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Becky Montgomery Bio, Today, Age, Candy Montgomery Daughter

As featured on Hulu’s true-crime documentary Candy, Becky Montgomery is the daughter of Candy Montgomery. However, this was a made-up name given to protect her identity. Her real name is Jenny Montgomery.

Get to know her better as this article proceeds.

Meet Becky Montgomery, Candy Montgomery Daughter

On the day of the dreadful incident, Becky and her best friend Alisa (Betty’s daughter) had a planned sleepover at Becky’s house. Becky and her family had also planned to watch the new Star Wars movie in the theatre. On the day Betty died, Alisa had swimming lessons to attend.

Candy agreed to let Alisa and Becky have sleepovers the second day in a row. Since Alisa had stayed at Candy’s home the day before, she didn’t have her bathing suit for the class. Thus, Becky’s mother Candy agreed to help her out and went to pick up Alisa’s bathing suit from the Gore residence. And this was how it all began.

Upon reaching the Gore residence, Candy was then confronted by Betty about her affair with her husband Allan, which ultimately led to the duo struggling for control over an ax (that Betty initially picked up). So, during their struggle, Betty lost control and fell against the door of a freezer. Taking advantage, Candy then brought up the ax and down on the back of Betty’s head.

So, after killing Betty, Candy returned to her home and acted like nothing happened when she was there. Later, as an investigation led to an arrest warrant issued in Candy’s name, ignorant Becky and her brother Jason were then put into a Volkswagen Rabbit and sent to Fairview to live with her grandparents.

However, on their way Becky’s dad Pat had the radio on, as usual, and a news report broke in on the music — A warrant was issued today for the arrest of a McKinney woman accused in the ax murder of a Wylie housewife.

Becky also heard her mother’s name on the radio and the word “murder,” it was only then Becky realized the seriousness of the situation. Though Pat didn’t say anything more, as he didn’t want the kids to realize how serious it was, Becky was very upset and began to cry.

Becky Montgomery Today

Becky Montgomery is trying her best to lead an ordinary life today. After the incident, she was brought up in court once during Candy’s trial for murder in 1980. But since then, she’s left town, and relocated to a new state — Georgia.

Also, her brother Jason (real name: Ian Montgomery) preferred to stay out of the limelight.

Becky’s parents, Pat and Candy Montgomery first met on an arranged date, when Pat just about gave up on women. That very day, Pat took Candy across the river to Adrian’s, one of the nicest restaurants in Juarez, and tried to make conversation, but Pat honestly didn’t know how to “make conversation.”

Later Candy described it, with characteristic candor, as the dullest date in her life. Mostly she listened to Pat talk about his childhood, especially his memories of the trips he made with his uncle out to the sand dunes southeast of El Paso.

Pat moved to Colorado for attending college but lost his uncle Jack to a massive heart attack while there. He returned back home to Texas and appeared to Candy as a new man. Taken with his soliloquy that Candy finally saw through to a man whom she had not even recognized on the first two dates.

Finally, the two agreed to marry and even considered immediate elopement to quickly take the first step as husband-wife. However, they went on to hold a small ceremony at Trinity Presbyterian Church for parents and close relatives only. 

Pat struggled financially then. He only had enough for a small U-Haul and a honeymoon night in a motel on the outskirts of El Paso.

But after they moved to the country in 1977, they were making fortune. Except, this time, Candy, “bored crazy” with her life, felt the need to seek something that excites her. Furthermore, given the regular arguments between them, Candy began to seek the ex-marital affair to spice up her life.

Nonetheless, she cared for her husband and took every precaution so that her affair with Allen Gore wouldn’t hurt her husband.

Becky Montgomery Age

Becky Montgomery was born in September 1972. That made her 49 years of age in 2022.

She was only 7 when the incident took place. Her brother, Ian was 5 then.

Is Becky Montgomery On Instagram?

No, Becky isn’t on Instagram.

In fact, she wasn’t present on any social media.

Becky Montgomery Job

Becky Montgomery kept her private life a secret. So, we have no information about her job.

However, we do know that her father Pat was one of the brightest young electrical engineers at Texas Instruments in the 70s. He also worked for the National Bureau of Standards as a research assistant.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Becky Montgomery Live Now?

Becky’s residence as of 2022 was unknown.

  • Who Plays Becky Montgomery On Hulu’s Candy?

Child actress Aven Lotz portrayed Becky in Hulu’s Candy.

The actress also played “Onnie” in A Unicorn for Christmas (2021), “Younger Jessie” in The Resident (2019), and “Samantha” in Little Ghosts (2018).

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