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Baddies West Razor Bio, Age, Real Name, Surgery, Dating

Get to know about Razor from Zeus Network’s show Baddies West. Is she dating someone? What has she shared about her surgery? What’s her real name?

We got all the answers in this article below.

Meet Razor, One Of The New Stars Of Baddies West

Baddies West is a new show on The Zeus Network. In addition to providing us with some drama along the way, the ladies will be singing and hosting at some of the most “lighted” clubs the cities have to offer, including those in LA, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, and Oakland.

One of the girls competing on the show was Razor. While there have been several on-screen confrontations that we saw on the bus in the first episode among the casts, an audio of a fight was leaked reportedly of Razor and Scotty. A clip also showed Razor throwing hands but the face was she trying to get to was not shown in the trailer.

However, fans of the show are disappointed that these clips have been leaked robbing them of the fun of watching the show.

Baddies West Razor Net Worth

Baddies West Razor has a net worth above $400 thousand. She is the owner of a hair salon in Suitland, Maryland named Razor Behavior Studios. Check them out on Instagram (@razorbehaviorstudios) and Facebook. On Yelp she has received 4 stars review for her service.

To schedule an appointment you can click the link here. The business operates from Tuesday to Saturday. Their services include color, cutting, extra hair, natural hair, short hair, and weave services.

Razor started her career in hair styling just two weeks after she graduated high school. She also trained for a year but she has been working for herself ever since. She shared in her first YouTube video that she specializes in precision cuts, weaves, natural hair care, and others. She had dreamt of the job since she was 13 years old because she knew she wasn’t going to college.

When she is not working in her salon, Razor is also paving her career as a rapper. In the video, she stated that it was difficult for her to balance her career between running a salon and going to the studio after 12 to 13 hours of work. Razor sometimes slept in the studio after doing 5 or 6-hour sessions.

Razor described herself as a “thug, guttera**, nastya**, trill**” rapper. She draws inspiration from her disturbing childhood that exposed her to things early on, “that’s where my trapness comes from”, she said.

Razor also has a YouTube channel with 411 subs.

Baddies West Razor Age

In May 2022, Baddie West Razor turned 27 years old.

What Is Baddies West Razor Real Name?

The real name of Baddies West Razor is Monique Samuels.

Baddies West Razor Dating Status

Yes, Baddies West Razor appears to be in a relationship. However, she hasn’t publicly introduced her mystery man yet.

Razor hinted at her relationship on TikTok in February 2022. She posted that her baby took her to Aspen, Colorado for Valentine’s Day. But, she kept his identity hidden. Then in March 2022, she posted another TikTok stating that she and her boyfriend tried a new restaurant in Washington, DC.

Later in December 2022, Razor posted another TikTok about surprise date night.

Razor has also talked about her first boyfriend who was a “dope boy”. She explained that she grew up without any of her parents as she grew up in the streets. So, when the first time someone told her that they love her was her first boyfriend. He was the same boyfriend she had reportedly lost her virginity to.

Baddies West Razor Surgery

In her Q&A video from July 2019, Razor addressed questions related to her surgery. For her surgery, she went to two different doctors: Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Fernando Ortega. They are both located in Columbia (the country). She visited the country and stayed there for 14 days because she was out of the country and had to be in the doctor’s care for that period of time because she was to be monitored during that time.

Razor explained that she underwent two surgeries. Her first surgery was in April 2018 when she got BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). She waited six months and two weeks for her second surgery. She went for a second surgery because she wanted her “a*s completely fatter, I wanted my t***** done, I wanted my stomach flat, I wanted more hip.” However, she didn’t want to look like a stripper.

Dr. Ortega performed her breast implants and she is a full C-cup almost close to D. She cannot breastfeed. For the second round of surgery, she had to stay there for 16 days. She stayed in Lluxe Recovery during that time. Learn in detail about her surgery here.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Baddies West Razor Birthday?

Baddies West’s Razor celebrates her birthday on 29 May.

  • Where Is Baddies West Razor From?

Admittedly, Razor is currently based in Washington, DC.

  • How Tall Is Baddies West Razor?

Baddies West’s Razor’s height measures around 5 feet 5 inches.

  • Is Baddies West Razor On Instagram?

Yes, Baddies West Razor is on Instagram (@iamrazorbehavior) and TikTok (@iamrazorbehavior).

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