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Bake Off: Mayank And Dharma Age, Last Name, Ethnicity

The latest series of The Great British Bake Off spin-off, Bake Off: The Professionals released its episodes on Channel 4 on 4 July 2023 onwards. It came with a brand new co-host and new contestants. Mayank and Dharma from St James’ Court, A Taj Hotel, of whom we are about to talk about now, are one pair of contenders from the show. In this writing, we shall tell you separately all about the two.

Mayank And Dharma On Bake Off: The Professionals

As of now, not much had been revealed already about Mayank and Dharma’s journey on Bake Off: The Professionals. The only thing understood is they were not sent home and were still in competition when Week 1 concluded. Andrew and Raf won the round and Martyn and Jenny were sent home. The other competitors “weren’t half as interesting”, wrote in its in great length worded review. They also thought despite the teams of professional cooks being so “terrific”.

So, together, Mayank and Dharma were presented in the competition as this bubbly, charismatic duo having the skills, knowledge, and flamboyance to see to be crowned as Bake Off winners.

After the first episode are out for people to watch, St. James’ Court, A Taj Hotel on its IG @sjctaj, applauded their talented chefs and gushed “We can’t wait to see them in the next episode of the Bake Off: The Professionals! 👏🏻🎉.”

Baking professionals Mustapha and Tracy, Chantelle, and Kasia from Glenapp Castle, Margo and Ally from Lexington Catering, Martyn and Jenny, Mauro and Daniel from The Landmark London, Nicoletta and Georgina from Meraki Baking Studio, and a few others also joined Mayank on this Bake Off challenge.

And these participants were joined by returning judges Benoit Blin and Cherish Finden, and Liam Charles as the new host.

Mayank And Dharma Career

Mayank’s passion for pâtisserie started as a child when he used to help his family prepare dishes for Diwali. So, it is unbelievable what started out as an innocent hobby for him has turned into one of the greatest passions of his life. As of February 2022, he has been working full-time at James’ Court, A Taj Hotel in London as a Jr. Sous chef-Pastry.

Before this, he was at Taj Bengal in Kolkata and even prior at London Business School for a Blue Mint leadership program.

Between 2013 and 2016, he was at AIHM in Chandigarh getting Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Administration/Management. Also, from 1999 until 2013, he went to Delhi Public School Ghaziabad.

Speaking of Dharma, he is Mayank’s colleague, friend, and teammate. He has a career spanning 30 years. Starting from Nepal, he moved to the UK where he found himself working at some of London’s most prestigious hotels including The Dorchester, The Langham, and The Berkeley.

Dharma got his NVQ 2 label management and leadership diploma from London. Before that, he studied Economics at Tribhuvan University Nepal.

Mayank And Dharma Age

Mayank’s birthday is in August and he was born in 1995. So, he reached the age of 27 in 2022.

As for Dharma, he was born before 1983. So, he should have aged not more than 39 years old by 2022.

Mayank And Dharma’s Ethnicity

Mayank’s ethnicity is Indian. While Dharma is of Nepali descent. On social media, Dharma also revealed being articulate in Japanese, Arabic, and English languages.

Mayank And Dharma’s Last Name

Speaking of Dharma, his full name is Dharma Raj Shrestha. Raj is his middle and Shrestha is his last name.

As for Mayank, his full name is Mayank Rajput and his last name therefore is Rajput.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Mayank And Dharma From?

Dharma originally hails from Kathmandu, Nepal. As of 2023 though, he had been living in London, United Kingdom. In between, he also lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Kuwait.

Mayank was calling Victoria, England, United Kingdom his home as of 2023.

  • Are Mayank And Dharma On Instagram And Facebook?

Both Mayank and Dharma can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 6 July 2023, Dharma’s IG @dharmashreshtha included 50 posts and 125 followers. He also seemed quite active on ‘Dharma Raj Shrestha’ Facebook.

Mayank’s IG @rajput_mayank, with 91 posts and 1,538 followers, was kept private as of now. “Here’s my story for the history books”, he quoted here in its BIO. Occasionally, he has also shown glimpses of his life on ‘Mayank Rajput’ Facebook.

  • What Is Mayank And Dharma’s Marital Status?

Unlike Mayank who seemed to be single as of 2023, Dharma seemed like a family man. At the time of this writing, Dharma was still married. His wife is most likely named Jamuna.

Dharma and his wife, who also is from Nepal, go way back in time. And today, they also have a beautiful grown-up daughter.

Mayank, meanwhile, did not give away any clues as to if he is seeing someone or just single or is also looking to get married to someone.

Apparently, Mayank even chose not to tell the world about his family: his parents and siblings. On Facebook, he only briefly mentioned his two cousins Vaibhav Tyagi and Neha Singh. The latter, on her Facebook, mentioned having studied at ESSEC IMaster in Management Grande Ecole). Also, she revealed that she is from Delhi, India and now lives in Cerg, France, and is single.

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