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Baseera Khan Age, Married, Family, Net Worth, The Exhibit

On 3 March 2023, MTV debuted The Exhibit: Finding the Next Great Artist, it’s a new reality competition show. And introduced to viewers seven exceptionally talented American artists to compete for a presentation at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden and a cash prize of $100,000. Baseera Khan was one of them.

Baseera is a New York-based performance, sculpture, and installation artist. Their work, they say, is dedicated to the development of her own legacy, on their own terms, with the use of fashion, photography, textiles and music, parody, sculpture, and performance. They basically manifest their femme native-born Muslim American experience.

In the rest of the writing, we shall explore her age, family background, net worth, The Exhibit journey, and more.

Baseera Khan On MTV’s The Exhibit

The Exhibit came as an exciting opportunity for Baseera Khan to share their work with their social circle and beyond. So, despite their high level of anxiety around the show, they were feeling good vibes. And for some time they were impatient to wait to share this hard work with everyone.

Since 2020 Baseera had been working on a six-part series called By Faith. Then, there came a moment in 2021 when they hit a wall with the process. And so they had been wishing upon stars to find a way to meet producers and people on TV, which came true with none other than the recent MTV show. So, this show is in a way the culmination of a long-standing interest in television, for Baseera.

How Much Is Baseera Khan’s Net Worth?

Baseera Khan reportedly had more than $600K net worth as of March 2023.

At the time, their “Film Area Guided Hands, 2020” and “MUSLIMS = AMERICA, 2022” artworks were kept on sale on respectively at US$1,000 and $7,500.

Baseera Khan Age

Because she was born in 1980, Baseera Khan turned 43 years old in 2023.

Baseera Khan Family

A self-identified femme Muslim American Baseera Khan are of Afghan and Indian descent.

In their interviews, Baseera Khan have discussed their parents’ early lives in India, their own experiences growing up in their insular immigrant family in Denton, their encounters with bullying and racism from the broader Denton community, and much more.

Baseera’s parents grew up under circumstances of war in India. Their father, who is no more, was a “really brilliant” man who excelled in education. According to Baseera, he literally studied under a light post because there weren’t necessarily, like, schools. In spite of that, he was just so enigmatic and brilliant and just worked his way up, and was part of a selected group of people who tried to start their own college, like, a native college in India called Al-Ameen. There, he was responsible for the chemistry department. Later, he came to the U.S. for a Ph.D. in Chemistry, which he was not able to fulfill for many reasons.

Baseera’s mom, on the other hand, never went to school. She did not really even go to high school. But she was a fashion designer in India, in her time and people from all over still ask about her, Baseera said. So, this one time in 2016, Baseera took her to India after the death of their father in 2014. People were, like, lining up around the door to meet her because they had not seen her in 23 years, and they were like, “I still haven’t figured out this pattern” — Baseera explained.

Baseera also are just as fond of their brother Aleem Rubbul Khan and his family. Aleem turned 45 years old in October 2022. At the time, when he and his family visited Baseera, they were really happy. “When you have a magical day but your body hurts from all the travel and hard work… coming home to a letter from your sweet niece reminds you that love is in the air, all the time, you just have to trust it”, they wrote next to a picture of her niece’s handwritten note for her.

Baseera’s brother is also well-educated. He studied at The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy and College of Psychology. With his wife Raeeda Gheewala and their two kids, he was residing in Austin, Texas at the time of this writing. Aleem’s wife is a former Nephrology fellow at UCSF Medical Center and a former medicine resident at Tufts Medical Center. She studied Medicine at Tufts University and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Boston University.

Baseera also mentioned an older sister and one more older brother. The latter did not make it alive.

Is Baseera Khan Married?

Baseera Khan’s marital status was unclear as of March 2023. Their romantic life in general was unheard of. Not even on their social media had they given away any clue so far.

They only chose to tell the world that they identify with they/them pronouns. They also admit to being queer.

Baseera Khan Height

Baseera Khan stands below 5’4” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Baseera Khan From?

Baseera Khan was born and raised in Denton, Texas. As of March 2023 though, they had been calling New York, New York home.

  • When Is Baseera Khan’s Birthday?

Baseera Khan’s birthday is on February 11th and that makes them an Aquarian.

  • Is Baseera Khan On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Baseera Khan can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Their IG account @baseerakhan included 1,233 posts and 10.2K followers as of 12 March 2023. And they also regularly updated posts on their ‘Baseera Khan’ Facebook page.

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