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Beaux Raymond Bio, Age, Surgery, Too Hot To Handle

Beaux Raymond has dated more guys than she’s had hot dinners, and she prides herself in being honest about it. And now, she’s bringing her glam to Too Hot to Handle season 3, in hopes of walking away with that whopping $200,000 prize money, and a bunch of memories.

This Beaux Raymond Bio explores everything you need to know about this charming lady.

Beaux Raymond On Too Hot To Handle

Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle hit the screen on January 19, 2022, and there stood Beaux among the 9 other extremely hot, sex-obsessed singles, namely — Georgia, Harry, Holly, Izzy, Jaz, Nathan, Patrick, Stevan, and Truth.

Like the previous seasons, the rules were the same. For every kiss and every sexual act, a few sums would be deducted from the winning jackpot. However, the stakes are higher this time as the prize money was doubled, i.e. $200 thousand.

All excited to see herself, Beaux took it to her IG on Jan 6 and 13 to write, “Catch me in Turks,” and “It’s getting real countdown is on!” respectively.

Spoiler alert: Beaux might have a burgeoning romance with Harry.

Back in 2021, BBC News reported that the Too Hot To Handle contestants, Beaux, Harry Johnson, and Matthew Mawhinney were fined for verbally lashing out at flight attendants.

It seems that the trio was denied more alcohol during a flight, and the matter quickly escalated.

A crew member, Sophie Griffiths, mentioned, “Beaux and Sophie Griffiths were the worst behaved in the group,” before calling them out for feeling “entitled.”

“Take my f*cking tray away, don’t you know I’m a f*cking secretary, I will take your job away from you,” Beaux alleged lashed out on the crew member.

Furthermore, Beaux and Harry were also slammed for “kissing and behaving intimately” on the plane. A passenger mentioned that Harry and beaux were behaving so intimately that they thought it would turn sexual.

And this was right around the time Too Hot to Handle was filmed.

What Is Beaux Raymond Boyfriend Type?

Beaux Raymond likes the chunkier guy. Yes, she’d choose dad bods over ripped ones because she believes “it’s something to grab onto.”

“Men obsessed with gyms are a little boring for me,” she said.

However, Beaux does appreciate a fit body. But in the end, it all comes down to his personality.

Also, Beaux confessed that she may have a “little bit of wild side.” So, wants someone to “tame” her a little bit.

A plus point for her future boyfriends — they need not worry about their future dates. She’s totally fine with a no-frills date at KFC as well.

Beaux Raymond Age

Beaux Raymond was 24 years of age when she first appeared on Too Hot To Handle in 2022.

Also, her co-star Nathan (a model from Cape Town, South Africa) was 24 then.

Has Beaux Raymond Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Though not confirmed, rumors were floating around that Beaux Raymond went under breast augmentation surgery. But for all we know, she could also be all-natural, gifted with an amazing physique.

Talking more about her body, Beaux is a beautiful lady with blond hair and amazing blue eyes. And if there’s one thing she’d hate about her body, it’d be her mouth. “My mouth gets me into trouble quite a bit. I can’t hold back what I say,” she explained. (

No wonder, she and Harry got into trouble with the flight attendant.

Guess Harry has a sharp mouth like her as well. This British lad, who claims to be a lookalike of another British Harry with glorious long brown locks, loves to party at night. However, during the day he is a tree surgeon in Middlesborough, UK.

Beaux Raymond Height

Beaux Raymond stands tall at a height under 5 feet 4 inches.

Her body measurements were 35-24-36 inches.

Beaux Raymond Job

Beaux Raymond is a legal secretary based in Kent, England.

For those who don’t know, the role of a legal secretary is to provide administrative support and services for Lawyers, Solicitors, and Legal Executives. It is their job to ensure that an office runs smoothly by enabling employers to focus on serving their clients.

As of 2022, a legal secretary in England earned around £21 ($28) thousand.

Besides table jobs, Beaux has also dabbled in the modeling industry. That last we saw her, she was working with the clothing brand The Label By Cezara, and Showoff hair extensions.

Is Beaux Raymond On Instagram?

Yes, as of Jan 2022,  Beaux was present on Instagram @_beauxraymond_ with 8.2K followers. Most of her posts then flaunted her bikini shots.

Also, she then had an IG fan page @beauxraymonds which entertained almost 23K followers.

Here’s her TikTok @beauxraymond_x.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Beaux Raymond Birthday?

Beaux Raymond celebrates her birthday post-April.

  • Where Is Beaux Raymond From?

She hails from London, UK, but lived in Kent, England as of 2022.

  • Has Beaux Raymond Revealed Her Family?

No, Beaux remained private about her family.

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