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Baddies East Smiley Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Tattoo

Baddies East Smiley AKA Krystal Borrego is one of the cast members of the Zeus Network’s popular show. She became well-known very fast, becoming one of the season’s most notable featured characters. She has had verbal and physical altercations with a number of the cast members who think that some of her most dramatic moments may be staged. This involves her medical issue in the 2024 season premiere of the show.

During one of the episodes of the reality television series Baddies East, the cast traveled to Jamaica. Furthermore, it is evident that they participated in the fun, club visits, conflicts, fights, and other antics that form the foundation of the show.

Nonetheless, a specific occurrence has left many fans perplexed, whether it’s because they are skeptical of its truth or are shocked that anyone would question such a thing. In addition, Smiley reportedly experienced a medical issue following three or four alcohol shots, which resulted in a seizure and urgent hospitalization.

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Meet Smiley From Baddies East

Smiley from Baddies East made an impression on the Baddies before the formal start of the fourth season. She had already gotten into conflicts with Mariahlynn Araujo, another potential baddie, during the Baddies East audition period. Paradoxically, both would go on to co-star in the upcoming season. But of course, the drama continued from there.

On the program itself, Smiley would carry on her rivalry with Mariahlynn, even pilfering some of her jewels. The rivalry became so intense that two other cast members decided to stand up for Mariahlynn against Smiley’s fury. Fights on Baddies are nothing new, but Smiley has already had her fair share.

Over the course of the season, it was revealed that Smiley had miscarried while pregnant. Even if that tragedy would be enough on its own, some of her castmates even went so far as to think that she had staged it. Mehgan Jones, one of them, even shared her charges against Smiley on social media. After the event, Smiley even had to explain herself live on Instagram.

Smiley was the subject of these rumors in some of her most recent events. The show’s main antagonists, Baddies East, traveled to Jamaica in an episode that aired on January 7, 2024. Smiley had experienced a seizure while there, and at one point, he was surrounded by medical personnel and emergency personnel. She woke up and began to cry out for her child. Smiley was still being accused of staging the event for the cameras, though.

In the meantime, a large number of fans—regardless of their stance—agreed that the Zeus Network program shouldn’t exploit her any longer. Recently, a similar campaign to remove Rollie Pollie from the show appeared.

Baddies East Smiley Age

Born in 1995, Baddies East Smiley reached the age of 28 in 2023.

Baddies East Smiley Boyfriend

Smiley from Baddies East appears single. Talking to TRSH Talk, Smiley revealed that she never had a bad breakup in her life because she was the one breaking up with her boyfriends.

The longest she has been in a relationship was six years. Altogether she has been in five relationships in her life. Furthermore, she has never been cheated on in her life.

What Is Baddies East Smiley Real Name?

The real name of Smiley is Krystal Borrego.

What Is Baddies East Smiley Ethnicity?

Smiley appears to be Haitian-American by ethnicity. She was born to her mom Denise E Munoz as her second daughter.

In July 2016, Denise dedicated a post to her daughter and wrote, “I had my second daughter; she was the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Now she is a beautiful young lady. You are my second love of my life and still is…Happy Birthday baby girl. May you have the best birthday ever and know that it is filled with lots of love from your mommy…I love you so much and you were one of the best gifts God ever gave me.”

Smiley has a sister named Monica Echeverria who is married to her husband Alfi. There are also other sisters named Samantha and Vanessa.

Baddies East Smiley Tattoo

Smiley has multiple tattoos on her body particularly on her arms. She has huge rose tattoos on her buttocks that she flaunted on her IG in October 2023.

Furthermore, Smiley has another flower tattoo under her lower stomach.

Baddies East Smiley Height

Smiley from Baddies East’s height measures under 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Baddies East Smiley Birthday?

Smiley’s birthday is on 13 July.

  • Where Is Baddies East Smiley From?

Smiley hailed from New York, New York. She appears to be living in Miami, Florida.

  • Is Baddies East Smiley On Instagram?

Yes, Smiley is on Instagram (@jordans_n_diamondsss) and Facebook (@jarmaine.wooten).

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