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Izzy Fairthorne Bio, Height, Family, Job, Too Hot To Handle

“Too Hot To Handle” is back for season 3 and you should meet Izzy Fairthorne, a Manchester, UK-based bombshell. She has an extensive dating history and experience with a lot of men and she is ready to use that to take home the grand prize.

Scroll down this article to learn about Izzy’s height, family, job, and related information.

Izzy Fairthorne On Too Hot To Handle

Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle” is back for season 3 with new singletons who are ready to make fans stick to their TV set once again. The new s*x-obsessed singles are going to spend time on a tropical island to Turks and Caicos. The same rules apply this season too.

If there is any s*xual act involved, the money will be deducted. However, the stakes are higher this time because the prize money has been doubled. The winner pockets $200 thousand.

Joining Izzy are her fellow casts Beaux Raymond, Georgia Hassarati, Harry Johnson, Holly Scarfone, Jaz Holloway, Nathan Soan Mingomezulu, Patrick Mullen, Patrick Mullen, and Truth.

Izzy announced on her Instagram, “CRET IS OUT!!! I can’t wait for you to all watch my crazy journey!! let’s turn up the HEAT – you can catch me on @netflix season 3 @toohotnetflix 19th January #toohottohandle #tohotnetflix“. She also added, “The countdown is ON!! ( obviously my intentions were pure) @toohotnetflix @netflixuk“.

Izzy Fairthorne Boyfriend Type

Izzy Fairthorne is a competitive one and has a way of getting what she wants including men. She loves embracing single life but has dated a lot of guys before but none of them was her boyfriend. Izzy is extremely focused and competitive so certainly, she has no problem taking on challenges.

In her intro video, Izzy shared that she likes playing guys and they don’t believe they have been played by a girl. She doesn’t think the right one has come by far and she wishes to meet one in the show. She has also been called a heart breaker a few times.

Furthermore, Izzy doesn’t think anyone can handle her. She wants to give guys a taste of their own medicine.

How Old Is Izzy Fairthorne?

In June 2021, Izzy Fairthorne “woke up 22” years old.

Izzy Fairthorne Family

Izzy Fairthorne hasn’t revealed much about her family. But no TikTok she shared that no one can offend her. Because she was the only mixed-race girl in her year at a private school for 11 years.

Izzy Fairthorne Job

Izzy Fairthorne started her career as a retail salesperson for Trapeze Clothing in July 2018. She continued working as a salesperson till August 2019 when she quit her job. A year later in October 2020, she started working as a personal trainer for Nuffield Health. She has continued working as a personal trainer ever since.

Furthermore, Izzy also dabbled into online fitness coaching with HI Fitness Online Coaching. She believes that the only person stopping people from living healthy life were themselves.

HI Fitness Online Coaching is a platform to sculpture the body while losing fat while at home during the time of COVID-19. The clients are bespoken to become the ‘best’ version of themselves. The Facebook page for the online class was launched in September 2021. Likewise, they also launched an IG page (@hifitnesscoaching) that has 191 followers as of this moment.

The online class offers level 3 personal training (as coaches are level 3 trainers). The trainers hold sport & exercise science Bsc and Nutrition PA & Public health MSc. Besides her, she has another coach named Hollie May who works with her. They also shared testimonials and before and after photos from their clients on their Instagram.

According to Jobted, personal trainers in the UK make a yearly salary of £37,000.

When she is not working, Izzy also enjoys playing competitive field hockey. She led her school’s team during the U18 girl’s hockey competition in October 2016. She also played netball and her team placed fourth out of sixteen schools after one loss against Pate’s Grammar (in torrential rain).

Izzy plays as a midfielder in netball.

Moving on to her education, Izzy attended a private school. She went to Dean Close School in Cheltenham from where she completed her A levels in 2017 in Psychology, Physical Education, and Geography. Furthermore, she also went to Cardiff Metropolitan University as an undergraduate degree in Sports and Exercise in 2020.

Is Izzy Fairthorne On Instagram?

Izzy Fairthorne is on Instagram and goes by the handle name (@izfairr). The account has already gathered her 15.6k followers. Her Facebook account is (@izzy.fairthorne). Moreover, her TikTok account is (@izfairr) with 12.1k followers.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Izzy Fairthorne Birthday?

Izzy Fairthorne celebrates her birthday on 27 June. Back in 2019, she initiated a birthday fundraiser for Mental Health Foundation which helped raise $71.

  • Where Is Izzy Fairthorne From?

Izzy Fairthorne hailed from her hometown of Cheltenham, The UK.

  • How Tall Is Izzy Fairthorne?

Izzy Fairthorne stands tall to the height of 5 feet 3 inches.

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