four alcohol shots, which resulted in a seizure and urgent hospitalization.

Baddies East Scarface Age

Scarface from Baddies turned 25 in September 2023.

What Is Baddies East Scarface Real Name?

The real name of Baddies East Scarface is Etheria Ruffin.

Baddies East Scarface Height

Scarface stands tall above the height of 5 feet 5.5 inches.

Baddies East Scarface Boyfriend

Baddied East Scarface is very private about her boyfriend and relationships but appears to be in a “relationship” with her baby daddy. YouTuber Gina Views tried to elaborate more about her current relationship during a recent interview. The only thing that she said was that he takes care of her and her son.

She became pregnant in high school and welcomed a boy. Her mother didn’t want her to keep the baby.

Scarface moved in with his family and also had issues with the mother of her baby daddy. She left her baby daddy after the man started dating a girl who cut her face during a fight hence the name “Scarface”. Her baby daddy lives in Ohio and she doesn’t talk to him as much.

Speaking more about him, Scarface said, “he told me he was going to be bigger than me but now I am bigger than him.”

Scarface has words of admiration for her baby daddy and claims that he schooled her.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Baddies East Scarface From?

Growing up Baddies East Scarface lived in Texas and California. She recently appeared for an interview with Gina Views and described that her upbringing was chaotic. She lived with her great-aunt and grandmother.

Scarface finished high school in California. She got into a lot of fights in school but later diverted herself into sports when she started playing basketball and track.

Scarface wanted to pursue higher education at Texas A&M but moved to Cali. to join UC Irvine.

  • Is Baddies East Scarface On Instagram?

Indeed, you can find Baddies East’s Scarface on Instagram (@scarface_bih).

  • When Is Baddies East Scarface Birthday?

Scarface celebrates her birthday on 9 September.

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